SEO Recipe
SEO Recipe

SEO Recipe – SEO is confusing and complicated. It is just due to its dynamic nature that uses to change every now and then. Due to its dynamic nature, it doesn’t have a fixed recipe that makes you an everlasting SEO.

What works best for you might be slightly different for me or someone else. Perhaps, it’s a harsh truth that SEO is tough nut to crack however; another beautiful truth of SEO is that it brings a huge number of visitors to your website.

The best thing about the SEO is that it brings organic visitors and helps your website to rank in SERPs. Already said that it’s tough to bring a fixed recipe that works for everyone however; here are 5 ingredients that on blending together at right proportion can make an awesome SEO recipe.

  • Have an Epic Title:

When you open a web page, the page title appears in the tab top of your web browser. Search Engines look for that title and provide result according to it. Therefore, it would be a good idea to put at least one keyword in each title of each page.

A page title is very similar to story title. Whenever we start reading a story, we first read its title if the title appeals, we go ahead and read all. And next time when the story title appears before you, you simply call out the whole story back in our mind. That what’s an epic title does. Title binds you with the whole story.

Similarly, a web page title is a callout factor for search engines. You can make web title appealing by placing relevant keywords in web page titles. Make sure, the title is self-describing of the entire content that the particular web page keeps. Web Page Title reminds Search Engines that it contains crispy story on that particular topic that surfer is searching for.

SEO Recipe
SEO Recipe

A delicious title helps to bring the bounce rate down. Bounce rate is also considered an important ingredient for the SEO. If you are thinking to reduce bounce rate then you must know these five wonderful ways to bring the bounce rate under control.

  • Make a proper structure of your file:

Very few people in us give heed on the structure of the files that we have for our website but this is important stuff to manage and work.

You should maintain such a file structure that helps search engine to understand the contents of the website and choose its name accordingly. Say if you maintain an image file structure; make sure the name of the file reflects the image. Avoid underscore in the name and use hyphens and keywords in the name.

  • User-Friendly URL:

Your website’s address is another vital factor for the SEO that makes good SEO recipe. It should be specific and contain one keyword in it too. Try to reduce bulky URLs into an arranged and user-friendly manner. It should be easy to type and pick. Make your URLs user-friendly as search engines love user-friendly URLs. Therefore, use a hyphen instead of underscore in it.

  • Use Heading Tags:

Always try to have a proper balance of heading tags. It makes content on the website or blog is more visibly.H1, H2 and H3 tags are the heading tags. You should use it in the body of the pages and these heading tags contain specific and searchable keywords in it. A good practice is to maintain the web page title into these heading tags.

  • Relevant Image Alt tags:

Alt tags describe the image that you have used. Therefore, it should be optimized for both visitors and search engines. Make sure the alt text is descriptive enough for human and SEO friendly enough for the bots. It helps search engines to understand the content that the image is holding with it and at the time of the search, it displays results accordingly.

  • The Bonus – Content is the King!

You have come across this phrase many times before on the web. This is just because it certainly plays a vital role in SEO. In other words, the recipe of SEO starts with content as well as end with content too. Content is such an important ingredient that without it you cannot think about an outstanding SEO. Try to create such a wonderful content that people thinks as a valuable and shareable on social media. For kind of information social media is vital for SEO as well. You must read here how social media is vital.

SEO Recipe
SEO Recipe

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The Ultimate ways to reduce bounce rate

Bounce is a frustrating reality for the website owners. It pours water on the entire efforts of the website owner. It is not deadly but harmful.

Depending on the industry, bounce rate keeps varying. It can be noticed that retail site gets 20-40% bounce, content sites anchor at 40-60%, while a service site shows 10 to 30 per cent bounce.

Bounce means land in and lands out. Visitors land on your website; they don’t browse a few other pages and they make their way out of the website, is told to be a bounce.

Bounce is a disappointing and frustrating phenomenon. But same time, it indicates something on your website is wrong which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Whether it’s designing, call to action or navigation. There are five ways you can reduce bounce rate drastically.

  • Attract Right Audience:

Make sure you are not attracting the wrong kind of audience. Focus on the right kind of audience to whom you add value as well they add value to your site. Keyword optimizations can be key changes that you can make as early as possible. Keywords should suitable for your business.

For example, if you are running an online book store, optimize your website with book-related keywords. And keep the goal to make visitors happy by catering to the right kind of content to them.

Check out the analytics for each page; find out which pages give a high bounce rate. Fix those pages with right kind of keywords and contents.

  • Check out the Navigation:

A bounce happens when a visitor comes and goes without clicking through another page. This might be happened due to bad navigation. Visitors land and they found no way to go or difficult way to go on other pages, this finally bounced because you leave them for clueless.

Don’t make them clueless. Every visit is precious. You should try to convert them a loyal visitor. For this purpose, your pages pact to be with good and easily navigated buttons.

  • Show them targeted content:

They come to your website as they need something. You offer them your targeted content without content disturbing. It might work as a call to action button which leads them to market or sale funnel. Sometimes a simple greet helps them out and they click through the other pages.

  • User content recommendation:

If a user is checking something at a website, you may recommend a few other contents related to the same topic that the user is checking. It has been noticed that recommendation with no distraction improves the click-through rate and reduce bounce rate dramatically.

  • Time demands mobile-friendly:

These days, about 60% of traffic is mobile visitors. They read content through mobile or tablets. Gone are the days when people browse the internet only through Desktop. This era belongs to mobile. Thus, keep a mobile-friendly website – responsive layout would be recommended. In the other hands, responsive design is taken to be in SEO factors by search engines. Therefore, this is the right time to shift with responsive design.

SEO Recipe
SEO Recipe


  • Inter-linked the contents:

Another way to reduce bounce rate is to interlink your available contents on the website. So, visitors can be able to discover some other wonderful contents in minimum effort.

You should plan properly to reduce the bounce rate and share your idea below in the comment box how it works.


Though, the above-given factors are relevant in SEO that helps you to get manifolds visitors; however, the most important part of the website is that it should be for human not for bots. So whenever you write, write for human, write for your readers and avoid writing for search engines.

What is your recipe for Search Engines Ranking? Feel free to share in a comment.

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