UK emergency remdesivir provides enough to treat COVID-19, official says

remdesivir supplies

Britain has adequate supplies of Gildes remdesivir for emergency use to treat inpatients with COVID-19, England’s deputy chief medical officer said on Wednesday, although he warned against possible difficulties in securing future supplies.

Gilead said this week that it has allocated almost all of its supply of antivirals to the United States over the next three months, raising concerns about availability elsewhere, particularly in areas with high infection rates. still high.

“I think we have sufficient stocks,” said Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer of health and head of the Department of Health and Welfare, at a parliamentary hearing.

He said new drugs, such as remdesivir, are likely to be “relatively rare at first” compared to existing generics, such as dexamethasone.

remdesivir supplies

“I don’t think it is as easy or simple as the steps we are taking for dexamethasone, because of its rarity and because it is a new drug,” he said of the remdesivir.

He has not revealed how many doses Britain has.

The intravenous drug has been approved for emergency use in several countries after a clinical trial has shown that it has helped shorten hospital stays in patients with severe COVID-19.
But Van-Tam stressed that the impact of remdesivir on mortality was unproven, unlike dexamethasone, which he said was now “Standard of Care” for treatment in England.

EU regulators are expected to give final approval for use in the region shortly, making it the first treatment for the disease on the continent.

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