What is Gelbooru?

Gelbooru is one of the largest image source websites. It is the largest hentai resource available for safe image searching. It is a better alternative to Danbooru, which is also a user-supported hentai image source website. In Gelbooru, you may search for thousands of lolicon and shotcon images. Danbooru whereas has none in terms of search.

There are billions of visitors who visit this website on a daily basis and look for images. Gelbooru also has a forum where people can discuss in a different type of categories. These different categories in the forum show multiple results. It is easy to create an account on this website and can access to the available images. There is no cost involved in sign-up and also to search for the images. A user just has to sign-up and start searching for free images. There are multiple ways to sign-up on this website, Facebook or Google account can be used to sign-up and get access.


DMCA Gelbooru
DMCA Gelbooru

Is Gelbooru better than Danbooru

According to us, Gelboru is a better alternative to Danbooru. Though both are user-supported hentai/anime image source website. Let’s look at it in details –

  • A full-access account is not required while searching on Gelboru. If you have to search three and more tags at once, you can do that at once. Whereas you can only search for limited tags or 1 tag on Danbooru without an account.
  • You can search for more tags.
  • Millions of shoticon and lolicon images are available to search on Gelbooru, but in Danbooru, their none.
  • Maintenance or downtime and lag is almost negligible.


The download is available at, if you want to download it for free.

How can sites like Gelbooru get away with showing loli?

  • This is for a simple reason as loli is legal in most places in the world and does not fit in the exact definitions of child pornography.
  • Unless you fight a legal battle with them after tracking their servers, the laws don’t really apply to the internet.
  • According to me, Gelbooru gets away with loli content hosting is because the servers they use are hosted in a country where such material is legal.

A common misunderstanding is that there are two different kinds of adult anime fan fiction, namely, true and false. It’s also commonly believed that Gelboru is one of the “false” websites.

In actuality, Gelboru isn’t false; it is in fact, a realistic random gallery. When it comes to adult anime fan fiction, it can be said that the actual adult fans of these types of anime are not particularly unique.

The misconception lies in the fact that “RWBY” fans have become extremely vocal online. These people have even gone as far as to create online identities and claim that they are anime fans. However, these websites do not make up the definition of “RWBY” fans.

As for “Gelbooru”, it’s best to understand what this website is all about before getting into a discussion about whether or not it is a fake or not. This is because any real members of the community are already aware of this website’s existence.

It is true that RWBY fandom is very active on the internet, especially with the rise of the anime show on the television. However, one of the biggest reasons that this has become a popular fandom is because of the general concept of the “geek” culture that surrounds this anime series.

Forum Gelbooru
Forum Gelbooru

The concept of this anime series, especially the music, which was first done by the band, “Red Hot Chili Peppers” has certainly captured the interest of many young adults. This is why those same fans of “RWBY” have been choosing to use the “RWBY” logo when creating original artwork and stories.

There is definitely an element of hyperbole when it comes to the level of popularity that Gelboru has attained. It is true that the number of users is relatively small, but it also doesn’t take a genius to see that it is still a legitimate website. If it was a fad, then there would have been much less chance of it catching on.

It’s also important to note that the majority of the artwork on Gelboru that comes from “RWBY” artists is entirely original. If someone were to download artwork from a certain site and had it posted on another, it would be considered a copyright violation.

Whether or not someone is an “RWBY” fan or not, is simply irrelevant to using their artwork. What’s important is that people are allowed to create artwork with anime-related tags without having it removed for copyright infringement.

As a part of the growing trend towards adult fan fiction on the internet, Gelboru has actually risen to the occasion as being a legitimate website, which is both strange and a testament to the overall success of anime as a cultural phenomenon. While this is not necessarily a case of one website successfully copying another, it does serve as a good example of why creators of these websites should be careful when referring to themselves as “Futas”.

As with all things in life, there are always trends in regards to what things mean. Because anime is an incredibly popular, fast-paced genre, the many, many websites that have sprung up over the last few years seem to share the same umbrella for the word “futa”.

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Simply put, Gelboru is a website that allows adult fans to collaborate and create artwork and stories using tags from anime shows such as “RWBY”. This is a website that has been around for some time, but it’s only in the past few months that it has become so popular. With more people becoming aware of its existence, there’s no doubt that the “fake” tag has been removed from internet forums.


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