Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?
Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?

When it comes to blogging, especially about fashion, there are three blogging networks that bloggers turn to Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. But which one should you use for starting your own fashion blog?

Starting your own fashion blog

I have used all three platforms, and am here to tell you the pros and cons of each so you can decide for yourself:

Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?
Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?

Blogger your fashion blog 


  • Blogger is the most popular blogging network. Putting anything on this website is very simple because most other websites and applications consider Blogger and make it possible to connect.
  • Since it’s owned by Google, there are many features you can add to enhance and promote your pages like Google Reader, Google Friend Connect, and Google Adsense.
  • Blogger is easy. If you’re new to blogging, Blogger lays out everything for you.


  • There are a few technical issues with Blogger, like the clock or even uploading photos to your page. Different blogs experience different difficulties using this platform.
  • Template choice is limited. You can change the backgrounds and colours, but it comes down to pretty much the same thing using the standard templates.
  • Blogger has the right to delete your blog without any warning if they don’t like your content or think it is spam. your fashion blog


WordPress is a bit more advanced and includes integrated blog statistics (so you know how many people are visiting, and when), as well as built-in spam protection for comments.

Plenty of attractive themes available.

Tech support in the form of helpful user forums–if you have a problem, there’s probably someone out there with a solution!


  • Some bloggers find it difficult to use at first, but with the time you will learn it and enjoy the benefits!
  • Customizing your template requires a small yearly fee and some knowledge of CSS.
  • Looking for publicity? Find it somewhere else. WordPress is a popular site but unlike Blogger, you will have to publicize your blog on your own.

*Ed. Note: There is a difference between and the blogging software available for free at (self-installed WordPress).

Tumblr your fashion blog 


  • The easiest place to share tons of pictures of your outfit–and you can get reblogged on the site easily!
  • A large variety of free templates.
  • Easy-as-pie posting.


  • A place mostly for just pictures, videos, quotes or short pieces of inspiration, not long-form writing.
  • A picture that you posted today could be posted by someone else the next day, and you may not be credited as the original poster.
  • It can be repetitive. Most of the supposed new and original art, photos and etc on Tumblr are often re-blogged.
  • Comment boxes are not automatically a given. You have to create your own through Disqus or another third-party application, then add it to your Tumblog.

Blogger Templates

Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?
Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for starting your own fashion blog?


  • BlogSpotTemplates provides a nice variety of fun and artistic templates with a clean, easy on the eye layout.
  • Pyzam has options, options, options! With several categories to choose from, Pyzam helps to point you in the right direction, and where you go with it is up to you!
  • QuiteRandom offers a mix of some free templates in combination with blogger tutorials.
  • Blogger Styles definitely scores in terms of variety.  From technical specifics to theme composition, this site is worth taking a glance.
  • Final Sense is another good site for theme variety and a few extra freebies.

WordPress Themes

  • ThemeSplice contains hundreds of user-submitted themes sorted by category. The “Fashion” and “Magazine-style” and “Photo Blog” templates work well for fashion blogs.
  • Top WP Themes has over 100 free professional designs as well as installation instructions and live previews of each theme.
  • SkinPress has a selection of beautifully designed free themes as well as premium templates. Many come ad-ready and all have demos available.
  • Smashing Magazine put together a tightly edited list of well-designed free WordPress themes for 2009. The list includes screenshots of each theme as well as a convenient download link.
  • Free Theme Layouts calls itself the largest collection of free premium WordPress themes, and it aims to deliver. Rollover each screenshot to see a larger version, or click on the demo to explore each theme in full-screen mode.

Typepad Themes

Typepad users might need some extra luck to find templates–there doesn’t seem to be much out there, and those that are out there are very basic. You could try:

UK Blogger’s Guide has a lot of general information about Typepad throughout their blog.  A lot has to do with modifications but no so much on free templates.

Save a Few Bucks has a bit of information about templates in general and points out to a few spots where you get them.

Typepad also offers over 100 basic designs that are customizable if you’re comfortable with CSS.

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How did you create your blog?

Share your favourite design resources in the comments!

I don’t use any of the major blogging networks anymore (though I refer to Blogger for other needs). I have switched to the OnSugar network, which was created for fashion blogging. It has served me as a good blogging platform just as Blogger and WordPress would. I do have my complaints, but what site doesn’t have its pros and cons?

It’s up to you to check out these blogging networks to determine the best place for you and your ideas. It’s your blog!

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