Making a Blog on Wordpress online and earn money blogging
Making a Blog on Wordpress online and earn money blogging

Making a Blog on WordPress

Making a Blog on WordPress online and earn money blogging– A blog is a website that allows for updated posts that are published frequently to the web so that people can read about the topics listed in the weblog. Blogs consist of the following items:

  • Text or writing
  • Photographs other types of images
  • Videos
  • Files you listen to
  • Many hyperlinks

They are usually shown in reverse order with the most recent blog at the top. People use make WordPress blogs or the following reasons:

  • Web diary or journal
  • Management of content
  • Publishing platform for online use

WordPress Blogs usually contain:

  • The date of the post
  • The post category
  • Blog title
  • Main text body
  • Links that link the blog from other sites
  • Comments added by other readers
  • The URL of the articles
  • Optional plug-ins, add-ons, calendars, archives or blog rolls

Blogs can also have a footer section that lists the author of the blog, the statistics, the post date, and the category of the blog.

how to monetize your blog
how to monetize your blog

There are a lot of types of Making a Blog on WordPress. Here are a few types of blogs you might run into while making a blog on WordPress:

  1. Political blog – may list campaigning info, updated news on politics and activism.
  2. Personal blog – People call this the “online diary” and it can be on just about everything, including day to day life experiences, poems, secret thoughts and opinions on life in general.
  3. Topical blog – These are niche blogs that talk of a particular topic that is either technical or non-technical.
  4. Health blog – This blog talks on medical news or on a particular health topic of interest to a few or a lot of people. Actual patient cases can be discussed.
  5. Literary blog – talks about literature and books.
  6. Travel blog – talks about the stories of travellers, usually on a day by day basis.
  7. Research blog – talks on academic and research issues by a university professor or researcher.
  8. Legal blog – Speaks on legal technical issues and on legal affairs.
  9. Media blog – Talks about inconsistencies and falsehoods in the news.
  10. Religious blog – Talks about religious issues
  11. Educational blog – written by teachers and students on educational issues.
  12. Collective or Collaborative blog – it usually is written by a bunch of people collaborating on an issue.
  13. Directory blog – collects web sites and publishes those of interest.
  14. Business blog – promotes a specific business or has people blog about their daily work.
  15. Personification blog – Talks about non-human entities like animals or products.
  16. Spam blogs – used solely to promote an affiliated website or other internet-based site or product.

Blogging should be done on a nearly daily basis. Blogging is the act of writing your entry each day and it is done by a blogger, who is the author who keeps the blog going.

There are practically three million blogs on the net in today’s time. This number is really growing day by day and there is more blogging software out there.

Making a blog on WordPress is becoming easier and easier for people to do on their own so that, today, you will find four different types of bloggers out there on the internet:

  • Personal bloggers – These people do a diary or journal and talk about something they seem very interested in or feel strongly about.
  • Business bloggers are people who want to promote a business, including its services and products.
  • Organizational bloggers focus on an organization and blog about what’s going on in the organization or what’s going on outside of the organization.
  • Professional bloggers are those who have been hired to blog for another company or person.
Making a Blog on WordPress
Making a Blog on WordPress

Why it is important to blog?

People begin to blog for many different reasons. It may be something you’ve just heard about but actually many people have been blogging for over a decade. It began with the online diary and has morphed into this big community of bloggers that write practically daily about what’s going on in their lives.

  • Blogging, as opposed to online diaries, is more professional and have different categories and reasons behind using them.
  • Blogging has become an increasingly used venue for online marketing of products sold by websites attached to the blog.
  • Blogs are used because they are picked up by search engines better and are good ways to constantly update on your product.
  • Blogging helps some people make money through the use of blogging on products and services they have to sell.

The Basic Blog

You need to understand what a blog is before you can begin writing your own blog. Blogs come from the term “weblog” or weblog. They began to be used about ten years ago in order to track updates and refer to other online resources. They were journals that served as publishing tools for people’s ideas and wishes.

What happened was that people began to blog on just about anything and there began to be readers who commented on the blogs that were written.

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Blogs are also called “content management systems” or CMS. They allow people to publish to a website without having to mess with the code of the website. People have started making a blog on WordPress using regular typing and the blog will show up on a different website looking perfect without having to mess with the code of the website.

There is a Graphical User Interface that allows those who point and click their way to a blog that can embed itself into another website. The job of the blogger is in fact relegated simply to the writing of the blog.

Advantages of Blogging

Why should you begin to blog and what’s in it for you? Blogging can improve your writing skills as you share your very own space on the internet. You must want to be successful on the web in order to blog because if you blog, you will likely be successful.

You need to want to have a means of communicating your frustrations, life interests and life events on the web and you might want to learn how to make money using blogs on the net.

Even if you think you’re not into blogging, you should still give it a try. It can only help you if you have a business on the internet because it raises your ranking in the search engines and you can sell things just by means of having a blogging presence on the web. Blogs easily help you establish clientele on the net who can buy your wares.

You have to remember that your competition is likely blogging about his or her product and people are reading about that. Better that they read about you, no? This is also one way for you to check out the competition while you share your own wares or services.

This sets up a good means of competition between you and others. Blogs help you maintain a decent amount of consumer relations with your customers. Your target market will be able to comment on your business, providing you with excellent feedback you can use in the business.

It’s difficult to resist this kind of opportunity; you can build a great customer base that is reading your blogs and buying your products. This is an excellent way to do business.

What is pro blogging?

Pro blogging is also called professional blogging and is about bloggers who make living blogging for others. They make money blogging as the consultant or employee of another company.

How Pro bloggers can make money:

  • Ad programs
  • RSS ads
  • Sponsoring an entity
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital assets
  • Blog network authoring
  • Business blog authoring
  • Non-blogging authoring
  • Donations from others
  • Merchandising products
  • Speaking and consulting engagements

If you are interested in Pro blogging, consider the following things:

  1. Show patience. Pro blogging requires a long term vision so you need to be very patient and expect it to take a while.
  2. Understand your audience. This is how you build a readership for your blog. Write for the audience who will most likely understand and relate to what you’re writing.
  3. Show that you’re the expert. Pick a niche that you really know about and make sure you’re blogging on those topics.
  4. Experiment with affiliate programs that can help you make money while blogging.
  5. Don’t be boring. Use white space and line spacings with bigger fonts that don’t tire the readers’ eyes.

Making the blog beautiful

Blogging became a hot item as soon as it was unleashed onto the internet. People wanted to give their opinion on everything and they weren’t afraid to put it on the net. Some internet advisers have pooh-poohed this form of communication but it has become more popular as time as gone on. Blogging is something that just about everyone has taken on at one time or another.

Nowadays, there are information blogs, advertising blogs and blogs on just about every topic on the web. Political blogs are becoming increasingly popular, especially around elections. Blogs have allowed the world to send out current information on just about anything to the rest of the world.

Website optimization in wordpress
Website optimization in wordpress

What makes blogs so different from newsletters, forums or e-zines? why are blogs becoming so popular?

Let’s take a look.

  1. You can easily start and maintain a nice looking blog. You can choose what you want your blog site to look like and you can use simple software to run your blog. Even if you don’t know how to blog, you can simply follow the instructions on the blog site web site and you’ll you’re your own blog in no time.
  2. Blogs are extremely interactive. People can comment on your blog and you can comment back. There isn’t any moderation in blogs so you can write as much as you want about anything you want to blog on. You cannot delete a blog without notifying the writer so there is a lot of freedom of speech allowed in these blogs.
  3. You can syndicate a blog. It allows you to be assured that your blog will be noticed by as many people as possible. Most blog sites allow syndication to happen on their blogs and it draws in many more people interested in your blog.
  4. You can get personalized blogs that elaborate on the personal interests and tips from the blogger. You can express yourself in whatever way you wish to on the blog and there will be people out there interested in what you want to say.
  5. Search engines will pick up on blogs. Search engine crawlers love to read and rank blogs as pages on the web. It is because of the fact that there is an ongoing update on blogs and search engines love that. They always look for new things on the web and blogs definitely qualify for that. New content is fodder for the search engines.
  6. With blogs, there are no spam filters or lists. This is in part why publishers and authors have decided to go with blogging. Because there are so many spammers out there, it has been harder to send out newsletters or e-zines over the web. Blogs have no such restrictions and are read by those who really want to read them.
  7. You can learn a lot from a blog. Blogs tend to be both informative and intellectual. You can do a search on a topic and get a host of blogs that discuss the topic in detail. You can get different opinions on a topic and get differing points of view on whatever it is you happen to be interested in.
  8. Blogs are cheap to own and maintain. Many blog sites are free to join and those that cost some money simply offer more gadgets on their site. For the simple site, you can get it for free and you can begin blogging immediately. Those that cost money actually cost very little so it might be worth it to blog on one of those sites as well.
  9. Blogging is an enjoyable pastime. They are entertaining to write and entertaining to read. You can learn a lot, laugh a lot and basically have fun reading about what people have to say and commenting on their site. Blogs are almost never boring.
  10. Anyone can blog. Regardless of how exciting (or not) your life is, there are things you can blog about on practically a daily basis that people will want to read about. You need a good mind and some reasonable writing skills but beyond that, the sky is the limit. There is always something in your life that you can blog about.


You can easily become one of the greatest bloggers the world has known just from your couch or computer room my making a blog on WordPress. The sky really is the limit. You can definitely earn money from blogging as a ProBlogger while Making a Blog on WordPress. Have the right attitude, work hard and you can make sure you begin to earn a living.

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