What is blogging
What is blogging

What is blogging

What is blogging – Blogging is an artful way to express yourself. People who blog tend to be very artistic. They spend a lot of time in personal reflection, speaking their previously unspoken wishes, dreams and desires.

Blogs were first called weblogs and related to a “server’s logfile”. Weblogging was first introduced in the mid-’90s and over time, more people began to use this service as a way to pass on their own personal information and thoughts.

When you “weblog”, you need to have your own website and your own URL but you don’t need to have that with blogging. You need only to have an account with a blog provider. Hardly ever does it cost you anything.

Blogging has created a forum in which people of all opinions and ideas can come together as regular people sharing ideas. You don’t have to be a well-known personality in order to be able to blog with others on whatever you want to blog on. Blogs are usually made for personal usage.

You can write your personal sentiments, adventures of the day and whatever other ideas you want to share with others on an online basis.

Blogs have now also become a way for businesses to blog about their items for sale and to advertise their business with others.

Blogs are known by just about everyone but there are still a few out there that don’t understand what blogs are for. They think blogs are something strange and unusual when in fact, they are the latest great thing to hit the web.

What is a Blog?

Blogs are entry-driven bulletin boards on the net that people put entries into on a regular basis. They provide information on a particular topic or just state the opinions, thoughts and dreams of a particular writer. Usually, blogs are written by a single person who is the writer of the blog or blogger.

Blogs are whatever a person wants them to be and can be as unique as the person themselves. It is the responsibility of the blogger to keep up the blog and to monitor comments that come to the blog.

What is blogging
What is blogging

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You can start blogging if you have an internet connection on your computer.

Blogging Basics

Since internet marketing was developed, publishing on the web has grown by leaps and bounds. Both CEOs and the average Joe are publishing webs to build relationships with their consumers and to cultivate that relationship. Blogs can speak of products a person has to sell, the business that is selling the product and the people within the business.

Regular users of the computer, as well as business people, are writing blogs on a variety of topics. Some people earn money by selling their product on the blog or on a related URL while others sell advertising space on their web blog. You build your own personal reputation on the web by having a blog and offering your services.

When contemplating entering the blogging world, you need to know a few things about blogging so you know what to do if you have problems. You need to choose a web blog site, your layout and decide what it is you want to say. There are a lot of layouts there that you need to know about if you want to have the coolest blog space out there.

Blogging Tools

You will choose a blogging provider site and they will have different tools available to you. The RSS capability can be found at some sites and not on others. Some blogging sites will cost money but it is usually less than $4 a month but you get some more tools with which to publish your blog.

You need to decide on the software tools you need and whether or not you’re willing to pay for them. If you want to earn money from your blog, you may need to find a blog site that offers more in the way of tools but that costs you a bit of money. If you are just starting to blog, however, you may need little and may just need to choose a free blog site.

Some web blog sites offer free trials, after which you will need to pay. They may be a good opportunity for you to test the tools on the website to decide if you really want to go that route or if a simpler free blog site is okay for you. The trial period can go from 10-30 days, depending upon the site.

Terms for Blogging

Blogging seems to have its own particular language you’ll need to learn before you start blogging. It’s easy for those who are techno-savvy to pick up on the terms while others will have to learn them by rote.

The most important terminology to learn is the word “Post”. This is your entry and happens when you write your blog and publish it on the net. It becomes a post and putting it on the internet is called “posting”.

What is blogging
What is blogging


Another term is called “comments”. People can comment on your post and can say what they thought of what you had to say. If your audience decides to leave a message on what they thought, that message is called a “comment”. Comments become part of the permanent record and are date and time stamped so you know when the comment was posted.

The term “comment spams” applies to a reader sending the identical comment over and over again on the same post. It can be really annoying and can wreck the look and feel of the website. It can also be used by the spammer to promote their own products, blog or web site.

These are a few of the basic things you’ll want to pay attention to when you start to become a blogger. If you follow these easy rules, you will soon have a number of readers who are happy to read what you have to say.

Choose your topic

In order to have a great blog, you need to have a topic that you yourself are interested in and know something about. You need to stick to facts and figures, although your personal opinion is allowed as well. Make it humorous if that seems to fit within the blog and include your own personal experiences whenever appropriate. This lends you a lot of credibility with your readers.

If, for example, you are writing about tennis, you don’t need to write about the tennis match you watched on TV the previous night but rather include some tips on tennis playing for your readers to enjoy. They might rather like to learn how to play their game better or how to make their tennis ball last longer.

You can include some humorous anecdote about tennis playing or what you experienced that was funny. Share something dumb you did while playing tennis as a lot of people can relate to that. It makes your blog more personalized and people will want to read it more.

Balance humour and opinion with facts and figures on your topic. Your personal experiences can negatively affect your reputation on the web so it is a good idea to provide some updated information on the topic and balance it with opinion and humour.

Old news is just that – old.

People want to read about new and updated items so you’ll have to write frequently to keep people up to date. Write about factual things that have just happened so that the reader is grabbed and will read more. They will also more likely come back to your site to get more information later. Writing about old news will do nothing more than tell people you’re not current with your blogs and they won’t come back to the site.

It’s not easy to update a blog on a regular, especially daily, basis. Schedule times when you’re planning to update your blog and stick to it. People will discover that schedule and will tune in when new blogs come out. Write at least weekly so that you can maintain a loyal following. If you don’t regularly communicate with your people, you won’t have many people.

Make your blog easy to understand.

If you use too many fancy terms and abbreviations, no one will take the time to understand them and you will lose readership. If you have to use abbreviations, use those that everyone will understand and are not unique to a specific field. People may like the topic but be thrown off by the ultra-fancy terms.

Type a large and catchy headline that will draw your reader in. Just saying “tennis” or “Guns” is boring and won’t let your reader really know what your website is all about. Your blog title should be as catchy and informative as possible. Draw them it.

Archive your old blogs so that others can read them if they like but so that they don’t clog up your blog. Put keywords as part of your archived blog posts so that people can get to them via search engines.

Make sure you check the spelling and grammar of all of your posts so they look and read professionally. This is your reputation on the line so you want to come off as at least passably literate. You can always edit it later but then it may be too late and people will think you’re an idiot for misspelling a word or goofing up a phrase.

What is blogging
What is blogging

Type of Blogs

Business blogs have become more popular of late and you’ll see more of them as time goes on. Blogs for businesses are designed to increase sales by talking about a particular product or program. They also promote the company so that others know the company exists. The business owners can establish an online presence for all to see.

You can also make your blog profitable by syndicating it to your own business’ site. You do this via RSS technology and it really works.

Let’s look at how to make a blog, whether it be for your own pleasure or for your business. There are special ways to make your blog more interesting and to advertise it better.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Know your audience:
    If your blog is for personal use, you will still potentially have an audience and you should think about who that might be. You’ll have to think of what kinds of things a person might be interested in and write about that.The truth is that your blog not just to see yourself in print on the web; you want someone to read the blog and to pay attention to what you have to say. Everyone wants to be heard on the web so you have to make sure you write about something someone one would be interested in. Make your blog understandable to others who might comment back to you.
  2. Use good pictures
    Use pictures whenever appropriate that augment your writing. You don’t have to put yourself in the picture. Just make it a timely and interesting picture that is not insulting to others.
  3. Make your blogs helpful
    You can certainly write whatever you wish on the blog but you should think of something that is beneficial to those who are wanting to read your blog. Information is more important than simple entertainment so make sure your blog actually says something that teaches people something they didn’t know before.
  4. Don’t make your blogs complicated
    If you want to have interesting blogs, don’t use very technical or esoteric words so that the reader needs a dictionary to understand it. You are not giving a college-level course and it shouldn’t come off that you are. Keep your blog short and uncomplicated. Remember that most people who are reading the web are doing a lot of scanning of the text so your text should be easy to scan. If it is such that the reader wants to read more, they can get down to the nitty-gritty later. Lengthy blogs won’t get scanned so keep them to a few hundred words or less.
  5. Try to have it be interactive
    If you can make your blog interactive, it will be a more popular blog. This includes adding a video or audio clips to the blog so that the viewer has something to see and hear.

Put an area for comments on your blog so you can get feedback on what you have written. It can guide you on other things you can write about or you can just hear what people have to say about your writing. This is one way you can make friends on the internet. Comments can go a long way toward learning about other people as they relate to your blog.

Blogs are not just fun and games. They serve a great purpose on the web and have a niche all their own. If you are a writer and have things to say, consider using the web blog to say it in. People will read it and will become interested in who you are.

How do I start a blog?

What is blogging – When you blog, you are basically journaling your thoughts on an online forum rather than putting it to pen and paper. You can put down information, your opinion or anything else you think people would be interested in. Blogs can come in a variety of formats, settings and styles and it depends upon your own preference.

There are features offered on a blog site, including pictures, text and hyperlinks. Some blogging sites can have you put down mp3 tracks or video images on your blog.

Some blogs are actually audio images and contain no actual text. Such a thing is known as audio blogging. Blogs contain the following basic features:

  • A title that allows you to title your blog
  • A trackback that lets other sites link back to the blog
  • A permanent link which is your site’s URL
  • Comments that allow readers to post their own comments

What is blogging, Blogging is usually just one page with a single template. This is opposed to web pages that are made of several pages of differing templates. Blog users can easily add a page whenever he or she wants to use the fixed set of features as noted above.

Those who are blogging for the first time will find this template style reassuring even though you can choose from a variety of templates when you begin to blog.

Join a blogging website when you want to blog and you will be a member of that community of bloggers. You can blog on your own page or review other bloggers pages. You can leave comments on the blogs of others and just generally make friends.

What is blogging
What is blogging

What is a blogging topic?

Blogs can be on any topic, including sports, political ideation, social commentary, philosophical thought and other ideas. These are called themed blogs. This is how people share interests with others and can share what they know on a variety of topics.

There are advertising blogs, too, in which a person tells about a product they have to sell or they can blog about a book they have published. Some authors talk about current issues, national catastrophes, current events and news issues.

Where can I do blogging?

Blogs are used in education as well. Professors and teachers can blog on their assignments and on their lectures. This allows students who may have missed the assignment to find out what the lecture was all about.

Businesses and entrepreneurs all promote their businesses on the web, and some do it through blogs. Many people log onto these sites and learn about what’s going on in the business. Blogging about your business can be very lucrative and there are a few bloggers who run their businesses online exclusively through blog advertisement.

Personal journals, however, are the most common type of blog. New bloggers often use this venue to document their struggles and to let people know about their daily lives. They can blog poetry, ranting and raving blogs and their opinion on just about anything they want to. Blogs become a means for personal expression by the average or not-so-average person.

Bloggers communicate with one another and form friendships of sorts. The bloggers form a sort of community—each of them sharing a piece of the whole, commenting and blogging in a network of sorts.

  • You can use blog directories to find blogs of different themes or topics. If this is your first time blogging, you might want to look into a blog directory to see what kinds of blogs are out there and who is writing about what. You can understand what the blogging communities are all about and why they are so important.
  • A blog is a short word for weblog and it is sweeping the world. There are few rules in blogging so you have the freedom to say what you want to say to a group of people interested in your opinion. Most blogging sites cost no money so anyone can join and begin their blog.
  • You can join one of many blog sites out there and you can pick one that most shares your particular interests. Do your research before signing up to a website.
  • Search a particular blog directory in order to find a list of blog sites that are out there. It’s organized based on the category of the topic so it’s easy to search. Find one that fits with your interests and join that blog site. It should be a great deal of fun.

Your First Blog Entry: How to Get it Published

In order to get the kind of traffic you want to get out of your blog, you must first consider the content and what kind of audience you wish to attract. It is an excellent first milestone to publish your first blog on your blog site and you want it to turn out well.

There are a few excellent guidelines to follow in order to make your blog great and to begin getting the following you have always wished for.

Having Effective Content

Understand your target audience before you do anything to begin your blog. Know what your target audience is looking for. If you have a non-business blog and believe that your target audience is unimportant, you are completely wrong on that. Even with non-business blogs, you need to know who you are writing to.

Readers are always wanting something and usually that “something” is information. Those who provide information and knowledge to their reader will have a large readership. Your content must be very interesting and be something readers want to read.

Communication is very important in a good blog. Your communication should be as authentic as possible and it should be meaningful. Blogs can be very personalized in nature and you are revealing a lot about yourself when you blog to the public. Blogs are unique because each writer is a unique person with a lot to say about the world and their life. You need to put your personal life and your personality into your writing.

Visitors to your site need to trust who you are and need to become a loyal following. They don’t have to know the personal details of your life in order to feel like they know who you are and what you stand for.

When you create that connection with your audience, you need to establish your credibility. The blog must be authentic and credibility comes after that.

If you have a high amount of usefulness to your audience, you will begin to establish a degree of authority on the topic with your readership. They will begin to seek you out for advice on the topic you’re writing on and your reputation as an excellent blogger will begin to take place.

Having a Mental Block

You may have writer’s block or “blogger’s block” that prevents you from writing on a regular basis. Blog software can help you overcome blogger’s block and you can just brainstorm for something to write about and overcome the block. You know you have something you really want to say and you can use your blog to make it happen.

Try visiting other blogs to get an idea of what you can write about.

Get topics from the news or from other parts of the web. It can really help you find out a relevant topic to write about on your blog.

Do keyword searches to find out what’s out there that you can modify to meet your needs as a blogger.

Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?
Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?

Why Do People Blog? What are The Benefits of Blogging?

There is now instant messaging, chat rooms and emails to let people know what is happening in the lives of others. People need to humanize the internet and these are ways to make it feel like it is their own. These technologies help people feel like there is a face to the internet that they recognize and can interact with.

Blogs or weblogs are the latest technology affecting the web. They consist of regularly updated posts or entries that involve everything from a person’s life and experiences to products they are interested in talking about. People can talk about vacations or their ordinary days.

Blogs are personal snippets of life, unedited and very authentic and are meant to be shared with a community of people online. The blog site is the place where the blogs are located and where just about anything can be blogged on.

You can put movies, photos, small video snippets, special events, feelings, thoughts or commentary on something you’re interested in. It is like a diary you put online, complete with video, documents, special links and your own personal opinion on a topic you happen to be interested in.

Blogs are about having regular people reach out to other regular people. It has its own advantages you should know about:

  • Freedom to express what you want to express. If you want to have people read you, you will have to do some networking and create a blog they want to read about.
  • Networking is important. A blog is a platform for people to exchange their personal ideas so you can market a product or give your point of view on that product.
  • Blogs are good ways to advertise. Blogging can allow you to advertise your product and give your own opinion on how it works. It is a cheap way to advertise what you’re interested in selling.
  • You can get people’s opinions on your products. You can get responses by means of comments from viewers and can get an idea of public opinion on what you have to sell.
  • You can communicate internally within your company by blogging to them and giving them the information they need to know.
  • You can use SEO or search engine optimization in order to get your pages ranked by search engines so a lot of people can read what you have to write.

There are a lot of blog hosting services on the web. Which one should you use to begin your blogging experience? You might be a clueless beginner but you can take a look at the services offered by the various blogging hosts. You can wreck the whole process by choosing a blog host that can augment your blog rather than stifling it.

Your company may elect to start up its own web blog hosting site if it is big enough for that. You can also pay someone to host your blog or you can have each employee set up his or her own hosting site and have a “blog aggregator page” that puts them all together. Many blog sites are free so they won’t have to pay anything to write on them.

Business blogs need the latest in features for their blog so they can maximize the blog for SEO and use the maximum amount of marketing a site can offer.

A blog needs to have these basic things in order to be successful:

  • It needs a comment section. Comments give you a chance to hear what people feel about your blog. It is good for customer feedback comments if you run a business. You can talk back to the customers as well.
  • You need a trackback. This helps maximize product and company exposure. Customers can get back to you easily and find your blog on the web over and over again.
  • Tags and categories can help you classify your blog searches so that the site is easier to navigate. Categories are like libraries that classify posts according to their subject matter, like distance learning, business, online auctions or e-commerce. Tags aid in classifying blogs so that new customers can learn about what your blog is all about.
  • You need RSS Feed. This is an easy way to syndicate your blog and is how your blog content gets picked up by newsreaders and aggregators.

If you are planning to establish your own blogging program, you need to have a lot of decent options. Free blog hosting is a good idea for your employees but free blog hosting online currently is best for personal blogs. Paid blogs have amazing packages for your company.

Check out some blogs that already use the hosting service to see if it’s what you want out of the hosting site and to see what the other blogs look like. Consider, too, what the technical support is like on the blog site.

When you select your blog host, you should collect a team of people that can create what the blog will look like and what it should involve. Such a team needs to:

  • Create styles that fit with the audience needs
  • Have credibility to your website
  • Make sure the blog is updated at least once per week
  • Make sure there are web links embedded in the blog
  • The posting should be in the first person
  • Make sure you have a business perspective
  • Have the blog be conversational, honest and personal

Make sure that the blog has the style, content and look found in your company’s schemata so that the blog reminds people of your company.

Selecting Just the Right Blogging Platform

Selecting the right blogging platform is one of the hardest decisions a blogger must face. The right platform can allow the blogging to go very simply and the wrong platform can turn to blog into a nightmare. The platform you choose is a big part of how your blog looks in the end, it is a good idea to put in the time and effort to choose the most user-friendly interface for you and your blog.
You want your blog to feel and look unique but you don’t want to have to work for it very hard. It isn’t easy to find the proper platform for you but if you think about what you want and do some research on the right blog platforms out there, you should find the one that is perfect for you.

Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?
Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?

Know what your priorities are.

Do you want easy customization or just a simple way to put your thoughts down? Most that are highly customizable are more complicated to use than simple blog platforms.

You may want to sacrifice the ability to put what you want in terms of appearance and font in lieu of being able to simply put down your words and perhaps a picture. If you happen to be a great web designer, on the other hand, you might find simple hosting sites to be too frustrating.

There is no such thing as a “best platform”.

It really does depend on your needs. Blogging is a lot about individuality and there is individuality in choosing the platform that fits best for you. There are a lot of platforms to choose from. Each meets the needs of a different type of blogger. This is good because you can find one that fits with your technical ability—one that isn’t too confusing but has what you want in it.

It’s true that no two bloggers will need the same two things out of a blogging platform so finding the exact right match for you can be a bit confusing.

Read a few reviews on blogging platforms, keeping your personal priorities in mind when you read the reviews. Find out the position that the reviewer is coming from when you read the review. A bad review for an easy site might come from a computer programmer who obviously will find the hosting site too easy. A beginner might find a complex site much too overwhelming.

Look for the best platform for you and stick with it. You will learn a lot and will soon be blogging to the internet if you have a site that works for you.

How To Pick A Niche For Your Blog

When you’re writing a blog it can be a wonderful way to make some money out of something that you enjoy doing. Getting your blog known on the internet can however be very difficult. This is difficult because there are so many different blogs on the internet.

Blogs are written about virtually anything. You need to choose something that few people already write about in order to stand the best chance of attracting visitors. The niche area of your site is very important.

  • Making your Site Stand Out

In order to make your site profitable and successful, you need to find a way to make it stand out. Because there are lots of different sites on the internet you need to choose a unique niche area which will be much easier to write about.
It will take some careful thought to make your site popular and stand out from the sea of others. This is actually one of the most difficult things that you will ever need to do.

  • Knowledgeable

The important thing is to choose a subject that you know a lot about and that you’re passionate about. This will make writing about it much easier and will also make it much easier to attract new visitors.
If you’re good at origami, golf or any other activity then consider making this something that you want to write about. Writing about something you know a lot about will be much easier.

  • Competition

When choosing a niche area it should be something that isn’t catered for by other large sites. This will make getting more people to visit your site much easier. Your target market of a niche area might be smaller than writing about something more generalized however it will make it easier to attract visitors.
To check the competition a great way is to spend time looking at search engines. Simply pop in a few search terms on the internet and find out how many sites there are competing for the same traffic.

  • Advertising

Although you might enjoy writing your blog you will also want to make money from it. Making money from blogs is easy with advertising. Ads can be put on your blog and will earn you money every time someone clicks on one of them.

You will need to choose a niche area to write about which has profitable ads. Also, ensure that the ads you display on your site are in keeping with the subject. This will increase the chance people will click on them and increase your profit.

By carefully choosing the right niche area and sticking to it you should be able to create a very profitable website.


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