Minecraft pocket edition and latest bug and minecraft update

Minecraft pocket edition and latest bug and minecraft update

Minecraft pocket edition and latest bug and Minecraft update

The latest Minecraft has updated and added a new interesting ability by accident: wall running. This isn’t on the official list of changes, so we can only assume that it is in the game by accident and it will be debugged in the future update. Fans believe that wall running is the result of a bug, although they do appreciate it. Minecraft pocket edition is available for download from Softonic.

Minecraft added some new things, like a stone cutter and new ways to modify stone blocks as per the latest snapshot update for the Java version. Also, the update added the ability for players to wall run.

Minecraft pocket edition and latest bug and minecraft update Minecraft pocket edition and latest bug and minecraft update

Minecraft Update

The latest update brought several improvements and changes. For example, in 19W04B a series of bugs are fixed:

  • Glitched collision with shulkers and boats – MC-142951
  • Collision boxes don’t interact with walls correctly – MC-142942 
  • Unable to jump when up against a block – MC-142913 

19W04A added Stonecutter functionality and it made the collision code better. Then, in 19W04B new Stonecutter recipes were added. Players can also install the snapshot. In order to do that, the Minecraft Launcher needs to be opened and snapshots can be enabled from the “Launch Options” tab.


This new ability isn’t mentioned anywhere while announcing what the latest snapshot is adding and changing. This has fans to assume that the wall running is the result of a bug. Though some fans want the feature to stay.

It is safe to cross over lava using this trick because when you get to the end of the line of blocks you will float in the air, but the only way to do it has at least 16 diamond block in your inventory.


It is most likely that the players won’t be running around the walls of Minecraft for long. Don’t worry, you can always download mods that add even more advanced wall running and climbing abilities into the game, even if wall running is officially removed from Minecraft.


You can’t jump while pressing against a block as per the recent screenshot of the game. And apparently, you will not be able to raise your elevation. It also means that you can’t lower it either. All you need to do is to stay sprinting towards and into the wall and you can move along it. Just try it yourself.

Heres Another video showing the same

Until now, running around walls was impossible in Minecraft. This new feature shouldn’t last for too long though. If it is the result of a bug, developers should make sure to correct it as fast as possible. However, if you love this new ability, you don’t have to worry about losing it. Even if it will be taken care from the game, you can always find mods that allow you to do this once again. You can also discover even more advanced options.


 Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Mods

A list of Minecraft Mods compiled by the community on 9minecraft.net. All the recipes, screenshots, showcases and how to use of Minecraft Mods here! Most popular versions are 

Minecraft 1.12.2 mods

Minecraft 1.11.2 mods

Minecraft 1.10.2 mods 

Minecraft 1.7.10 mods.


The latest version is Minecraft 1.13.2 mods!

Minecraft pocket edition and latest bug and minecraft update

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