Social Bookmarking sites
Social Bookmarking sites

High DA Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites  & Best social plugins for WordPress – Anyone who uses WordPress to run their blog will be interested in this article which looks at the 10 best social bookmarking plugins available. This is one of the best ways of promoting and exposing your blog to as many people as possible.

What is Social bookmarking sites?

Social Bookmarking sites are websites on which users share their websites, written articles, posts, creative images, and self-made videos online. These social bookmarking sites help in increasing your brand awareness on the internet. 

How can Social Bookmarking help with my web site promotion?

  • Being listed on a social bookmarking web site will drive quality traffic: Websites like Digg and represent the opportunity to get a lot of new traffic to your website. In fact, these sites supply the best style of visitors: microorganism traffic. People who reach your web web site from a social bookmarking site square measure usually there as a result of your internet site appeared in a very look for topics they were inquisitive about. Beware – a number of the social bookmarking sites can mark links intent on different sites as “no follow”. This tells search engines not to follow the link, and so you won’t reap any benefit from additional links!
  • Search engines can usually list results from social bookmarking sites. So if your web site is bookmarked, this is an extra opportunity to show up in search results.
  • Being featured on one bookmarking web site will usually cause individuals to tag your site on different bookmarking sites. This may sound rather strange, however, those who bookmark could use over one bookmarking website. If you are lucky they may find you through one site and bookmark you on another, which is a great opportunity for web site promotion.
  • Increase traffic by adding social bookmarking buttons to your data processor. Adding social bookmark links to your blog or web site makes it easy for readers to save and share your content, and therefore for others to find it.

So, there is great benefit to encouraging people to bookmark your Web site. The type of traffic you’ll receive will in all probability be terribly targeted and engaged within the content on your internet site, thus social bookmarking is an excellent tool in your web site promotion strategy.

Best social bookmarking sites

This list will look at 10 of the most popular plugins which can be used with word press. These will be useful for anyone who is using WordPress and wants to make the most out of their site.

1. Twitter Tools

Twitter tools are a useful package which integrates your WordPress blog and Twitter account. This connects both accounts together and has some useful tools.

2. TweetMeme Button

This plugin makes it easy to re-tweet your post. This makes it possible to promote your site using Twitter and also makes it easy for people to tell their contacts about something interesting they found interesting on your site. This also counts the number of times that the site contents have been retweeted.

3. Social Traffic Monitor

This is another useful plugin which will monitor all of the traffic on your blog. The plugin is able to analyze the traffic sourced from social networking sites.

4. Twitter @Anywhere

Twitter @Anywhere is easy to add to your blog and this can enable the various features. It also includes a retweet button, follows button and a tweet box.

5. Social Grid

This is a very simple plugin which can be used to organize and add links to your blog.

6. Social Media Page

This is a plugin which adds links to the social media profiles that you have on the internet. The links can be placed anywhere on the page using a simple tag.

7. Add To Any

This plugin is a complete package which makes it easy to share, bookmark and email your posts. The plugin can be set up to use Facebook. Google Buzz, Delicious, Digg and Twitter.

8. Facebook Social Widgets

These widgets are customizable. They make it possible to create a unique and interesting experience for your visitors.

9. Intense Debate Comments

This is a great plugin for promoting and encouraging people to participate in your blog. It is easy to integrate with Word Press and has its own entry on the admin panel.

10. Buzz Roll

Google Buzz is a popular social networking site. This makes it possible to enable Google Buzz on your site. It’s possible to allow your visitors to share your content on Google Buzz.

11. Pinterest

Pinterest has a user base of more than 175 million, which is estimated, out of these 80 per cent of them are females.

A whopping number of more than 50 billion pins are there on Pinterest.

12. Stumble Upon

It is one of the bigger social bookmarking sites.

High PR DA social bookmarking sites in 2020


Social Bookmarking sites 2019
Social Bookmarking sites 2019


List of most popular high DA social bookmarking sites worldwide

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Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites


One of the biggest advantages of having a WordPress blog is that you can use all sorts of plug-ins to make your blog much better. Some of the most important blog features are associated with SEO or search engine optimization.

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10 must-have SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of making your website look much more appealing to search engines. Most people use the internet by searching for things they might be interested in using a search engine.

If your site doesn’t feature in search engines then this will be a major problem because you will be turning lots of visitors away. To make your blog appealing to visitors you will need to use SEO plug-ins for WordPress. You must know How to Improve SEO ranking for your website. We’re going to look at 10 of the best SEO plug-ins which can be used in WordPress blogs.

1. Cross-Linker

Cross Linker is a very useful tool which can be used for SEO purposes. This can be configured to automatically create links between certain words. This is very useful for SEO and can also be fantastic if you have any affiliate schemes on your blog.

2. Meta Robots

Meta Robots for WordPress is one of the best WordPress plug-ins for SEO purposes. This will automatically add Meta tags onto any posts which will help search engines to list them in their results. Meta tags are very important but most people will forget to enter them. That’s where Meta Robots can make your site much better.

3. Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is very important but creating one in the right format can be difficult. This plugin will automatically generate the sitemap for your site.

4. SEO Friendly Images

A picture is worth a thousand words to humans but not to search engines. Search engines will only ever consider the text on the site when making a decision about how important it is. The SEO friendly images plug-in can change that. This plug-in will simply ensure that both the title and alt tags are filled in.

5. Platinum SEO Plug-in

The Platinum SEO plug-in is one of the best plug-ins available. This has a number of features which are extremely useful. These are actually a collection of different features including automated 301 redirects, and automatically generating various tags.

6. SEO WordPress

This is a popular plug-in which does a number of SEO jobs including optimizing keywords and titles. It is well suited to anyone who uses WordPress for a CMS.

7. SEO Tag Clouds

SEO Tag Clouds are very useful and popular features on many blogs. They have been used to make certain keywords stand out. This will make blogs look much more popular to the search engines.

8. SEO Post Link

SEO Post link will ensure that the post slug isn’t too long. If the slug is too long then most search engines will simply neglect to link to it. This plug-in can make your post addresses much shorter and more attractive in the eyes of search engines.

9. SEO Smart Links

If you link between your blog posts then this can encourage more people to view more posts on your blog. SEO Smart links will do this time-consuming projects automatically for you.

10. SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plug-in

Search engines really don’t like duplicated content. If there is any duplicated content on your blog then it will cause harm to your sits search engine position. This plug-in eliminates the chances of duplicate content.


Top high DA social bookmarking sites list

Here’s my list of Top social bookmarking sites list-

  1. Bibsonomy: Looking for research on mental health or gestational diabetes? Then, check out Bibsonomy. It is a social bookmarking site for all things related to health.
  2. Bizsugar: Similar to Reddit, users can use upvotes or “sugars” to push news tips to the top of the homepage. Bizsugar is most related to small business topics.
  3. BLOGbookmark: General, all-in-one social bookmarking tool, BLOGbookmark allows you to submit a story and upvote to the homepage.
  4. Blog Engage: This site targets bloggers who want to share tips on blogging and technology. You can post your comments on published stories, participate in forums, and share stories in groups.
  5. BlogMarks: It is headquartered in France, so a large chunk of their bookmarks is in French. BlogMarks is invite-only now.
  6. Blurpalicious: Similar to HubPages, Blurpalicious wants you to create (or repurpose content) on their site.
  7. BOOKMAX: Allows you to sort and organize your bookmarks in one place.
  8. BuddyMarks: Another social bookmarking manager tool.
  9. Citeulike: Store and sort your social bookmarks.
  10. Cloudytags: Once you create an account, you can submit a link to create a cloud tag.
  11. Craftjuice: You would see at JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby, so if you’re not submitting a link about knitting or scrapbooking, this isn’t the site for you.
  12. You pretty much create your own personal search engine with the links you can save here. It’s awesome.
  13. Design Bump: A social bookmarking site for designers who are searching for tutorials, tips, or advice on topics ranging from tattoos to graphic design to photography.
  14. Design float: Dedicated to the web designers who are looking for tips on web font or a reliable hosting software.
  15. Designer News:  It is a community on trends, technology, and news. Plus, they’ve got a podcast!
  16. Diigo: Diigo keeps me organized with tags, lists, and smancy add-on features on my browser like post-it notes and highlights.
  17. Digg: My daily Digg Slack alert is something I look forward to every day. Digg shares the top stories from the internet.
  18. DZone: Site for web developers and website owners in all programming languages from python to java to HTML5.
  19. Fark: In order to Fark, you must become a member of Fark. Members are called Farkers (not to be confused with Fockers). Can you tell I just like using the word Fark?
  20. Flickr: This is my go-to source for online photo management. And you can share your photos with people around the world. Pretty cool, huh?
  21. Folkd: Using the star-button to upvote, Folkd is similar to other bookmarking sites to help discover top trending stories.
  22. Google Bookmarks: Free for all Google account users, Google bookmarks allow you to add notes and labels.
  23. GrowthHackers: They allow you to share your growth hacking projects with other community members. It’s awesome.
  24. Hacker News: Focused on computer science and entrepreneurship, Hacker News enables other programmers to share what they are working.
  25. Hubpages: By creating a community profile, you’re able to submit (or repurpose) content to be shared here.
  26. Created by the masterminds of Moz and HubSpot, gives online marketers a platform for communicating and sharing experiments, stories, and much more.
  27. Instapaper: A neat interface that allows me to save articles to my iPhone (or Android) to read later.
  28. Licorice: Connects people who work on the interwebs (like you and me!) all in one place to turn bookmarks into presentations, to-do lists.
  29. Lifehacker: Lifehacks from Gmail productivity to flying tips, anyone can create a profile and contribute to Lifehacker.
  30. LinkedIn Pulse: Used widely by business professionals, C-Suite executives, and entrepreneurs, LinkedIn Pulse provides a microblogging platform for you to repurpose high-quality content.
  31. Medium: While Medium is best used to share personal, original stories, it can also be used to repurpose content. Larry Kim is an excellent example of this.
  32. Metafilter: You must be an active member for at least a week before you’re allowed to share a link. Meaning, you have to comment, share, and interact with other community members before Metafilter gives you access to share a link.
  33. NewsMeBack: Journalism, social news, and top stories from around the world may l be featured on Newsme back.
  34. Newsvine: the Aggregated filter of global news stories that pull in syndicated content from other news sites like The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.
  35. Quora: Quora is a question-and-answer based site filled with a wide range of topics to discuss and follow. It’s a great place to brainstorm new content ideas.
  36. Pearltrees: A place where you can save all your images, videos, and content in the same place. You can also upload personal content. And, the interface is easy-to-use.
  37. Pinboard It is very much similar to, is has pinboard which gives you a way to organize, tag, and sort through your social bookmarks.
  38. Pinterest My personal favourite visual bookmarking tool allows me to collect images and videos in a clean and organized way.
  39. Plurk: Another blogging and social network platform for users to share and create content. It is very much similar to Twitter. Plurk wants a user to stick to 210 text characters whenever you are sharing content.
  40. Pocket: I don’t know where my life would be without Pocket. You can save images, videos, and content to read for later AND it actually sends traffic to your site.
  41. Reddit: Once you’ve become a community member, you have the ability to submit links, share content, comment, and upvote on Reddit. Reddit uses these upvotes as a social rating system to aggregate content to the top of the feed.
  42.!: Hybrid of a social media platform and a content curation tool,!
  43. Sidebar: It is a tool that organizes your social bookmarks. You can use it as a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox.
  44. Slashdot: Self-titled “News for nerds” Slashdot hosts stories on science and technology approved by the users.
  45. SlideShare: If you’ve created a fantastic keynote or PowerPoint presentation, you’re going to want to repurpose that on SlideShare.
  46. StumbleUpon: Known as a discovery search engine, StumbleUpon creates personalized web results based on your likes.
  47. Surfingbird: By creating collections, Surfingbird takes over-saturated information to deliver you the best results on the web catered to your preferences.
  48. Techdirt: From technology, legal issues, and government policy stories, the Techdirt blog and its editorial staff have the news.
  49. Tumblr: A mix of blogging and social media, Tumblr is a fun, interactive platform to share different types of media.
  50. Url.organizer: Easy, simple to organize, and label your favourite links.
  51. Voat: Voat is very similar to Reddit, where users can add subversives (links or stories), and others can vote on those subversives if they are worth sharing.
  52. We Heart It: Visual-based interface where users can discover popular images and get inspired by trending topics.
  53. Wikio: Positioned as a top news site, Wikio also shares links to coupons and discounts to product pages.
  54. Wireman: Enables users to submit links to content related to sports, lifestyles, technology, pretty much a wide range of topics.


Which of the following is a popular social bookmarking​ site?

Now you will think that which of the following is a popular social bookmarking​ site, well here’s the list.

  1. Digg
  2. GrowthHackers
  4. LinkedIn Pulse
  5. Medium
  6. Pinterest
  7. Pocket
  8. Reddit
  9. SlideShare
  10. StumbleUpon


Above mentioned social bookmarking sites are practical tools you can use to build your brand’s presence online.

Creating bookmarks on Social Bookmarking sites is a critical step to boost the traffic to your site. Like we said in the beginning, you can create as many backlinks as you want. However, to get maximum link equity, we recommend creating backlinks to your site.

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