how to mine Ethereum
how to mine Ethereum

Learn How to Mine Ethereum:

What is Ethereum and how to mine Ethereum?

I am pretty sure that If you are reading this article of how to mine Ethereum? you must be knowing what is Ethereum as well. Still, let me summarise it quickly, Ethereum is another cryptocurrency which is much more popular after Bitcoin.

It came into notice when the price of 1 Ethereum spiked to 9000% in 2017. Which means that if you would have invested a small amount of 100% at the beginning of 2017, the value you could have got by the end of the year was 7000$. This is what made people around the world curious about this cryptocurrency. It was founded by Vitalik Buterin and is abbreviated as ETH.


What is mining?

Before we proceed in this article of How to Mine Ethereum, lets first know what is mining? Cryptocurrency mining, or crypto mining, is a procedure in which exchanges for different types of digital money are confirmed and added to the blockchain as digital ledgers for advanced records.

Mining can be characterized as the way toward chronicle and entering exchange records of transactions in the blockchain digital framework. Mining is intended to centre around digital assets. It revolves around blockchain and each transaction results in releasing a new Ethereum.


How does it work?

Mining needs a devoted PC and an exceptionally designed software program, which encourages miners to solve difficult mathematical problems by this PC and program with their peers. In regular intervals, the computer programmed miners would attempt to solve an algorithm in a big block of problems which has transactional data.

This transactional data is also known as Hash, which is actually a numeric value of fixed length. Hash helps in identifying available data in terms of measuring the data transfer to and from the blockchain. Like all PC information, hashes are substantial numbers and are normally composed as hexadecimal.

Cryptocurrency mining is a lucrative business option today as not only they have gained exponentially in value, but also, they are gaining popularity and acceptance around the world. And because of this, people around the world want to know how to mine Ethereum? Companies have also started investing in mining equipment and counter business and dedicated warehouses made for storage of this equipment.


What they’d need to do to mine themselves?

You must be knowing that Ethereum is among the top 3 cryptocurrencies in terms of demand and value. Ethereum has a current market capitalization of $ 22,854,407,882. In Jan 2016 the price of 1 Ethereum was close to 8$ and since then it has been gaining popularity among investors. Today everyone wants to know, how to mine Ethereum?

There are many options available to mine Ethereum, it depends, how much you are willing to invest and what is your timeline? But it also becomes equally important to know, how to mine Ethereum? Let’s have a look at what are the options available for mining Ethereum. There are 3 ways an Ethereum can be mined: –


Solo Mining –

Mining alone may appear like an incredible thought. You don’t need to share any reward with any pool of members. You simply turn your PC on and let the cash come into you, correct? that’s where you are wrong.

When you are mining Ethereum alone, you are contending with other individuals and will just get rewards only in the event that you solve the mathematical problems before others do. Before you think to consider solo mining, consider this, that you will be contending with a large number of individuals and organizations that have a great deal of equipment.

You would need to be exceptionally fortunate all the time to get rewards. Solo mining is just beneficial in the event that you have a considerable amount of high quality, fast and latest equipment available to you for Ethereum mining and that’s pretty expensive.


Mining Pool –

Ethereum mining in a pool is the most effortless and quickest approach to begin the mining process. It is very important to know How to Mine Ethereum before you join any Mining Pool, in simple terms means, you and other miners are sharing the computing power and electricity available to all and mining Ethereum at the same time.

Because of this, you save time, effort and money as you now have a chance to get more block reward. It is recommended that you do a research on the different mining pools before you finalise anyone. Joining big mining pools is normally a more secure decision in order to be safe.


Cloud Mining-

In simple terms, cloud mining is mining from mining hardware remotely using a dedicated datacentre. It is beneficial to people who are not technically sound in terms of the mining equipment required and don’t want to run their own software or hardware for Ethereum mining.

It is a very convenient way to mine Ethereum with ease of access to all the information remotely. This process makes you one of the participants in a cloud mining pool and involves buying hash power for Ethereum mining. It’s a simple rule of more the hash power, the more effective is Ethereum mining.

How to mine Ethereum
How to mine Ethereum

How can you earn by mining Ethereum?

It is of utmost importance to find out how much you will earn? you are reading this article of how to mine Ethereum? because you want to enter the world of cryptocurrency mining. The estimated and expected Ethereum earnings are based on a statistical calculation.

It is calculated using the values entered and does not consider difficulty and exchange rate fluctuations which happens every minute, stale/reject/orphan rates, and the mining pool’s working efficiency.

·       If you are mining using a mining pool –

The approximate Ethereum earnings can vary, it depends upon the efficiency of the fee charges, pool and stale/reject/orphan rate.

·       If you are mining solo –

The approximate Ethereum earnings can vary and it depends on the stale/reject/orphan rate and your luck.


Ethereum mining and profitability calculator

As of today, it will take 346.81 Day(s) to generate one block with solo mining (the results can vary greatly depending on your luck)

how to mine Ethereum
how to mine Ethereum

What do you need to get started?

Creating an Ethereum Wallet

You will be requiring an Ethereum compatible wallet to store your mined Ethereum coins. It doesn’t matter, whether you are mining Ethereum yourself or have joined a mining pool, you will be requiring an Ethereum wallet.

These cryptocurrency wallets are likened to physical wallets that are useful to hold cryptocurrencies. A wallet an encrypted system which is designed to secure your digital cryptocurrency in a secured area, which is the safest mode of keeping your Ethereum safe. Wallets show you your account balance and you can view and track your transactions just like a bank statement.

To access it you need to use a password in order to send any digital currency out of the wallet. This way, the wallet helps you in protecting your cryptocurrency from virus and hacking attacks.

It is very important to use a good wallet in order to keep your digital cryptocurrency safe. There are few other wallet options available, which are available to store your Ethereum. Eg -Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Metamask, Exodus, Myetherwallet and trust wallet to name a few.

Why cryptocurrency wallets?

Since a cryptocurrency wallet is a product program that stores private and open keys and cooperates with different blockchain to empower clients to send and get computerized cash and screen their parity. It is advisable to keep all the cryptocurrency safer in the wallet which you don’t need for daily transactions.

You can store your Ethereum on a cryptocurrency exchange as well, but it’s not advisable because of the simple reason that exchanges are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking.


Choosing a Miner

A miner can make or break our income and investment if not chosen wisely. One will have to look for efficiency to reduce electricity bills and cut down on operating costs. Hence, it is very important to choose the right miner. But before mining getting hardware to mine Ethereum, ensure that you have a joined a mining pool, have created an Ethereum supportive wallet and have required mining software.

Also, hardware called GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is required. GPU gives more hashing power to miners and hence increase efficiency.

While some GPUs have more hashing power but can increase your electricity bills, as they consume more electricity. You must decide on how powerful GPU you are looking for in order to make a mining rig. The more the merrier, however, it will increase your budget by a margin.

Solo miners do lots of research while choosing the right miner. Since mining is a matter of safe and efficient earning, it is important to make use of the fastest and the most efficient way to mine using the best available hardware. But all may go waste if you do not know, how to mine Ethereum?

Now the question arises, from where to buy these miners? Well, the best options are Amazon and eBay. But you need to check with the retailer if he can deliver the miner to your place. Or if he can ship the miner to your country, obviously, it will increase the cost as well. As of today, the best available miners are: –

  • Radeon R9 295X2
  • Raden R9 HD 7990
  • AMD Radeon RX 480
  • Radeon RX 470
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070


Choosing a Mining Pool

Having a very latest, efficient and powerful device for Ethereum mining is great, but still, it is not the best option. You can still earn lower if you include all the cost incurred for mining, compared to when you join a mining pool.

By joining with other miners in a pool gives you access to shared resources and hence decreases the operational cost, thus, there is a chance to earn bigger rewards. There are things to remember before joining a mining pool: –

  • The closer the pool server will be, the better it will be.
  • Check the ping, lower the ping the better it is.
  • Ensure that you keep ETH in your local wallet as and when they are released.
  • High hash rate pools provide a stable income, but on the contrary, it’s not higher than from other pools income.


Difference Between personal mining and cloud mining

There are many differences between cloud mining and personal mining and its covered in this article of how to mine Ethereum? let’s look at the main differences between them: –


  • Cloud mining is the process of mining a cryptocurrency by using a remote datacentre. Whereas, personal mining means that you are using a piece of hardware equipment at your own place.


  • Cloud mining is a cheaper way of mining a cryptocurrency as it is a shared process of resources. Personal mining involves many costs, it includes operational costs as well as hardware and technical costs as well.


  • Could mining is easier to understand and not much technical knowledge is required? Generally, a support system is provided for queries and questions by clients. For personal mining, you must be aware of, how to mine Ethereum? then you will have to research for the efficient and latest hardware. Find a retailer then order the hardware, wait for the delivery and then do a technical setup. It’s a very long process of setup and to begin.


  • There are 2 most trusted cloud mining service providers, namely Genesis Mining and Hashflare. They both provide all the details and information on their website to make the user aware of what they are investing in and what they can achieve.


  • For personal mining, miners are more educated and technically sound as you are required to do research on how to mine Ethereum in an effective and efficient way.


Is mining legal?

The legality status of mining cryptocurrency has been a matter of discussion around the world. We must say that it is very important to know if you are thinking of investing in mining and before you start to know “how to mine Ethereum”. Legality status of mining cryptocurrency varies from country to country.

Some have adopted it, some are thinking about the possible solutions before adopting and some have banned it completely. Various governments have different concepts as to the adaption of cryptocurrency.

Few have allowed it as a means of trade and exchange. Countries like Australia, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, etc have legalised it.

Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, etc have banned it completely.

As of now, we expect that the future of cryptocurrency will see a change regulation. As the technology is rapidly evolving and so is evolving the means of exchange, what may be new and exciting today, could be a usual thing tomorrow. The world was not aware of cryptocurrency a few years back, but now, everyone wants to know how to mine Ethereum?

In the end, we hope that this article has given you a complete understanding of how to mine Ethereum and everything you need to know to get started.

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