How to use the new Google Drive app for mobile
How to use the new Google Drive mobile app

How to use the new Google Drive app for mobile

How to use the new Google Drive mobile app

The new Google Drive app is transformed into an altogether new version. It’s time for some good change and shift from the old version to the newer one. Although, it might be difficult for the users as the interface is completely changed from which the users have grown accustomed to.

This new UI interface might be confusing at first to use because the layout of simply viewing files and folders has been changed and easy navigation options are available now.

To have an insight let’s start with knowing what is Google drive.

How to use the new Google Drive mobile app
How to use the new Google Drive mobile app

Google Drive is the storage service by Google that helps you in storing your photos, designs, drawings, recordings and any kind of file you want to keep safe. The first 15 GB is free storage by Google which you can use anytime to store your files. This Google Drive can be operated via any smartphone, tablet or any computer anytime you want so that you can access your important files anywhere.

It has different features which ease your access and sharing. If you want no e-mail attachment problems and do not want to use an email you can invite others to view your files on Google Drive. You can also share files and folders with different people on Google Drive.

If you have files that cross the limit of 15 GB, you can upgrade your Google Drive storage in reasonable pricing which is 100 GB for $2 a month and 1TB for $10 per month. You can also save attachments to Google Drive, that you receive in your Gmail which helps you to organize all your files at one place.


You can also create different files with Google Drive. Whether you want to build out spreadsheets, create a new word document or want to make an effective presentation you can do it all at one place. Also, you can create Google forms for different surveys and share them with others. The survey results will appear on neatly organized spreadsheets.

With Google Drawings, you can create flowcharts, layouts and designs and share it instantly with others. Scan all your documents using snap and Drive will save it as a PDF document. You can also save your files offline, to view them when you do not have an internet connection available. There are numerous other Google Drive apps that you can download easily from the stores.

How to use the new Google Drive mobile app
How to use the new Google Drive mobile app

You can use google drive by visiting the official website or on any of your smartphone via a mobile app. The mobile app development of Google Drive made it easy for the consumers to access their files because due to a mobile app you can use Google Drive anytime. Although, it is very easy to use if it may be a little confusing to you if you’re a newbie to this app.

To start with the app you will need a Google account just like it is used to access different services like YouTube, PlayStore and Gmail.

First, we will guide you on how to use the basic features of Google Drive.

Ways to upload files to drive Google Drive mobile app

There are two ways to upload files to drive –

First is drag and drop method and the other one is through your pc or your smartphone. Simply drag the file you want to upload and drop it to the Google Drive interface and you’re done. In the smartphone mobile app click the + sign in the bottom right corner, select the file to upload and it’s done.

To download a file on your device simply, select the “More action” option on the file or folder you want to download, and click download. Then to organize files, click on the New or + sign and select Folder option.

To share a file with others, select the file or folder you want to share and click the “Get shareable link’ option and then copy and share the link with as many people you want.


If you want to utilize the offline mode option, in PC go to settings and turn on the “Offline Mode”. But there is a different case if you are doing this from the mobile app.

You have to select the three vertical dots appearing next to file, and select more action option and then select Available offline.

If you delete any file mistakenly, you do not need to worry you can restore file with the Google Drive app. In the trash folder, you can select the file you want to restore and select the Restore option.


Since these were the most basic features but with the recent upgrade of the storage, Google has introduced some amazing features.

These features help the mobile app users to easily navigate the drive and using different features. The most important feature is the navigation button at the button, which can help in faster access to the files by switching between the Home, Starred and Shared Files.

Also, you can now switch accounts easily with the avatar icon top right in the search bar.

With this new interface, you can access your most recent and used files by pressing the Home tab button. But, in this new version, the tabs have an odd name like the tab which allows you to access folder is named files, and the tab from which you can see the most recent files is named as Home.

Well, when it comes to the interface colour, the new Google Drive app has a subtle white pattern. It gives UI landscape a vibe of cleanliness and formalness.

Although it may take time to get familiar with this new Google Drive because of the odd names of the tabs and lack of colour, it is definitely the better version of working flawlessly on Google Drive. Also, it is a continuously improving process, you never know what new changes might be waiting for us in future.

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