Dropbox – Paper, App (free) How to use tool for Sharing Files
How to use dropbox

Dropbox – Paper, App (free) How to use tool for Sharing Files

Dropbox – Cool (free) Tool for Sharing Files

If you have to send video or audio files to colleagues, clients, vendors or a virtual assistant, you know it can be a pain. It can be slow and if the file is really big, it can cost you a few bucks. Enter Dropbox. Let’s find out how to use dropbox

DropboxWhen  I discovered Dropbox a few months ago, I stopped using other file sharing sites.

When I do a video blog review with a client, the file that’s generated is HUGE. I would have to pay to send it via YouSendIt. With Dropbox, I don’t as long as my free account has not exceeded 2GB.

When you set up an account online, you are encouraged to also download a desktop app on all your computers. I have it installed on a desktop and a netbook so I can manage large file transfers anywhere.

How to use dropbox
How to use dropbox

Drag your file to the Dropbox folder on your computer and it automatically syncs with your online account. Next, you can share a specific folder with your client so they can access and download the file. They only get access to the folder you specify; they have no access to any other files in your account.

Essentially you upload to Dropbox and your client downloads from Dropbox. Most email systems do not support sending large files so this is a fast, easy workaround.

Once the recipient has downloaded the file, you can delete it from your account.

How to use Dropbox:

  • Send a video greeting to a new client
  • Use a folder to exchange files with your blog & graphic designers or JV partners
  • Send your video and audio files to your VA so they do the distribution for you
  • Send your large powerpoint files to event managers for your speaking gigs
  • Upload files you may need when you’re travelling so you can access them from your laptop or netbook. You don’t have to transfer to a thumb drive and then remember to take the drive with you!
  • Send weekly video lessons to your clients (you can give folder access to multiple people

Your files are automatically backed up so if anything happens to your computer, any files you’ve uploaded to Dropbox are safe.


It’s an easy, seamless system and I haven’t had any problems with the connection timing out or it taking 10 hours to upload a file. All in all a great solution for sharing large files of all types. Set up a free Dropbox account and let me know what you think.

Do you have a favourite file-sharing system? Share your resources in the comments, please!

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