Wide Area Network (WAN)

Definition – Wide area network meaning?

Wide Area Network Meaning

A wide area network (WAN) is a network of computers with the capability to access each other in a network. This capability permits both local and remote access from one computer to another. A WAN refers to any single region with at least one or more WAN links.


What WAN stands for –  Wide Area Network

Wans explains Wide Area Network (WAN)

In recent years, wide area networks have provided new opportunities for video conferencing, remote access to the Internet, and virtualization of computing. These uses are essential to meeting the demand for faster service in the business world.

Nowadays, we are in a position to meet the needs and the requirements of the business world with IT solutions.

What Is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

It is straightforward to describe a wide area network as a network of multiple computers located around the world with the capability to access each other. The location of these computers is usually the area of most interest to the company.

Wide Area Network Meaning
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Wide area network example

Example 1-

If you are selling telecommunication services, then a wide area network would be the network of computers that can be connected via the telephone network. This network can connect to another network and provide a virtual connection for any information that you wish to transmit in real-time.

It gives the ability to send signals and messages through the network and to exchange information and services with another computer.

Example 2-

An example of a wide area network is the cable connection used in many homes and offices. This connects several computers to share a link to the main network. The use of a wide area network in your business can be of benefit to your business.

One advantage is that this network allows you to exchange information more easily with others, no matter how far they are from you. Another benefit is that it gives you higher possibilities of meetingmeeting the needs of your business by not having to take the time to travel from one customer to another.

Wide area networks have different names. They are called bridges, link networks, corporate networks, or networks of computers. These are all terms used to describe the same concept.

There are also quite a few companies that own the trademark and service a variety of products and services that will allow you to manage your network.

This gives you the flexibility to move from one computer to another because each has the power to change its IP address and settings to meet the requirements of its unique network configuration.

Scope of Wide Area Network

Today, businesses all over the world are seeking to find ways to operate more effectively and efficiently because they have a large number of users. The systems now being developed to provide the ability to manage the task of managing all these users and sharing resources more efficiently.

The computer networking industry has experienced dramatic changes in the last ten years. At the same time, communication technology has advanced tremendously and continues to progress.

With the help of internet communications, businesses can communicate better with their staff, partners, clients, and suppliers.

Why to use Wan

A wide area network can give you more flexibility to manage your business. It can enable you to perform specific tasks with an adequate level of efficiency, therefore the opportunity for increased productivity.

At the same time, it offers you greater flexibility with all the benefits that wide area networks have to offer.

Is the internet a wide area network

Is the Internet a Wide Area Network or WAN? The Internet was introduced to the world in the early 1990s. At that time, everyone was in a land-line phone system. All the people have their private numbers.

They want to make calls to their friends or relatives and want to make it to the world. It was the way to communicate, but the old age of wire telephone was now gone. The new technology had been introduced called the Internet.

The people of today are not aware of this. They think that it is just like a wireless network. But, when you go to Internet websites, you can see that this is not a wireless network. The Internet is not a network. It is the name given to an advanced form of technology.

The Internet is a network that contains a lot of computers around the world connected. In this way, data can be transmitted quickly and easily. The primary purpose of the Internet is to allow communication among users all over the world.

The Internet is a Wide Area Network that has many advantages. When you log into your computer, you will see a list of all the sites on the Internet that you can view.


What is wide area networking

Wide area networking is a new buzz word on the internet that is related to the making of large scale networks. This network can be made by any means that offers high-quality internet connectivity, and then you can expand it into different parts of the country and even the world.

The networking that we use today involves very few companies. These systems now allow many to join in to create these networks and can include providers from any region in the world.

Many people think that you need to be outfitted with a wide area network and can be far more complicated than it is. You will not necessarily need an internet connection to make your network, and you can often use your existing high-speed phone lines and wireless systems to get you to this internet service.

If you don’t have access to the internet yet, you may want to make sure that you have some broadband connection at home, and that this is compatible with the system you are using. Although the difference in the technology can be vast, you can often create a wide area network by merely putting two computers together that both have a high-speed connection.

The trick is to make sure that you have the correct gear to do this.

Using a wide area network is a way to give yourself a chance to meet other people who share a similar interest. You can create systems to help you with work or to socialize with your family and friends.

You can also do this for fun, but with so many options available in today’s technology, you may want first to check around before you go all out with your project.

How to Fix the “Can Not See Computer on Network” Error

Although it is possible to get into your computer and not be able to see your desktop, you can still get into your computer if another computer is using it. This is called “Can not see computer on network“.

There are different ways to get into a computer, and this article will explain how to do it.

A computer that is connected to the Internet does not have to be on. It will connect to the Internet using a network that is called a “wide area network”.

The Internet is what connects all computers in a particular network, which means that you will be able to connect to all computers that you want with that network.

If you can’t see your computer on the Internet, you can use a particular program that will help you find out what the problem is. The biggest problem with a computer is that if there is no one around who can type commands into the computer to show you what it is doing, it will just sit there.

Can not see computer on network
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This means that you will not be able to use the computer, and the computer will just be sitting there running at a very slow speed. When this happens, it is usually because the computer cannot connect to the Internet, so you need to either turn the computer off or use a software program to try to get in.


A “CANNOT SEE COMPUTER ON NETWORK” error may also mean that the computer has been turned off or disconnected from the network.


You will need to reset the computer and do this if you can see it on the Internet. You can do this by connecting the computer to the network that you use, and then you will need to go into the BIOS of the computer and change the settings back to the way they were before the computer started having problems.


However, if you can’t see your computer on the Internet, it will be because of the way that you have set up your computer. It will have entered into “stand-by” mode, which is where the computer will try to connect to the Internet by logging onto a Web site.

In this mode, it is not allowed to link to other computers and is in a strange mode where it cannot see any other computers that may be on the network.


When you connect to a network, you should always be sure that the setting is on, and that the router is connected to the network. When you use “Stand by” mode, the computer will enter into “DHCP Stand By,” which is the same as the “Stand by” mode you would expect in a laptop.

If you turn on your computer and the setting is off, it is possible that you will not be able to connect to the network.


Sometimes, the setting that is causing this problem with the computer being unable to connect to the network is not even part of the computer. Sometimes, you may be trying to connect to the network but the computer may be sending the connection through a phone line.


You should always check the details of your connection if you are having trouble connecting. This will allow you to connect to the network and see if you are able to get in, and then fix the problem if it is.


How to set up a wide area network

Many of us will find it difficult to decide whether to take on the role of a webmaster to set up a wide area network or an Internet server. But, with a good deal of forethought and research, you can make the right choice about both, considering your web needs, your budget, and what you want to achieve with your domain name.


The first step is to decide what kind of a wide area network you need to set up. What you want is going to be dependent on the type of business that you run, how much you have to spend, and how large your company is.


One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want to use one of the many proxy servers available for a small office or whether you would like to work out your network in the course of setting up the wide-area network.


A wireless Internet service provider may be what you need if you are only working from home or a small office, and you do not have to pay any hosting costs at all. You could start your business by simply creating your Internet server and putting up your servers in the best location you can find.


Of course, in the case of a corporate office, you might have to take care of other aspects such as getting the right IP address, learning how to set up private networks for your company, and so on.

However, for most small-scale businesses or start-ups, a wide area network would be the best option.


The Web server runs on the same hardware as your Web hosting providers, and you would hardly find any significant differences in terms of features and performance.


You also do not have to spend money on a wireless broadband package. A wireless broadband connection is a fully-encrypted wireless broadband connection and is similar to ADSL or Cable modems.


With a wireless broadband connection, there is no need to remember to plug in your modem every time you go to a business or even for online gaming.

However, the Internet connection should preferably have at least 4 Mbps connection speeds. By using a large number of computers, you are likely to discover the speed of your internet connection to be less than you are expecting.


An Internet server is going to play a significant role in your wide area network. The best part about a server is that you will be able to install the hardware yourself if you want. If you can’t set up your server, you can always opt for a virtual private server solution.


The process of setting up a wide area network is quite simple and does not require that much technical expertise. It is just as easy as downloading free software, installing it on your computer, and then allowing it to connect to the Internet to get your local area network up and running.


As far as bandwidth goes, a wireless broadband plan is going to be very flexible because the servers are not restricted to a specific service.


You can choose whether you want to connect to the Internet on dial-up, a DSL connection, a Cable modem, or a WAN solution.

It depends on your requirements and on how many people you are planning to bring on board.


Another advantage of setting up your wide area network is that it allows you to manage your server in the course of running the business, which is something that is going to be beneficial for business owners.

You can also choose the hardware you are going to install on your network, and you can tailor the software to suit your needs.

Wide Area Network (WAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)

There are no doubts that setting up a wide area network is the ideal option for small-scale businesses, but there are other aspects that you must consider.

First of all, it is essential to choose the right kind of hardware to use and to plan the correct installation, but the use of a wireless broadband connection is always recommended.

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You could also use a wireless internet access point (commonly referred to as WAN) to connect your site to the network that your customer, or partner, is accessing. These types of sites can connect to any broadband network, as well as some wireless networks. The only limitation with using a WAN is that it requires very high bandwidth and isn’t always practical.

Of course, there are long-range wireless access points, as well as single-wire Ethernet. These types of routers allow users to connect directly to other networks without having to change their sites, which will keep the traffic from bouncing. Depending on the requirements of your network, this type of service may not be the best way to go.

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