6 tactics that turned a butcher into a master sales associate
6 tactics that turned a butcher into a master sales associate

Are you sometimes confused by all the conflicting advice on how to become a master sales associate? What it really takes to be successful in sales? I don’t think there is a book written about sales during the past 25 years that I have not read. They are all good in their own way. You always get something you can use, even if you read the entire book and get one simple idea that you buy into.

However, regardless of how much I read, I seem to come back to these six principles to guide me toward my selling goals. Their origin is somewhat different. I learned them when I was young and trying to learn how to become a butcher. Someone asked me how I was able to get so much done in seemingly such a short period of time. Here was my answer.

Sales associate job description

Sales Associates welcome clients on entry at that point help the client with any inquiries they have about the buy they need to make. They frequently help the client with returns, discounts, and resolve normal grumblings.

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What is Sales Associate?

The activity of a sales associate may contrast from organization to organization and the obligations of a sales associate may shift in like manner. By and large, Sales Associates speak to the organization and help clients by surveying their needs and helping them locate the correct items or administrations.

Sales Person Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Welcome clients, reacting to questions, improving commitment with the product and giving remarkable client administration.
  • Working money registers, overseeing budgetary exchanges, and adjusting drawers.
  • Accomplishing built up objectives.
  • Guiding clients to stock inside the store.
  • Expanding in-store deals.
  • Prevalent item information.
  • Keeping up a methodical appearance all through the business floor.
  • Acquainting advancements and openings with clients.
  • Strategically pitching items to expand buy sums.


Sales Associate Requirements:

  • An Associate’s degree or secondary school certificate.
  • Retail deals involvement.
  • An expert appearance.
  • Keep up an uplifting frame of mind and spotlight on consumer loyalty in a quick-paced condition.
  • The capacity to peruse, compose and perform fundamental math.
  • The capacity to stand and stroll for broadened timeframes.

How would I make a sales associate abilities list that meets my requirements?

To post a sales associate set of working responsibilities that address your organization’s issues, consider the obligations of a sales associate and include the sales associate abilities and obligations you’d like to have. In the event that you are experiencing difficulty beginning or need more thoughts, investigate our rundown of abilities for sales associates on the sales associate set of working responsibilities above.


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To become a Master sales associate start:

1. Pay attention
2. Work fast
3. Keep it clean
4. Make a list
5. Get up early
6. Don’t quit

6 tactics that turned a butcher into a master sales associate
6 tactics that turned a butcher into a master sales associate

1. Pay Attention
Keep focused on what you are doing. Keep distractions at a minimum. Don’t waste time with meaningless conversations with other sales associate or people who are not your customers.

In the meat processing business, it is imperative to focus on what you are doing – if you don’t, you will cut off a finger, or worse, stab yourself in the groin. People sometimes accuse me of being in “outer space,” when, actually, it is just the opposite – I am focused. Block everything out except the immediate job at hand. Don’t daydream or the blood on the floor may not belong to the carcass of beef you are cutting up – it may belong to you.

2. Work Fast
Divide your weekly sales by the number of hours you are working. What are your sales per man/hour? Monitor this and see how you might get more sales for each hour you are working.

During all the years I spent in production, I was always under the pressure of “sales per man-hour.” It used to be that I had to sell $400 worth of meat out of the meat counter for every hour on the schedule.

It is much higher than that now, however, I still have the habit of getting it done as fast as I can, then picking up the pieces after I have finished. (The pieces are the things that make hamburger).



3. Keep It Clean
Clean out your office, your car and your briefcase. Get rid of everything you don’t need to do your job. Don’t waste time organizing useless information.

A meat processing operation has to be highly organized, clean and efficient. Hours are spent every night thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the entire operation. I have the best piece of equipment that can be bought for an office. A 32-gal. bone barrel. I put it right in the middle of my office and everything that is not necessary goes in the bone barrel and out to the trash.

It is amazing how much paper comes into my office. Magazines, newspapers, mail, faxes – I even pitch books that I no longer need … all kinds of stuff. Cut out all the fat and fillers that waste your day.

4. Make a List
To be an effective and efficient sales associate you have to stay on course. There is no better way than to work from a well thought out list.

Let’s say that you are the meat manager for a large meat department. You have to get in about one hour before everyone else in order to get organized. Here is the first thing you do; go through everything that is leftover from the previous day. If you have 25 packages of chuck steak leftover and you know you will sell 50, you don’t need to start working on chuck steaks.

If you have two packages of pork chops left and you will sell about 100, you do need to start working on pork chops. Once your master list is finished, you make a sub-list for each one of your five meat cutters, assigning each cutter their cutting assignments in the order of priority.

5. Get Up Early
The hardest door for a sales associate to open is the one that gets them out of the house early. An extra hour or two head start can make an amazing difference in your overall day.

It was not unusual as the manager of large volume meat operation to be on the job at 4 a.m. The early hours, before customers and employees started to show up, are always the most productive. Once you get in the habit of getting up early and being productive while everyone else is still in bed, your confidence and self-esteem go up considerably.

Today I am up every morning at 4:30. At 5:30, I am at the gym. At 6:30, I am ready to start my day. It is a habit that will double your productivity.

6. Don’t Quit
Never give up on a customer, never give up on a goal, never quite early in the day when there is still time to do something productive, and don’t listen to people who want to see you fail.

Whenever you are trying to accomplish something or reach a goal, there is someone who wants to see you fail. When I first started as a meat cutter apprentice, I had an immediate supervisor who simply did not want to see me make it. He made things so tough that all I wanted to do was quit. I would have to stand in the freezing cold for hours grinding hamburger without a break, as well as run and get coffee for everyone four or five times a day.

He kept telling me I was a loser, that I couldn’t keep up, that I would never make it in the business, and that I should go find another way to make a living. Three years later, I did quit, but I had my certification in hand and enough money to buy my own meat company.

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