How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google

How SEO works in google? Have you ever thought about it? well its but obvious that the pro bloggers know, but the beginners need to understand from the beginning. In this article, I have covered all aspects of SEO and FAQs which will guide you and give you complete information about SEO. After going through it all, I am sure that you will be able to make your own SEO strategy for 2020.

How SEO works in google

What is SEO and How SEO works in google?

SEO is the term used as the abbreviation to search engine optimization. It is the procedure for obtaining traffic from free, organic, natural or editorial search results on the different search engines.

It is the procedure used to improve the visibility of a certain website on the search engine result page by implementing the search engine friendly elements of the website.
Search engine optimization is broadly divided into two parts known as on-page and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization means all the measures that have been taken within the website to improve its position strategically in the search rankings. This includes measures to optimize the content, improve the meta tags, HTML improvement, ALT tags improvements, Header tags, Title Tags, URLs, Keyword Selections and Internal Linking.

Off-page optimization means a technique that is used to get to the top position of a web site in the search engine page result (SERPs). People generally think of off-page SEO means link building, but it is much more than that. Generally speaking, an off Page SEO technique is to do with several available promotion methods. It can be beyond website designing and writing good content. But yes, the aim is to get the best ranking of a website higher in the search results. It includes backlink building, forum posting, comment posting, social media shares, social bookmark and more.

How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google


What is SERP?

SERP is the abbreviation used for the Search Engine Result Page. SERP is the webpage that appears in the browser after the search engine has successfully searched about the keywords given to the search tab. The results generally lead to links that are listed according to the number of hits that a certain link gets.


Search Engines

A search engine can be defined as a software program or script available on the internet which searches documents as well as files containing the keywords that have been put by the user. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are some of the search engines which are popularly used by users of the internet.


Major functions of Search engines


The primary function of a search engine is to locate, sort, score and rank the values of information on the web. In order to know about how SEO works in google, we must understand the primary functions of search engines, there are a few functions that need to be understood.

  • Crawling- The function of the crawler is to sort through the internet to find website addresses and contents of the website in the search engine database.
  • Indexing- After crawling, the search engine indexes the contents that have been sorted.
  • Storage- Storing of the found data is done after it has been indexed.
  • Results- Results can be said as the hyperlinks that show up in the search engine when a certain set of keywords or phrases is queried.
  • Traffic – Internet traffic can be defined as the data that is flowing through the internet. It can also be said as the data sent or received by visitors to a certain website.
How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google

Types of Website Traffic

There are five types of traffic available on the internet-

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is when someone gets straight to your website. It can be either by typing in the website URL or having bookmarked your site. These are generally repeated customers. These are the people that know about you or your company, or organization and want to come back to your site. If you are getting new visitors on your website, that is also good news. They must have seen your website URL through advertising or elsewhere and it stuck in their memory.

  • Organic Traffic:

Traffic that is earned with the help of search engine optimization and you do not pay any money. When people type some keywords in the search bar of search engines and in SERPs, your website appears, from where your visitors come. In order to achieve organic traffic, you must understand how SEO works in google.

  • Referred Traffic:

Referral traffic is traffic when someone finds a link to your webpage. It may be from another website, it may be because of the backlink you have created. These backlinks direct people to your website.

  • Social Traffic:

The visitors who find your website link over social media sites and come on your website is often referred to as social traffic. It is a sub kind of referral traffic.

  • Paid Traffic:

Paid traffic is the visitors that come to your website through online advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

What are Keywords

Keywords can be defined as the words or phrases that the internet users type in the search box. These words are used to find the website or information about the topic on which the user wishes to find.

Types of keywords

Generally, there are three types of keywords present on the internet. They are-

  • Generic keywords- These are non-specific keywords and are generic in nature. When you are developing a strategy for getting organic search, it is in the best interest to stay away from these terms. The reason being that they are highly competitive and not specific enough to the site’s actual content.
  • Broad match keywords- These are comparatively more specific keywords and present a stronger opportunity. These are like Digital Marketing Tutorial or Complete SEO Guide.
  • Long-tail keywords- These keywords are quite long in nature and they are searched in the form of sentences. This can also be a phrase which can act as a keyword. For instance—the line Step by Step Digital Marketing Tutorials or Step by Step Guide to SEO.

How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google

What is the Google Keyword Planner tool?

SEO starts with selecting the right keyword for your web page, and the keyword should be one that has search volume means people are searching for that particular keyword.

Google Keywords Planner is the tool that helps you to research and identifying Keywords, which get a good amount of search volume/month.


What is keyword optimization?

Keyword optimization can be defined as researching and analyzing and selecting the best keyword to attract organic traffic.


What is content optimization and planning?

Content optimizing is the procedure carried out to select the most appropriate content for a certain website. It requires quite a lot of planning and decision making.

The planning can either be done by the technical team as per the SEO requirement or it can also be done together with the editorial team. Generally, the technical team tells the editorial team (or the content team) to produce legitimate and substantial content—by using texts, video, pictures or even audio— so that they can use it on their website or app.


What does add social media plug-in on web pages mean?

Social media plugin is the link on the web page that redirects the user to the social media page of the website of the company.

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What is internal linking?

Internal linking can be defined as the link that helps to redirect from one page of a domain to another web page of the same domain. Clicking on one link on one page can take you to another page.

In other words, every web page on your website should be appropriately linked to other relevant pages. If you have a page on ‘shopping bags’, for example, you should link it to other relevant pages like ‘paper gift bags’, ‘natural cotton bags’, ‘Eco-friendly jute bags’ and ‘non-woven bags’ among others. This is a proven technique to reduce the bounce rate as it creates an interest among visitors to dig deeper into a topic or subject.

What is meta tag creation?

A meta tag is the hidden text placed in the head section of an HTML page. Meta tags are used by search engines in order to index websites according to their keywords and descriptions.

What is the Google webmaster’s tool?

Google webmaster’s tool is the tool to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of the website.

What is a sitemap creation?

A sitemap is a list of pages of a website that is available to the users or crawlers. The sitemaps are created while designing the web page.


What is FTP?

A file transfer protocol can be defined as the standard network protocol that is used to transfer files from one server computer to another client computer.

How to use FTP?

In order to transfer files via file transfer protocol, one needs to establish an FTP connection. There is also a requirement of creating an FTP account.


What is domain authority?

Domain authority is the term used for measurement of the power of a certain domain name. The better score you have in your DA, the better the chances you’d get more hits, higher rank, and stronger traffic.

Domain authority is variable according to 3 factors. They are age, popularity, and size-dependent.

  • In the age section— For a good Domain authority rank, a link cannot be significantly old. An old page link cannot generate the same impact as a known and a new website link, as the DA would deem it as a “non-updated website” and that will hurt your DA score. A link should be updated regularly.
  • In the Popularity section— DA would provide a good rank to a website that is frequently used by many visitors. For example, sites like,, or have a 100 DA rating (the highest) thanks to their popularity.
  • Size-Dependent— This is the load time. If your website has a lengthy load time, then it will affect your DA score.

Also, if you are not a big website like, then even if you get a sub 90 score on the DA rating you are doing well. However, any score lower than 50 or 40 can be an alarming thing for your website.

How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google

How to improve domain authority?

There are numerous ways to improve domain authority. But the most feasible processes are getting rid of the bad links and gaining good links. You must also, overall, improve your link profile.

  • Removal of bad links— Bad links is those unwanted backlinks that you will never want your website to be associated with. This criterion also expands to paid links as Google does not link indexing the paid links. There are many tools online that can help you to find out bad or broken links. Finally, you can remove them.
  • Gaining of good links—You can gain a good link by commenting on blogs, forums or writing a guest post to the site which is like yours.

What is page rank?

Page rank is a quality matrix that was started by the owner of Google. It is the system of rating a page from 0 to 10 in order to determine the importance of the page. But this rating does not affect the SEO of the page. The higher the rating, the better the website is technical.

How to increase page rank?

Page rank can be increased by 5 ways-

  • Publishing of relevant content: In fact, it is the key way to improve the ranking of a page. If you have good content that is seen and viewed by many people, then you have a page that can have a good rank.
  • Updating the contents regularly: A good website is always a website that is curetted and updated on a regular basis. This improves the life cycle of the webpage.
  • Metadata: at the time of designing your page, you will see that every page has a space in the tags area where you can put in the metadata or the information about the contains of the page. If you have a CMS site, the following will be pre-populated for you—title metadata, keyword metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata.
  • Have a site that is actually link-worthy: make sure that you put links inside the text itself (hyperlinks) rather than using a click here button or space.

Using alternative tags—your videos should always be described with the alt tags. This will allow your search engine to locate your page.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks can be described as the incoming links to a web page. When a webpage links to any other webpage, it is called a backlink. The page that has more backlinks will have a higher rank than other pages.

How SEO works in google
How SEO works in google

What are the different types of backlinks?

There are 4 types of backlinks. They are-

  • Informational backlinks— These are quite commonly put in by users. They are links within a content that can give you information about some subtopic that is being discussed. For example, if you have content that talks about tea, you’d also mention coffee somewhere as a rival.

And, you can provide a link to the word ‘coffee’ which would allow your users to check out the information about coffee, if they do not know anything about it in the first place. This link can be of your website or of any other relevant website where you believe people would get an answer to the word coffee.

You can put in informational backlinks to your website by adding sites to the IBP’s link manager. You can also search for a keyword plus the resource to get the right website.

  • Definitional backlinks— This simply means offering an extended meaning or definition of the linked word. You can do this by creating a glossary of the terms. If people write about your page, they’d also use the glossary.
  • Referential backlinks— This is done for source citation. You can get them by putting in relevant content about a topic—which can also be graphics, pictures or stats—and keep it linkable. Then you can pursue the relevant blogs to use your link.
  • Promotional backlinks— These are the links that go back to the landing page itself. You can simply find websites that are related to your work and strike a deal with them in a barter way.

What are primary, secondary and tertiary keywords?

  • A primary keyword is a keyword that is placed before any other keyword on ye webpage
  • The secondary keyword is a keyword that is used just after the primary keyword and has medium importance in search engine optimization.
  • A tertiary keyword has the minimum importance and placed after secondary keywords.


What is the difference between keyword stuffing and keyword placement?

Keyword stuffing is the implanting of keywords on a web page. But keyword placement is the most appropriate position where a keyword can be placed.

How to write optimized content?

In order to write optimized content, it is very necessary to select the keywords first. And those keywords should be placed properly into the content so that search engines can find it.

What is link juice?

Link juice is a conventional term that is used to refer to the power or equity that is passed to a site via links from internal or external sources. The power is taken to be the vote of recommendation towards the site.

What is the importance of domain and page authority?

Domain and page authority finds its importance in determining the position of the website on the search engine.

How to optimize a web page?

There are 12 steps to optimize a webpage. They are-

1. Choosing the most appropriate keyword to focus on.
2. Prioritizing the keywords
3. Check if the important content is getting the indexed
4. Verifying the fact that the indexed content is unique
5. Improving the search listings for the keyword
6. Update or add a headline
7. Optimize existing text
8. See for texts in images
9. If possible, add new content on the webpage
10. Develop alt tags in case of image links
11. Update HTML page title and meta description tag
12. Increase internal and external social engagement

what is a Google Panda algorithm

What is a Google Panda algorithm?

Google panda is an algorithm that is used to change the search result ranking on the search engine. It helped in reducing the ranks of less popular or low-quality websites.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is the algorithm that updates and refreshes data for the Google search engine periodically which helps to initiate in enhancing the search query.

What is Google EMD?

The Google exact match update is the filter that Google used to prevent poor sites from ranking well in the search engine just because they had relevant keywords.

How to save a site from Google Panda, Penguin, and EMD?

In order to prevent a website from Google panda, penguin or EMD, the following steps need to be followed-

1. Avoid black hat SEO
2. Focus on quality contents
3. Increase social media presence
4. Use appropriate and authentic keywords

How to write content for articles, press releases, and blogs?

Any topic or data which a web site shows can be termed as content. Content is the king and it is especially needed for SEO. The demand of the time is quality content. Crispy and delicious content helps to bind the visitors with a website and finally help in conversion.

On the other hands, crap content can kill all your SEO efforts and you will still wonder how SEO works in google? An article is the best way to portray your textual content. An article should be written with the following needs;

  • It has to have a title
  • The body has to be well written with several paragraphs.
  • It can have subtitles or bullet points—the bullet points to stress a series of facts
  • The writing has to be good and easy to understand, yet it must be grammatically correct
  • An article should be written in a way which should talk about the topic on hand
  • And the article should have a conclusive message and it must be to the point
  • An article can even have a call to action (CTA) (for example—check out the website today to know more about the product).
  • An article can be informative or can even promote a particular thing.
  • An article should not be too short (100 words or less) nor it should be too long (more than 2000 words). Or else the users may get disengaged from the content. Approximately it should always be of 500 to 1000 words depending on the topic in hand.
  • Content can be depicted as text, video, podcast, animation, info-graphic or pictures.

Here are ways by which you can write crispy and unique content for your website;

  • The content you must write must be as per your requirement and it has to be relevant to your cause. For instance, if you are promoting a car web site, then the content should be about the car and the car company, itself. This particular web page’s content can also talk about automobiles or anything related to it in general.
  • Most content these days is treated with SEO so that the web page can be found on search engine checks.
  • The content should be unique and plagiarism free and it should not be copied from anywhere.

How SEO works in google

SEO Strategy 101 PDF (Moz)

SEO Strategy 101 PDF (SEO book)

Introduction to SEO Book

What is Screen Scraping?

Screen scraping is the approach of collecting screen display information from one application and translating it so that one more application can display it. This is normally done to capture data from a legacy application in order to show it employing a far more modern-day user interface.

Screen scraping generally refers to a legitimate approach utilized to translate screen information from one application to yet another. It is often confused with content scraping, which is the use of manual or automatic signifies to harvest content from an internet site without the approval of the internet site owner.

Beneath typical circumstances, a legacy application is either replaced by a new program or brought up to date by rewriting the source code.

In some situations, it is desirable to continue employing a legacy application but the lack of availability of supply code, programmers or documentation makes it not possible to rewrite or update the application.

In such a case, the only way to continue making use of the legacy application may be to create a screen scraping application to translate it into a more up-to-date user interface. Screen scraping is normally carried out only when all other choices are impractical.

Screen scraping comes to the rescue in a lot of enterprise scenarios. It happens just also usually that the only way to retrieve your data is by scraping the UI of another app.

Even if you have access to the database, it is sometimes just a lot more hassle-free and less error-prone to go straight via the user interface.

Because of 2004, UiPath has been used by a lot more than 1000 companies for document management and imaging, enterprise application integration, content material migration, desktop analytics, business IT method automation, application integration, legacy modernization solutions, mobile enablement of desktop apps, and healthcare record scraping.

Usefulness Of Web Consultants For Small Business

The SEO industry is progressing at a fast pace. One of the best testimonials to this is the fact that now we have access to exclusive web consultants. Such paradigms never ceased to exist a couple of years ago when the SEO industry was at its infancy.

Web consultants now take up SEO consultancy because only then they can remain prosperous in this business. These forms of consultancy services play a crucial role in increasing the online presence of major corporations as well as small businesses.

The niche is basically an umbrella term because the so-called consultant will be managing a lot of activities at the same time. The result of these activities is the dramatic increase in the web presence of their clients.

How Are Small Business SEO Services Beneficial?

One of the core functions of SEO consultancy includes the monitoring of the various web activities of their smaller to medium-sized clients and even “mom and pop” establishments.

They will also seep through the internet for the latest trends that are developing at a slow but steady pace to include them in their daily work. For doing such activities, they have access to a large number of software utilities.

Monitoring the internet for the developing trends (primarily by looking into the keywords or phrases that people search for all the time) will give them some insight to increase your online exposure.  These are experienced professionals who are very well aware of what they do.

Hence, it is important to find help from the best web consultants occasionally.

Effective Marketing Strategies Deployed By Consultancies

SEO consultancy will also look into the effective marketing strategies that can bring out a significant increase in the revenues of their less than average size clients. This can include something as simple as creating large amounts of articles and posting them to content directories to the precise research of keyword application.

It has become quite customary for many SEO consultants to work along with the current marketing team of the clients – this allows the proper conveying of the company’s requirements. Because of their vast experience and their capabilities, they will have the tools to understand the marketing strategies of the competition.

Upon understanding that, it is possible to gain an edge over them without resorting to any nefarious tactics.

Is It Really Necessary To Seek For Help From These Sources?

Some of you might wonder – is it really necessary to have a full-time SEO consultancy business meddling with your company’s online presence? There are plenty of sources on the internet that try to depict search engine optimization is a process that is very easy to master.

However, the reality is far from it.

It takes many years to master the paradigm. There is a lot of experimentation that takes place in the background and the SEO professionals spend considerable time harnessing the correct set of information.

Of course, this explains why they charge high amounts per hour; all that hard work needs to be paid in an appropriate manner. Please verify the costs involved before signing up for the services of an SEO consultancy so that you can avoid surprises at a later date.

Identifying Key Goals And Working Towards Them

SEO for businesses have a good notion about the target market and consumer research. They can help to channel the appropriate audience to your website – which will effectively increase your yearly earnings.

When done appropriately, the effects of search engine optimization will last for a very long time. There are several natural processes that can help website owners to increase the ranking of their websites.

When this occurs, their website will appear among the top search results. Diverse strategies will have to be deployed for equally different sets of industries. Ask around and opt for help from the best professionals to avoid disappointment. Do keep us updated with your experiences too


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