Video blog post, articles or both? History, Documentary & Personal Blogging
Video blog post, articles or both? History, Documentary & Personal Blogging

Video blog post, articles or both?

Video blog post, articles or both? There are several types of personal blogging and the most common is the documentary style. Blogs can serve just about any function but most blogs are simply outlines of the personal experiences of the blogger. There are some blogs that do things like collect poetry or use blogging as a venue for creative writing but most are of a documentary nature and say what’s going on in the lives of the blogger as it relates to the world at large.

Historically speaking, documentaries were intended to be very objective and to list the events encountered by the author of the writer or filmmaker.

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There has been an increased movement through blogging of making the documentary more subjective and putting one’s opinion into the words that are written. This means that in modern times, documentaries carry the voice of the writer in them and the whole thing is blurring the distinction between a documentary and say a memoir.

Blogs are somewhere between a memoir and a documentary because they have elements of each. For what it’s worth, memoirs, blogging and documentaries have become blurred in the internet world.

Not many bloggers consider themselves making formal documentaries, especially when they sit down and simply record the different events that happened to them in a given day.

The things we normally take for granted about life, like our jobs, how we get to work each day, the technology we use—all are things that in the future will be fascinating for those who read them or for people who today live greatly different styles of living.

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terms and conditions may apply

It is this fascination for the different and new that makes blogs so interesting to many people. The documentary isn’t what people think of when they think of blogs but, in truth, they are documenting a microcosm of life in a small area of the world.

Decades from now, these blogs will be the best way to see what life was like for the average person in today’s time. These blogs will become subjective entries into the great documentary of today.

The documentary may not be much what people think of when they are posting their feelings, thoughts and experiences onto the web. The documentary becomes a bit of a side effect of blogging our lives. We have no choice when weblog to include documentary items in the blog when we talk about our lives.

Personal blogs, on the other hand, are more than just the ruminations of people wanting to talk about things in the absence of talking about their lives.

Personal blogs are, in fact, ways to talk about your life in a documentary style and they are meant to have the public read them. Documentaries are appealing to those who are curious about how other people live and many who read blogs are interested exactly in what’s different about others lives from their own.

Video blog post, articles blog or both?

Video blogs post or Vlogs as they are commonly known are becoming increasingly popular. The idea of these is to post videos rather than articles on a site. This is great for certain subject areas where a simple article doesn’t do it justice.

Video blog post are relatively newer than regular article blogs but they are already taking the internet by storm. With a bit of practice, you can turn a video blog into a very profitable business.

Video blog post, articles or both? History, Documentary & Personal Blogging
Video blog post, articles or both? History, Documentary & Personal Blogging

Video Blog post

Great subjects for video blogs include video games blogs, computer blogs or anything else where a video can demonstrate the game or whatever is being used in action. Videos are very appealing to people. Most people would prefer to watch a 30-minute video which is interesting rather than read for 10 minutes.

If you have the necessary equipment then taking videos for video blog photos then it’s actually something that’s very easy to do. Ideally, you will need a digital video camera rather than a webcam as this can record in higher qualities.

Video blogs are also useful to teach someone how to do something. If anyone is struggling to understand something that is written down then a video will be a great help. This will also help everyone to understand what you are trying to say.

Article Blogs

Article blogs are also popular. These are much easier to create and write because no specialist equipment is required. Anyone with a computer, internet connection and keyboard will be able to create blog posts and submit them.

While these aren’t as appealing as some videos they can be made to be interesting. Article Blogs can also offer tips and tricks although trying to demonstrate them will be difficult because only words can be used.


Search engine optimization is the rather complicated art of making your site look more attractive to search engines. This should make your site much more popular because most people will search the internet by using search engines.

Performing search engine optimization on an article blog is relatively easy and simple. However, for video blogs it can be tricky. While a video is great for humans it’s not something that a search engine can understand. Search engines are very basic and can only read and understand the text.

Article and Video Blog post

By creating a blog which is a combination of videos and articles you will make your blog much more successful. This is because the articles which go with the videos will explain them to the search engines. Then human readers have both articles and videos to keep them occupied.

Ideally, you should avoid relying completely on videos because it is almost impossible to promote your site and make it appealing to search engines.

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