How Do You Mine Monero
How Do You Mine Monero

Learn How to Mine Monero:


What is Monero?

Monero (XMR) operates on a secure digital network of users. It is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies right now. It is fast, private and secure. With Monero, you can spend safely as no one else than you can see your balances or track your transaction details.

It is a fistful of cash for the world. Its transactions are confirmed and recorded on the blockchain after being distributed. It is known for its untraceable payments, unlikable transactions, blockchain analysis resistance and for being adaptive in parameters. It was based initially on CryptoNote protocol, which is why it has so many features.


What is CryptoNote?

CryptoNote is the innovation that permits the production of protection driven digital currencies. The level of namelessness furnished by CryptoNote isn’t conceivable with the Bitcoin codebase by design. Bytecoin (BCN) was the CryptoNote reference usage, and XMR depends on BCN’s code.


What is mining?

Before we proceed in this article on how to Mine monero, first, find out what mining is all about. Cryptocurrency mining, or crypto mining, is one of the commonly used methods of transactions which are validated and executed over a blockchain.

The blockchain works through data encryption and protects the transactions. It also stores all the data present and available in a decentralised way.

These data get stored in multiple servers around the world. It ensures that the same crypto token is not being spent again. In simpler terms, mining is making sure that the transactions of cryptocurrency are secure, accurate and correct.

How does it work?

Mining itself refers to POW (Proof of Work). When a group, businesses or individual compete with each other to solve a mathematical algorithm or equation, which are part of an encrypted mechanism, there are equations which correspond to them as part of the transaction are called block.

As a whole, this process is called mining. One has to have a PC and a well-designed software program to mine cryptocurrency. In regular intervals, this computer programme would solve an algorithm of transactional data in a big block of problems. This transactional data is also known as Hash, which is a numeric value of a fixed length of data.


Cryptocurrency mining is like an arms race that rewards to the people who are early adopters to mining. As a hobby also, cryptocurrency mining can generate a small level of income, that may be a dollar or two in 24hours. It is a lucrative business option today after the humongous popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrency around the world.

Moreover, because of this, people around the world want to know about the opportunities they can avail to benefit from it and how to mine monero. Many companies and firms have set up the warehouse, crypto farms and dedicated centres to mine the cryptocurrency.

This setup includes buying and assembling hundreds of expensive equipment, and more are being added periodically. As a second income, it is good to invest in cryptocurrency mining to make substantial money.

What is mining?
What is mining?

What they’d need to do to mine themselves

You must be knowing that monero is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world concerning demand and value. Hence, to invest in mining it properly, we must understand how to mine monero. Monero has a current market capitalization of $ 1,882,833,985 USD. In Jan 2016 the price of 1 monero was close to 0.5 $, and since then it has been gaining popularity among investors. As of Oct 2018, it was 113 $.

Because of this exponential increase in price and value of it, everyone wants to get benefitted from mining it and want to know, how to mine monero. There are many options available to mine monero, it depends, on how much knowledge you are and what are you willing to spend.

Do you know that 1 monero (XMR) is released every 24seconds? Have a look at the options available for mining monero. There are 3 ways to do it by mining: –


Solo Mining –

Before you think of mining monero, you need to ask yourself, whether, you want to join a pool of miners and mine monero, or, mine solo. Mining appears to be an incredible thought. However, if now well planned and researched, it can put your invested money in vain.

The advantage of solo mining is that you don’t need to share any reward with anyone. Whatever you have planned and mined, it’s all yours. You turn your installed hardware on and let the dollars come in, correct? No, wrong. When you are mining Monero alone, you are going to compete with other miners.

They can be individuals, firms, company or a group of people doing the same. Moreover, if your hardware is not updated or powerful, then you might not be able to mine enough to get a good return on investments done.

To mine using a Monero mining equipment is the best procedure. The specific mining gear is used by a couple of individuals to get extended mining hash rate. People mining monero settle on this mining system as it is a more valuable strategy, regardless, to pick up advantages first you require a well-thought spending plan.


Mining Pool –

People mostly use Monero mining in a pool. It is known to be effortless and quickest to begin the mining process. It is essential to know how to mine monero before you join any mining pool. You and other miners are sharing their commonly used computing power and electricity and mining monero at the same time.

This process saves you time, effort and money as you now have a better chance of getting more block reward. As a suggestion, do proper research on the different mining pools before you invest in anyone. It is recommended to join mining pools which have more members, cause, and it usually is more secure.


Cloud Mining-

Much the same as FIAT, digital currency esteem goes up when many individuals utilise it. Since Monero is one of the “big cheeses” in the digital currency scene, mining with your equipment presently isn’t that beneficial. In simple terms, cloud mining is remotely using a dedicated and well-established datacentre.

It all runs equivalent to mining Monero and utilising your very own equipment. Cloud Mining is turning out to be a solution with regards to getting the coin that you need to mine. It is particularly evident when you need to mine a coin that has an appropriate client base.

This process of cloud mining is most suitable to the people who are not technically knowledgeable to chose proper mining hardware and to set up the miner optimally. Cloud mining is very convenient for people with less knowledge of mining equipment and minor details required to start monero mining.

Some websites offer monero mining contracts for cloud mining. As a caution, read through the offers and services offered by them for smart mining contracts. These websites are Eobot, Nicehash and


Mining Softwares –

You may be wondering, what precisely does mining software does. Mining software is a program that you use to associate your Monero mining hardware and your mining pool to the Monero blockchain. Here are four mining programming downloads that we prescribe. These are likewise being recorded on the authority Monero site, so they are to a significant degree reliable.

To understand how to mine monero and the concept of it. You need to know about all different types of software available for mining monero. You need to associate your Monero mining programming with a Monero mining pool to guarantee more payouts.


When choosing which programming to utilise, you need to take a more in-depth look at a couple of things.

  • Is there a designer charge? Provided that this is true, what amount?
  • Does this product bolster my equipment?
  • Does this product bolster my practical framework?
  • How natural is the product to set up?


So the 4 software are: –

  • XMR Stak
  • XMRig
  • XMRig AMD
How Do You Mine Monero
How Do You Mine Monero

How can you earn by mining Monero?

Is it of most significance to discover the amount you will get awarded, while mining monero. Since you need to enter the universe of cryptocurrency mining and get a better understanding of how to mine monero, it is essential to find out how much can you earn by mining monero.

The evaluated and expected monero profit depends on an accurate estimation. It is computed utilising the qualities entered which does not include trouble and swapping scale variances which happen each moment, stale/dismiss/vagrant rates, and the mining pool’s working effectiveness.

  • If you are mining monero using a mining pool –

The approximate monero earnings can vary from time to time. It is dependent upon the efficiency of the fee charges, pool and stale/reject/orphan rate.


  • If you are mining monero solo –

The approximate monero earnings can vary from time to time. It is dependent upon the stale/reject/orphan rate and your luck.



Monero mining and profitability calculator


As of today, it takes 330.90 Day(s) to generate one block with solo mining (the results can vary greatly depending on your luck)

Monero mining and profitability calculator
Monero mining and profitability calculator

Source –



What do you need to get started?

Creating a Monero Wallet

You will require a wallet to store your mined monero coins. These cryptocurrency wallets are programmed with an encrypted system which is made to store your digital cryptocurrency securely. Wallets show you your account balance, and you can view and track your transactions just like a bank statement.

To access it you need to use a password to send any digital currency out of the wallet. This way, the wallet helps you in protecting your cryptocurrency from virus and hacking attacks.

There is a minimal number of monero wallets available right now. It is essential to use a great wallet to keep your digital cryptocurrency safe. To name a few MyMonero and Monerujo can be used to store your monero.

Why cryptocurrency wallets?

Since a cryptocurrency wallet is a product program that stores private and open keys and cooperates with different blockchain to empower clients to send and get computerised cash and screen their parity. It is advisable to keep all the cryptocurrency safer in the wallet which you don’t need for daily transactions.

You can store your Ethereum on a cryptocurrency exchange as well, but it’s not advisable because of the simple reason that exchanges are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking.


Choosing a Miner

The critical part of mining a cryptocurrency is to choose the right miner as per your need. There are hardware and software miners available for mining monero. It is up to you to choose the right one to mine monero. You don’t need an ASICs for this purpose. This process can be achieved by using a GPU or a CPU.

However, it is vital to know the factors which might affect your mining experience and profitability. What you should look for in a miner is High Hash Rate and Low Electricity Consumption. One will have to look for efficiency to reduce electricity bills and cut down on operating costs.


How to mine monero?

Now the question arises, what are the options available to mine monero. As of today, there are both hardware and software miners are available for mining monero.

Let’s look at these options.



  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) mining
  • AMD Opteron 627
  • Xeon L5640


Mining with an AMD Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

  • AMD Radeon Rx 580
  • AMD R9 280x


Mining with Nvidia GPU

  • Nvidia GTX 1070
  • Nvidia GTX 1080



AMD Cards

  • XMR Stak 2% Dev Fee (unless compiled yourself)
  • Wolf’s Miner No Dev Fee (not as optimised)

Nvidia Cards

  • XMR Stak 2% Dev Fee (unless compiled yourself)
  • CC Miner

CPU (Intel/AMD)

  •     Monero Spelunker
  •     XMR Stak
  •     Wolfs Miner



Choosing a Mining Pool

There are many factors to consider while choosing the right mining pool for monero mining. Their factors will help you get a better understanding of the concept of how to mine monero, and these are listed below: –

  • If the pool has variable difficulty like most pools do mining with the top of the line hardware, then it should not be an issue as the mining difficulty will be based on the shares your mining hardware submits.
  • If the pool has a high payment threshold for those with low-end mining hardware equipment, then it may not be doable.
  • It should not make any difference what number of mineworkers a pool. It is more to do with hash-rate which would ease frequently increase a block is found by the pool. The higher the hash rate of the pool the steadier your awards will be.

That being said the charge which the pool takes is essential to consider and additionally attempting to keep the system decentralised. The strategy should be to locate a network of pools with low pings and charges and afterwards to choose how often you are willing to wait for payments.

If it is various days attempt to stay with little pools to decentralise the system, else you could stick to marginally greater pools that compensation out more frequently. At last, if your equipment has a low hash-rate stay away from pools with high payment threshold.


Difference Between personal mining and cloud mining

There are many differences between cloud mining and personal mining and its covered in this article of how to mine monero.

Below are a few main differences between them: –

  • Cloud mining is more straightforward to calculate then personal mining. Cloud mining has different subscription plans and models and has different hash rates to choose from.


  • Personal mining involves using hardware equipment. Hence, buying, installing and setting up a miner includes a lot of costs. In the end, the ROI can take a minimum of 6 months to a couple of years. Cloud mining is a cheaper way of mining a cryptocurrency as there is no upfront setup cost, it’s a subscription-based plan, and it costs much cheaper to use.


  • Could mining is easier to understand, clear instructions and usage are available in everyone could mining contract. For personal mining, you must be aware of, how to mine monero efficiently and effectively. Then only you will be able to get your return on investment in a shorter span of time.


  • There are 2 most trusted cloud mining service providers, namely Genesis Mining and Hashflare. They both provide all the details and information on their website to make the user aware of what they are investing in and what they can achieve.


Is mining legal?

As interest for digital currency develops, worldwide controllers are brainstorming on the most proficient method to keep up. Most computerised monetary standards are not sponsored by any local government, which means every nation has various measures. Each country has a little control declaration that has driven the cost of cryptocurrency in 2018/19.

The legality status of cryptocurrency has been a matter of discussion around the world. We must say that it is essential to know how to mine monero and how to mine it optimally if you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency mining.

As the market capitalisation of the cryptocurrency buyers shoots up, through value developments and a flood in new tokens, controllers around the globe are venturing up the discussion on oversight into the utilisation and exchanging of excellent resources. This influences all coins, however notably bitcoin, given its market authority and mix into the global start-up biological system.

How Do You Mine Monero
How Do You Mine Monero

Not many nations have declared cryptocurrency as unlawful. Until now, just Japan has ventured to give bitcoin full acceptance. In any case, since something isn’t lawful, does not imply that it can’t be utilised for payments. It just implies that there are no securities for either the purchaser or the vendor and that its utilisation as payment is optional.

Legality status of mining cryptocurrency varies from country to country. Some have adopted it, some are thinking about the possible solutions before adopting, and some have banned it entirely.

Various governments have different concepts as to the adaption of cryptocurrency. Few have allowed it as a means of trade and exchange. Countries like Australia, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, etc. have legalised it.

Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, etc. have banned it entirely.

No one was aware of cryptocurrency a few years back, but now, everyone wants to know how to mine monero.

We would like to summarise it with the hope that this article has given you a complete understanding of how to mine monero with options of mining and the pros and cons of mining.

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