Remember when you were young, you jumped in the lake, ocean or pool without regard to how chilly it might be? Later in life, you began to put your toes in first to see if it was safe. QUESTIONS FOR TRUTH, True?

As children, we were anything except predictable. As salespeople, we then morphed into conducting sales calls that became very predictable. The child-like zest for experimenting slowly, and sometimes deliberately, evaporated.

A few questions for truth for salespeople:

  • In the last month, have you tried an approach you’ve never before initiated? If not, you’ve become stale.



“Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It gallops.”


  • In the past three months, were you willing to do something bizarre that could make you appear silly if it bombed? If everything else has failed, why not fail greatly? Big successes correlate with big bombs.


  • Have you prepared a proposal containing personal, value-added services that caused a client to say, “wow” or “this is incredible”? If not, you’re stuck in the price game.


  • Are you famous? Determine several value-added services no one else provides and act on them. The Ramses brand condom is named after the great Pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children. He’s still famous.


  • Why do less than 1/10 of 1% of all salespeople jump on my suggestion that they publish a newsletter? Because the bulk of them consider it too hard before I show them how easy it is and how it pays off. It must be interesting, beneficial and fun. Yes, fun. You want the readers to laugh. Here are a couple of school excuse notes from parents you could use:

“Please excuse Jimmy for being. It was his father’s fault.”
“Please excuse John’s being absent on January 30, 31, 32 and also 33.”
“Please excuse Jennifer for missing school yesterday. We forgot to get the Sunday paper on the porch and when we found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday.”


It’s easy to find material when you’re willing to read as much as I do. I read hundreds of magazines and newspapers monthly.

Why? I’m looking for things that are interesting, beneficial and fun.

  • Why do many salespeople resist new ideas? Because they don’t want to improve? Or make more sales? Or make more money? Mark Twain said, “Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them, the rest of us could not succeed.” Even the very successful business people must act on new ideas or they will lose the “very.”


  • Do you receive more gifts from clients than you give? It is extremely rare for this to occur, but it does happen to a very rare breed of salespeople. Clients view them as the best of the best with helpful ideas, relationships and much more. It’s simple and it’s hard to gain this level of respect. Earn it.


  • When you grow up, will you become the person your dog thinks you are? Do you regularly help clients and non-clients because you understand that God wants you to be a servant? So, cheerfully report to duty.


  • Are you normal? Normal often means a lack of creativity and imagination. Many salespeople are boring. They drone on and on. These same people describe super producers as “eccentric.” They say such things due to the great disparity between those who are always boring and those who have grown several layers above them.

Yes, most high achievers are flawed, but usually in a good way. Remember that most of the great things in this world were accomplished by eccentrics and not by those who were always cautious and safe realizing few victories and defeats.

Insanity doesn’t run in my family questions for truth. It gallops.

  • Are you still a great student of the profession? 90% of sales books are purchased by 10% of the sales professionals. That means a couple of things.

a.) 90% of the salespeople have gone stale. Would you want a doctor operating on your brain with technology learned 10 years ago? Likewise, clients (and your employer) don’t want you to sell as you did 10 years ago.

b.) 90% spend more money on the outside of their head than they invest on the inside. Skip two haircuts in a year and you can buy two books. IQ beats GQ almost every time. Malcolm Forbes quipped, “The dumbest people I know are those who know it all.”



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