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WordPress as a CMS or Blog?

WordPress Blog – Getting started in the world of internet marketing can be overwhelming. First, you need ideas, but then you need to make them come to life. If you’ve never been technically inclined it’s pretty scary to face the world of technical jargon that goes along with building your website. There are millions of websites out there making money every day that was put together by people just like you, with an idea but no idea how to get there.

WordPress as a Blogging Platform

WordPress is a well-established way to build a website or blog. Everyone from those with very little experience to those that are expert webmasters use WordPress because it’s so easy to customize. Unlike other platforms, WordPress lets you build the site you want in a simple and straightforward way.

WordPress actually started out as a simple way to create blogs, but over the years it’s become a lot more. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when you’re ready to start building your site is do you want to use WordPress as a CMS or a blog? Knowing what to use and when isn’t as hard as it sounds.

CMS as a Blogging Platform

CMS stands for Content Management System. That means it’s a software designed to allow users to manage the content, pictures, video, and advertisements on their web pages in a simple, easy to navigate platform. It’s based on blocks of content that can be moved from one place to another.

CMS is great for web pages that are meant to do more than just blog. You can control navigation, menus, content location, and much more. A blog typically has a static location for most of the content, even if colours and basic design differ.

WordPress as a CMS or Blog?

The truth is WordPress is a CMS with a fantastic blogging feature. Depending on what you plan to do with your site, WordPress can be used to create interactive content, video, pictures, and links, along with a functional blog to increase the value you give to your reader.

WordPress gives you all the tools you need to add advertisements, products, shopping carts, or any other features you want to your website. You can customize each page for a different look while keeping the layout consistent throughout the site. You also have the tools to add widgets and other features to your blog, making it easier for readers to keep up with what’s going on.

Starting something new always seems scary. A lot of people spend a lot of money to hire someone to build their website. You don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to build it yourself with WordPress. The CMS and blog features make it easy to get a professional result from both platforms.


Wordpress as a CMS or Blog?
WordPress as a CMS or Blog?

Now that you know what to use and when you’ll be able to make it look like you spent a fortune on your website.

WordPress is a useful piece of web-based software which can be used to run a Blog or CMS. There are much different blogging and CMS software available so it’s important to know when you should consider using WordPress instead of any of the competing software packages.

By spending time taking a look at WordPress it is possible to decide when you should consider installing WordPress on your webserver.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is primarily designed as a blogging application. This makes it very easy to create, launch and manage your own blog. This is written in PHP and uses MySQL databases to store the information. It’s a completely free application but is still used by some of the biggest and most popular sites out there.

WordPress Blog

If you want to run your own blog then a very simple way of doing this is using WordPress. It’s possible to use this on the WordPress site without needing to download or install anything. You will be able to set up your own blog on wordpress.com and then run it on the WordPress servers.

If you’re interested in a much more powerful and customizable piece of software then you will want to download it and install it. WordPress is designed for blogging which means it can be used out of the box. When WordPress is installed you can then set up and customize your blogs. There are many themes which are available for blogs and you can even make your own.

WordPress CMS

WordPress can also be used as a CMS package. A CMS or Content Management System makes it possible to control and manage the content on your site. There are many other more powerful CMS packages out there but WordPress is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and basic tool to use.

When using it as a CMS you will need to search for different themes available. These themes are suitable for many different types of CMS sites.

Installing WordPress

It’s very quick and easy for anyone to install WordPress on their webserver. Simply download the latest WordPress package from the internet and extract it onto your computer. The entire package can then be uploaded to your web server in the directory where you want WordPress to be located. This is very simple to do although it might take some time. The best way to upload these files to a normal web server is by using an FTP client.

Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging is becoming increasingly popular on the internet among those who really like blogging. People like blogging so much because it is easy to update and they like being able to put in new updates whenever possible. It keeps everyone up to date on what’s happening in the world at a moment’s notice.

Mobile blogs also called “moblogs”, are ways to take up to date blogging to the next level. They keep surfers current on everything that is going on in the world, both good and bad, making it possible to have really current international communication.

Mobile Blogging
Mobile Blogging


Some folks believe that blogs are limited by geography. Any time you come across a great news item, you have to run home to blog on the particular topic or news item. This is a big limitation for some. Mobile blogging is the beginning of a new way to blog that doesn’t depend on where your home computer is in order to allow a person to blog.

A blog can only be so current when one has to go to your home computer to enter a blog so moblogging definitely has a place in the blogging world. People use moblogging devices that allow them to update their blog anywhere they happen to be – anywhere on the planet for that matter.

Mobile blogging is a new technology that has only recently become popular on the market; the initial moblogs came onto the scene over ten years ago but there has been a vast increase in the technology about a couple of years ago. They are now more user-friendly and allow just about anyone to interact with the net and the public from wherever the action is.

Just like phones on cameras and other mobile technological advances have hit the market, these moblogging devices have allowed bloggers from all over the world to hit the streets in search of news. Moblogging has become much more popular of late and this kind of blogging has taken the blogging world by storm.

It’s possible that moblogging will overtake regular blogging as the way people hear about their news.

It is possible to use mobile devices to make it possible for people to blog from just about anywhere and it has become a thrill for readers to hear about events just as they are unfolding. It is possible for a moblogger with a camera to take and upload photos of the current news so that people can see what’s going on just as if they had been there the whole time.

You can be at the centre of the World Series while still at your living room couch or at a presidential speech while at your cubicle at work. There is no limit to what the moblogger can blog about and they can blog from just about anywhere. This is one better than live television because there is a personal touch to the event that only blogging can bring.

Moblogging is definitely on the cutting edge of news and communications and there is no reason to believe this form of blogging is going to end anytime soon.

Video blogging world

A video blog is a fairly new concept which is taking the internet by storm. A video blog is sometimes referred to as a vlog. If you are an avid blogger then you might well need to learn how to convert your blog into a video blog. This will allow you to entertain and inform a whole new generation of people on the internet.

Video Blogging
Video Blogging


At one time capturing video was something that was very difficult to do. You once needed a very expensive video camera. Now though it’s very easy. You now have many separate devices which can capture video including your cell phone, webcam and video camera. Even video cameras are getting much cheaper.

This means that it would be very easy for you to capture videos to use on your video blog. Modern computers are very powerful and various editing packages make it easy to cut and edit the videos.


When everyone was connecting to the internet with a dialup connection it was difficult to deliver videos. This was because the internet simply wasn’t fast enough. Now though almost everyone connects using a broadband connection. This makes it possible to include long videos which will load quickly.

Richer Experience

A video blog will offer your visitors a much richer experience than a text blog. This is because you can combine a number of elements including sound, pictures and words. It’s also much easier to demonstrate your expressions when creating a video blog.

More Features

Video blogging is currently in its infancy however it is gaining in popularity. It is thought that many people will find this interesting. Video blogs will appeal to other people who don’t necessarily like the idea of blogging. It’s often much easier to talk about something and show your excitement rather than trying to write about it.

Downsides to Video Blogging

It’s likely that video blogging will become extremely popular in the future. However, there are some downsides to video blogging. The main problem is the bandwidth required. A video requires lots of information to be sent from the server to the computer. This could be expensive for some blogs.

The tools used to process video blogs are continually evolving. As more and more people upgrade to faster connections it should be possible to enjoy delivering your content using videos. Of course, this won’t put an end to the good old blog.

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