Which is the Fastest Car in GTA 5 Online
Which is the Fastest Car in GTA 5 Online

Which is the Fastest Car in GTA 5, is it the best GTA game

Fastest Car in GTA 5 Online? Is a pretty tricky question. Which of the cars is the fastest in a short drag race? And on a standard circle with turns? Which car has the highest maximum speed? In how many seconds will it make a sharp turn and accelerate to 100 km / h? There are many ways to measure speed, but in this article, we will focus on time per lap and maximum speed.

Below you will find a list of the five fastest cars in a regular GTA Online lap race (where braking, cornering, and acceleration are counted in the time report), as well as a list of the five cars that developed the highest speed in a straight section of the race track. Looking at the best cars in both of these lists, we will summarize and indicate which of these cars will be the best Fastest Cars in GTA 5 Online.

Naturally, all the cars presented below are in the Supercar class, which, in fact, is not surprising.

Let’s Move Forward to the Cars first in the best GTA game –


Fastest Car in GTA 5

Lap time Fifth place: Grotti X80 Proto — 1: 01.175

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Grotti X80 Proto
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Grotti X80 Proto

Fourth Place: Truffade Nero Custom — 1: 01.061

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Truffade Nero Custom
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Truffade Nero Custom


Third place: Pegassi Zentorno — 1: 00.960

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Pegassi Zentorno
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Pegassi Zentorno


Second place: Pegassi Tempesta — 1: 00.803

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Pegassi Tempesta
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Pegassi Tempesta


First Place: Annis RE-7B — 1: 00.627


Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Annis RE-7B
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Annis RE-7B


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Fifth place: Progen Itali GTB Custom— 204.4 km / h

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Progen Itali GTB Custom
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Progen Itali GTB Custom



Fourth place: Truffade Nero Custom — 204.8 km / h

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - Truffade Nero Custom
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – Truffade Nero Custom


Third place: Grotti X80 Proto — 205.2 km / h

Fastest Car in GTA 5 - GTA 5
Fastest Car in GTA 5 – GTA 5


Second place: Bravado Banshee 900R — 210.8 km / h

Bravado Banshee 900R
Bravado Banshee 900R


First place in Fastest Car in GTA 5: Pfister 811-213.2 km / h



Based on everything described above, you have probably been able to decide which is the fastest car in GTA 5 is better to use for a race with a large number of turns and for a race with straight sections. But to have an advantage in one situation does not mean that you will have them in others. For example, RE-7B, Tempesta, and Zentorno have a rather low position in the list for maximum speed (cars took 12, 20 and 16 places), but they were in the top five cars that have the best lap times.


In addition, the 811, Banshee 900R and Itali GTB Custom took, to put it mildly, not the highest places in the total lap time (20, 25 and 17 places), but they were on the list of top 5 cars at maximum speed.


So what to do if you want one fastest car in GTA 5 that would suit every situation. He may not be so good in each of the individual situations, but you can compete on it everywhere. So, based on the list at the top, we got two clear contenders, two cars that hit both top 5 lists in terms of time per lap and top speed: Grotti X80 Proto and Truffade Nero Custom.


When it comes to lap times, the X80 Proto is in fifth place and Nero Custom in fourth is only 0.114 seconds apart. At maximum speed, Nero Custom in the fourth and X80 Proto in the third are only 0.4 km / h. Obviously, these cars are literally very close rivals, so let’s look at them in different aspects.


Similarities in auto v

Both cars are four-wheel drive, which makes them excellent cars for stunt racing, in which they get a greater increase in speed in the tubular sections when compared with front-wheel and rear-wheel cars. Both cars have two seats and a large amount of visual customization, although here Nero Custom has a slight advantage, which is provided due to deeper customization in the Benny workshop. Both cars require the use of a spoiler to increase traction, like many cars in GTA Online. However, the similarities between these two supercars end there.


The weight 

One of the main differences between these machines, which really plays a role in racing situations, is their weight. This parameter does not affect the performance in GTA, but it is clearly used in the calculation of collisions. A car with a higher weight has an advantage in a collision on the road than a car with a lower weight. The winner of the fastest car in GTA 5 in this category is Nero Custom, whose weight is two times that of the X80 Proto.

The X80 Proto weighs just 900 pounds, making it the second lightest car in the supercar class. So she will be more malleable even to the weakest shocks. Accordingly, Nero Custom, weighing 1,800 kilograms, is the second heaviest car in the supercar class and it will no longer be so pliable for shocks on the track. So your opponent will have to sweat a lot more, trying to knock you off the track.


Winner in the grand theft auto v

Fastest Car in GTA 5: Nero Custom 


Difficulty management 

Some people can drive better than others, but everyone can take advantage of the fastest car in GTA 5 that is easier to drive. Even the most seasoned riders will have better results on well-driven cars. In terms of management complexity, Nero Custom is superior to the X80 Proto, and quite a bit.

Nero Custom behaves very stably during braking, cornering, and acceleration. At the same time, with the X80 Proto, it is much more difficult to deal with a player who has just sat down in her cabin. Mistakes will be made more often on the X80 Proto than on Nero Custom.


Winner:  Nero Custom 



The cost of cars is also a very important factor. Once again, Nero Custom comes out the winner, by purchasing which you will save about $ 655,000. The price of Nero Custom is $ 2,045,000 ($ 1,440,000 for the regular version and $ 605,000 for the upgrade in Benny’s workshop), while the X80 Proto costs as much as 2,700,000. All these prices are base value, which does not include the costs of customizing the performance and visual part, but it is worth saying that they are identical for both cars. None of these machines can be considered cheap, but Nero Custom is the best investment for your money.


Winner:  Nero Custom 


The final winner of Fastest Car in GTA 5: Nero Custom 

Truffade Nero Custom
Fastest Car in GTA 5 -Truffade Nero Custom


The Nero Custom and X80 Proto were obviously high on the rest of the cars in this comparison. But here is the newer, less expensive, heavy and easily manageable Nero Custom was able to take a place even higher.


Although it’s is a strong middle peasant, it definitely wins in the categories in terms of cost, accessibility for all drivers and the ability to adapt to any situation on the racing strip, which makes her the best choice among all cars in the supercar class.

If you have little money or just want to make your life easier, then you will definitely like Nero Custom if it comes to the Fastest Car in GTA 5.


GTA 5 Cheats PS4

Cheats play a huge role in the GTA Game Online. Playing with codes in a single-player game, you discover a whole new world of entertainment for tens or even hundreds of hours.

GTA 5 Cheats PS4
GTA 5 Cheats PS4



Cheat Codes for GTA 5 on PS4 are also present and they will be able to diversify your regular gameplay if that is already fed up with you. Here we have collected for you the famous cheat codes for auto v on the PlayStation 4! Thanks to cheats, unrestrained fun in GTA 5 awaits you, well, or you can pass especially difficult missions.

How to enter codes?

Everything is pretty simple here. You just need to look at the code below, and then repeat the combination of buttons directly in GTA 5. As soon as you execute the desired combination correctly, the game will display a message about the activation of the code.

Here you will find a list of all cheat codes for GTA 5 on PS4. To get started, let’s get acquainted with the location of the buttons on the Sony PlayStation gamepads:

GTA 5 Cheats PS4
GTA 5 Cheats PS4



Use the D-Pad to type the characters “↑”, “↓”, “←”, “→”.


Select the code you need and enter it directly in the game (not on the phone).



(Near the main character appears transport)




Sportscar Rapid                        GT R2 L1 O → L1 R1 → ← O R2


Sports car Comet                       R1 O R2 → L1 L2 XX ■ R1


Limo                                            R2 → L2 ← ← R1 L1 O →


Garbage truck Trashmaster      O R1 O R1 ← ← R1 L1 O →


Golf car Caddy                            O L1 ← R1 L2 X R1 L1 OX




Rally bike Sanchez                  OX L1 OO L1 O R1 R2 L2 L1 L1


Sportbike PCJ                           R1 → ← → R2 ← → ■ → L2 L1 L1


BMX bike                                   ← ← → → ← → ■ O ▲ R1 R2


Airplanes / Helicopters 


Military helicopter buzzard                          OO L1 OOO L1 L2 R1 ▲ O ▲


Stunt plane                                                    O → L1 L2 ← R1 L1 L1 ← ← X ▲


Fertilizer aircraft Duster                               → ← R1 R1 R1 ← ▲ ▲ XO L1 L1






Increase wanted level                  R1 R1 O R2 ← → ← → ← →


Lower wanted level                      R1 R1 O R2 → ← → ← → ←


Maximum life and armor              O L1 ▲ R2 X ■ O → ■ L1 L1 L1


Car repair + restoration of character’s life and armor (Enter the code while in the car)

Start XO L1 ▲ R2 X ■ O → ■ L1 L1 L1 Start


Immortality (Invincibility) (Valid for 5 minutes)        → X → ← → R1 → ← X ▲


Restore Accessibility                                                  XX ■ R1 L1 X → ← X


Game modes


Drinker mode                         ▲ → → ← → ■ O ←


Sliding cars                            ▲ R1 R1 ← R1 L1 R2 L1


Fast run                                 ▲ ← → → L2 L1 ■


Fast swimming                       ← ← L1 → → R2 → L2 →


Slow down time when aiming (You can enter the code three times, increasing the effect, the code will be canceled for the fourth time)                   ■ L2 R1 ▲ ← ■ L2 → X


Lunar Gravity (Will reduce vehicle gravity)                             ← ← L1 R1 L1 → ← L1 ←


Super Jump (Hold the jump button to jump higher)                ← ← ▲ ▲ → → ← → ■ R1 R2


Fall from heaven (Flying in free fall)            L1 L2 R1 R2 ← → ← → L1 L2 R1 R2 ← → ← →


Slowing down the time (You can enter the code four times, increasing the effect, the code is canceled for the fifth time)                   ▲ ← → → ■ R2 R1


Change the weather (Sunny, clear, cloudy, fog, overcast, rain, thunderstorm, snow)             R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 ■




Get all the weapons              ▲ R2 ← L1 X → ▲ ↓ ■ L1 L1 L1


Get a parachute                     ← → L1 L2 R1 R2 R2 ← ← → L1




Melee explosive attacks                   → ← X ▲ R1 OOO L2


Exploding Bullets (Bang Bang)        → ■ X ← R1 R2 ← → → L1 L1 L1


Fire bullets (will set fire to your enemies)       L1 R1 ■ R1 ← R2 R1 → ■ → L1 L1




Get the money      → → → ← ↑ ■ ↓ ↓ ■ ● → → ↑

(Money code may not work, if you find a working code – write in the comments).



GTA 5 Highest Paying Missions


The world of multiplayer mode GTA 5 Online is the most real gangster life simulator currently available, however, what kind of gangster are you if you do not have a huge pile of money? Here we’ll highlight some of the highest paying missions in GTA 5.


In contrast to the single-player in GTA 5 Online, money is earned in a more complex way and is spent on time. Let’s figure out how to better and faster make a lot of money in multiplayer.


The main types of earnings in the game of grand theft auto games


In order to make money in the world of the GTA, there are many highest paying missions in GTA 5, it is simply not possible to describe them all, therefore, we give examples of the main types of earnings in the game:


  • Robbery of the store – everything is very clear from the name, we only add that in order to avoid recognition on the next visit, use a mask when flying
  • Vehicles for Simon – check your SMS, perhaps Simon wants you to get some kind of vehicle for him, if you succeed, the reward will not take long
  • Non-premium vehicles can be sold at one of Los Santos Customs branches
  • Robbery of collector cars – get Velcro bombs and go on an adventure, besides cash, it will bring a lot of pleasure
  • When completing tasks, connect your friends to this, because this allows you to increase the number of cache and reputation points
highest paying missions in GTA 5
highest paying missions in GTA 5

20 Most Profitable Missions GTA 5


Warning questions, I would like to clarify that JP(Job Points) – work points, for each mission they are given an equal amount – 15, they are reset after a session change. Now we will analyze the tasks and the ways of their passage, which will help to get not only more cash but also reputation points, allowing you to upgrade the character level:


  • Mission name- Ground under your feet


  • Required level- 55


  • Walkthrough- Theft of two cars with explosives for Leicester. The task, as a rule, does not cause difficulties, most of the mission takes place underground, so we do not recommend using explosives since it is likely to undermine our goals. You will try to prevent several groups of bandits in the tunnel, which should not have problems, as well as three or four cars on the highway, from which you can tear yourself away or stop and get rid of the pursuers. Now leave the stolen transport in stock and you’ll be rewarded high rewards to complete which makes this mission one of the highest paying missions in GTA 5.


  • RP- 2200


  • Reward ($)- 21000


  • Number of players- 1 – 4


  • Mission Name- Brothel Cleaning


  • Required level- 45


  • Walkthrough- Your goal is to save a girl from a hotel located in the desert. You can easily and quickly complete this mission if you have a helicopter – just land on the roof of the aforementioned building, wait for the girl and getaway. In the absence of a turntable, you will have to fight: opponents are scattered in the parking lot and hotel rooms, and for dessert, bikers will chase after you, which are also better to get rid of as soon as possible.


  • RP- 2580


  • Reward ($)- 13600


  • Number of players- 1-4


  • Mission Name- Gasoline on fire


  • Required level- 20


  • Walkthrough- The player needs to steal the tanker for Trevor Phillips and deliver it to the gas station. With the help of allies, surround the location with enemies and kill them, while trying not to get into the trailer with fuel. After all the opponents are defeated, get into the truck, hook on the trailer and go to the gas station. One of the highest paying missions in GTA 5 for beginner level players.


  • RP- 2300


  • Reward ($)- 15700


  • Number of players- 1-4


  • Mission Name- Titanium and one thing


  • Required level- 26


  • Walkthrough- Theft of a Titan aircraft from Los Santos International Airport, with its subsequent delivery to the Sandy Shores airfield. Jump to the airport using a springboard at the main entrance. Then, using a sniper rifle, kill the guards, and then, having driven up and hiding behind the car, deal with the remaining opponents. It remains only to drive off the truck and make a flight to Sandy Shores.


  • RP- 2750


  • Reward ($)- 14900


  • Number of players- 1-6


  • Mission Name- Stocks and fractions


  • Required level- 70


  • Walkthrough- You and your allies need to clean the ground floor from the Meriweather guard, and then cover the player who first breaks in the office door and then the safe. After that, take the suitcase to the Leicester garage in Murrieta Heights. Again, the rewards are high for this mission as well which makes it one of the highest missions in GTA 5.


  • RP- 2800-3700


  • Reward ($)- 15900-20700


  • Number of players- 1-4


  • Mission Name- Dismantling and roof (Rooftop Rumble)


  • Required level- 75


  • Walkthrough- Your goal is to kill a lot of criminals: First, a car appears, from which 4 gangsters appear, and after they die, 2 more identical vehicles arrive. After 4 out of 8 enemies are defeated, one enemy takes the documents we need and tries to escape. If he is not stopped, he will come to the factory, where seven more gangsters will join him. To quickly complete this mission, we recommend destroying cars as soon as they appear on the horizon.


  • RP- 1800-2400


  • Reward ($)- 11000-14500


  • Number of players- 1-4


  • Mission Name- Docks to Stock


  • Required level- 70


  • Walkthrough- To steal a container filled with high-tech weapons, steal a Cargobob from Fort Zancudo and tear yourself away from the chase, because if you have search levels, you will not be able to proceed. Once you arrive on the Champs Elysees you need to deal with the guards. Then tow the container from the bridge using the loader there, pick it up to the helicopter and go to the warehouse of Leicester.


  • RP- 1800


  • Reward ($)- 12500


  • Number of players- 2-4


  • Mission Name- Base raid


  • Required level- 27


  • Walkthrough- Steal Cargobob from Fort Zancudo. Land Ron’s plane somewhere in a safe area (its destruction will lead to the failure of the mission) and head to the fighter, use it to shoot down 2 planes and then land and destroy the latter. After that, board a cargo helicopter and head to Sandy Shores. This fun mission is also stated as one of the highest paying missions in GTA 5.


  • RP- 2300-3000


  • Reward ($)- 12900-17000


  • Number of players- 1-4


  • Mission Name- Delusions and Vitamins


  • Required level- 65


  • Walkthrough- Trevor asks you to go to the Methamphetamine Laboratory located in Great Chaparral and destroy several cars, to the eyeballs of drugs that are under the protection of bikers. Next, we go to Raton Canyon, where the Lost MC, along with accomplices, guards the meta party. With the help of sniper rifles, we kill all the guards, collect the meth and deliver it to Trevor’s trailer.


  • RP- 5000


  • Reward ($)- 17250


  • Number of players- 2 – 4


  • Mission Name- Behind the helicopter


  • Required level- 70


  • Walkthrough- The police have something at one of Trevor’s laboratories, but it is not known which one, however, there is information that a helicopter will fly to it, which you have to follow the buggy. Once you deal with all the opponents, take Trevor’s equipment to his trailer. The alternative to this passage is as follows: after you get into the buggy and see that the helicopter takes off, transfer to your rotorcraft and sit on the tail of the police Maverick.


  • RP- 2100-2800


  • Reward ($)- 13300-17500


  • Number of players- 1 -4


  • Mission Name- For export


  • Required level- 65


  • Walkthrough- Steal a weapon-filled container destined for export to Africa. On the southeast helipad of Fort Zancudo, there is a Cargobob, which, again, needs to be stolen, and then get rid of the cops on the tail. Next, we fly to the container’s location, liquidate several Merryweather guards and catch the cargo. As soon as the container is on the hook, a helicopter will immediately appear, which will try to bring you down. Carefully unhook the container, deal with the enemy turntable and only then proceed with transportation. Earning $24000 reward once completed is big amount so we mentioned it as one of the highest paying missions in GTA 5.


  • RP- 3000-4000


  • Reward ($)- 17000-24000


  • Number of players- 1 -4


  • Mission Name- Defender


  • Required level- 70


  • Walkthrough- Protect the helicopter with Buzzard located on the helipad of Martin Madrazo. Since the attacking turntables will be fully focused on the attack of the helicopter you are following, without attacking you, it will not be difficult to deal with them.


  • RP- 2300-3000


  • Reward ($)- 13500-17600


  • Number of players- 1 -2


  • Mission Name- Landing gear


  • Required level- 55


  • Walkthrough- Kill competing for drug dealers who transport goods from the airfield. After arriving at the location, clear it of enemies, and then let someone from the team with the best flying skills get on the plane and take off – this will provoke the appearance of helicopters, which the rest of the group will have to shoot down using the nearby Buzzards. After the attackers are killed, board the remaining planes and deliver them to the port of Los Santos.


  • RP- 1700


  • Reward ($)- 11500-17250


  • Number of players- 4 – 6


  • Mission Name- Training maneuvers


  • Required level- 65


  • Walkthrough- We selected this as one of the highest paying missions in GTA 5. In this you have to abduct the Annihilator, which hosts military exercises at the North Point base camp in Paleto Bay. Carefully sneak past the military (do not attack them, because they will not attack first unless your character is too close to them) and climb into Buzzard. Now carefully clean the location from the military and steal the Annihilator. Use Buzzard to shoot down the attacking helicopters and fighter, and then take the Annihilator to the Sandy Shores airfield.


  • RP- 2925


  • Reward ($)- 17250


  • Number of players- 1-3


  • Mission Name- Trash


  • Required level- 81


  • Walkthrough- Destroy garbage trucks traveling around the city, and then you need to destroy 5 garbage trucks, which are located in El Burro Heights and are surrounded by guards, as in a mission with trucks, we recommend using Velcro bombs. The final point is killing the escaping boss.


  • RP- 2200-2900


  • Reward ($)- 13500-17900


  • Number of players- 1-6


  • Mission Name- The escape


  • Required level- 55


  • Walkthrough- Arrange an escape for Gustavo, a friend of Leicester. Overtake the bus and kill the driver, after that kill the remaining policemen, and together with Gustavo get away from the chase. Once the wanted stars disappear, you can go to the warehouses of Leicester in Murrieta Heights.


  • RP- 2300-3000


  • Reward ($)- 12900-17000


  • Number of players- 1-4


  • Mission Name- Extradition


  • Required level- 55


  • Walkthrough- Martin Madrazo asks to eliminate the informant at Fort Zancudo. As soon as the players find themselves in Fort, the informant will try to escape aboard the plane – take a fighter and shoot it down. After the death of the informant, Martin will report that it is also necessary to kill the district attorney, who is driving a black car south of the base. After the murder of the prosecutor, take his suitcase and deliver to Martin.


  • RP- 2400-3100


  • Reward ($)- 14500-18900


  • Number of players- 1-6


  • Mission Name- Justice


  • Required level- 65


  • Walkthrough- Martin Madrazo paid eight people to be acquitted, however, they did not become a jury, but simply appropriated his money. Gather as many friends as possible and find fast vehicles, as this mission is on time. After the death of the first four, the remaining will begin to patronize the Los Santos police station, so after the murder of any of them, a third wanted level will appear. Once all eight are dead, one of the players must go to the house of Madrazo. This is how this highest paying mission in GTA 5


  • RP- 2500-4000


  • Reward ($)- 15000-27000


  • Number of players- 1-8


  • Mission Name- White dust


  • Required level- 45


  • Walkthrough- You have to destroy the cement mixers. After the two are destroyed, two more will appear on the map who will try to leave, it is better to complete this task three together, so after you destroy the first two your allies will be able to go in pursuit of the remaining ones.


  • RP- 1800-2350


  • Reward ($)- 10500-13700


  • Number of players- 1-6


  • Mission Name- Dry implant


  • Required level- 45


  • Walkthrough- It is necessary to break into the second floor of the shipyard, which is guarded by the Maryweather. There, leave an ally to cover your rear while you crack the safe. After receiving the goods go to the boat, however, remember that after you board it, two boats and a helicopter will appear on the tail, which your partner will help get rid of, while you will keep heading for the Vespucci canals.


  • RP- 2000-3500


  • Reward ($)- 14000-22000


  • Number of players- 1-4



The multiplayer world of Los Santos and its environs may have opened its doors to visitors as early as 2013, but that does not mean that it is too late to try it for the first time – and this is where the GTA Online beginner’s guide, such as this, can really help you. Getting started in GTA Online may seem rather complicated, especially with so many experienced players that already exist, but if you follow our advice, you should have a solid base on which you can create your experience on the Internet.

Join us, the beginner of GTA Online (grand theft auto games), and we will guide you through the opening of the game and pave the way for criminal success.



What lifestyle choices should I choose from the creator of the character?

When you start in GTA Online, the first thing you think about it is creating a character, where you can choose different lifestyle options to determine how your character spends the usual 24 hours. They change the statistics of your player and to some extent your appearance, but, frankly, the effect is minimal and has little effect on the real gameplay, so instead you should focus on the appearance section of the character creator – you are going to spend a lot of time viewing your avatar, and after your general view is blocked, making further changes can be very expensive, so make sure you are happy before you start playing the game.

Can you skip the GTA Online tutorial?

After creating your character, you will board a flight to Los Santos International Airport and begin the training section. You can see a hint with the opportunity to skip the GTA Online tutorial, but you should not do this since this is an invaluable introduction to the mechanics of the online world. Lamar Davis(a character) will pick you up and guide you through the basics, including racing, missions, shopping and looting, and introducing you to a few other useful contacts. In the past, players also had problems getting assignments to be completed if they missed a lesson, so make sure you play through it, as it really doesn’t take so long.


What should I do next?

After completing the lesson, you will discover the whole world of GTA Online in Free Roam mode, and you can do whatever you want. This is a great opportunity to get there and explore so that you can see exactly what is being offered to you. A good start is to steal vehicles and either deliver them to Simeon if they are on the wish list that he sends you, or send them to the customs of Los Santos so you can sell them. Any of them will bring you profit, but then there will be a delay before you can protect another car in the same way.

If you want a more structured lesson, open the phone (at the top of the tablet), then select “Job List” to find the recent missions you were invited to, or “Play Quick Work,” then select the type of job you want to jump into. You can also select a specific mission by pausing and going to Online -> Work -> Play the task, and then viewing what is available. Jobs through Jobs is a great way to talk about what’s happening in the GTA Online world, as well as attract new and familiar characters while you earn money and level up.


How can I stop other players from troubling me?

Many GTA Online players you encounter will be friendly, but due to the nature of Free Roam, you will sometimes find people who just want to cause chaos. This can be especially unpleasant if you just want to travel and explore the streets of Los Santos, but another player follows you and constantly shoots you / throws you up / blows you up. If you find yourself in this situation, you can take several steps to improve the situation.

Firstly, if you open the interaction menu (M on the PC or long-press the PS4 touchpad or XBOX browse button) and scroll down, you can enable passive mode. This will stop other players from interacting with you, although, in turn, you will not be able to equip weapons or use melee attacks. If this interferes with your current activities, you can also pause, and then go to the “Online” -> “Players” menu, select the desired player, and then select “Kick” to offer to remove them from the session – if enough other players agree and do the same, they will be deleted Finally, if you just want to get away from them, then pause and select “Online” -> “Find a new session”, or select a task that you can go to and you will leave the problem player behind.

stop other players troubling
stop other players troubling


How can I replenish health, armor, and ammo?

As in GTA online, the state of your character is measured by two factors – health and armor – shown under your radar as green and blue stripes, respectively. To restore your health, you can eat snacks by buying them at vending machines. Conveniently, you can also buy and accumulate them by visiting convenience stores, then open the “Interaction” menu and select “Inventory of snacks” to eat them on the go and replenish your health.

The bulletproof vest is purchased at AmmuNation stores, and, again, it can be stored in inventory and put on if necessary. You can choose what type of body armor will be displayed on your character, or not at all, if you do not want to interfere with the existing set – showing or hiding the armor does not affect the armor panel. Although the ammunition is sold at AmmuNation in GTA Online, you can also buy it through the Inventory menu, and although using this route adds an extra convenience fee to the cost, it is definitely worth it if you don’t have enough bullets during the shootout.


Do I need to buy real estate?

There are various types of properties available for purchase in GTA Online that offers you various advantages for owning them. Garages allow you to store cars for personal use, so you should pick them up as soon as you can afford it. To find out what is available, open the Internet on your phone, then select the “Money and Services” tab at the top and visit “Dynasty Property 9”. If you have a little more money, you should invest in luxury apartments, as they not only provide a base of operations and somewhere to change clothes, but also have attached garages for more vehicles and a planning room where you can prepare robberies.


Do I need to buy real estate
Do I need to buy real estate



Then there are business properties that can open up a whole new stream of missions to complete. Offices (purchased from Dynasty 8 Executive Realty) allow you to carry out truck and car missions, while Maze Bank Foreclosure will sell you everything from motorcycle clubs and nightclubs to huge underground bunkers. All these business operations take time and a lot of initial cash to get started, so don’t worry too much about them when you start.


What is the best way to make money and quickly increase your level?

Many cool missions and weapons in GTA Online are not available until you reach a certain rank, which you increase by earning a reputation (RP) for completing tasks in the game. If you want to learn how to quickly increase your level in GTA Online, check out our separate guide to learn about enemy methods, cargo drops, work in organizations, and much more.

Similarly, GTA Online has very few free resources available, so you will need to fund your virtual bank account with GTA $ if you want your criminal enterprises to work. Of course, you could just buy GTA Online Shark Card for an instant infusion of money, but it costs real money, so it should not be in the first place in your list of priorities. We have a lot of tips on how to make money fast in GTA Online, in our other guide, so look for help in performing daring robberies, cargo missions, VIP-works, and other profitable pastimes.


make money and quickly increase your level.png
make money and quickly increase your level.png


What are the High Paying Missions in GTA Online?

Boat at the marina

  • Required Level: 50
  • Reputation Points: 2,900
  • Earnings: $ 15,700
  • Players: 1-4


Earth from under the feet

  • Required Level: 55
  • Reputation Points: 2,200
  • Earnings: $ 21,000
  • Players: 1-4


Gas and fire

  • Required Level: 20
  • Reputation Points: 2,300
  • Earnings: $ 15,700
  • Players: 1-4


Titanium is one thing

  • Required Level: 26
  • Reputation Points: 2,750
  • Earnings: $ 14,900
  • Players: 1-6


Brothel cleaning

  • Required Level: 45
  • Reputation Points: 2,580
  • Earnings: $ 13,600
  • Players: 1-4


Always complete missions with other people, or better yet, with friends. Do not forget to use a microphone, as this will help you much better coordinate your action plan. Most tasks require at least two people. Of course, you can go through some tasks alone, but you won’t get the maximum amount of money and reputation points.

Remember that only after the first completion of the mission you are given twice the amount of reputation. Before starting any task, be sure to wear a bulletproof vest, buy bullets and take some explosives. 


How do you get insurance in GTA 5

GTA online Insurance – Insurance Lets GTA Online Gamers When you slip your very first car through the tutorial, you’ll receive insurance at no cost in a Los Santos Customs.

Any automobile you need to cover then, you’ll have to take to some Los Santos Customs to cover (and purchase a tracker for) for a charge. Additionally, as soon as you purchase a garage, any vehicle that you buy online is going to have a tracker along with insurance, and any vehicle that you park in there’ll possess a tracker.

They are sometimes located on your telephone, under Contacts. Give them a ring and they’ll provide you a new automobile you have to go pick up. You may see where it’s on the map due to your car markers suddenly emerging.

If your Automobile is simply stolen, it may nevertheless be monitored via the mark on the map,

provided that it’s a tracker within it.

GTA online insurance, the insurance claim to get back your automobile  is roughly 1 percent of the cost

(if it’d be bought from a site ).


How to get insurance in GTA 5 story mode

Download at: https://github.com/Bob74/SHVDN-Extender/releases
Remember to also download iFruitAddon2 at https://github.com/Bob74/iFruitAddon2/releases

Update 1.2.0a (25/02/2018):
– Fixed an issue where insuring a vehicle with the office without having used the phone before leading to a crash.
– Fixed a bug where recovered vehicle blip wouldn’t disappear if you changed its plate number before getting into the vehicle.
– Fixed missing translations.

Update 1.2.0 (24/02/2018):
– You can edit the config file in-game using a phone contact! Settings will take effect immediately unless specified otherwise.
– The license plate number can now be changed! Go to the office or use you phone if you’ve enabled this choice.
– A larger choice of insurable vehicles. Barely everything besides trains and main character’s vehicles.
– Insured vehicles are now persistent by default. They won’t despawn until they die. This setting can be changed.
– You can now select available choices in your phone menu (insure a car, report as stolen, etc.). Edit the mods settings to enable a choice.
– The menus are a bit more friendly (some choices will disappear when needed instead of being grayed out).
– An insured icon is now only displayed on vehicles that can be insured.
– Added code related to bringing helicopters and planes to you since these vehicles are now insurable.
– Logfile (MMI-SP.log) is reset at launch.
– Readjusted prices. Remember you can tweak the price using the mod settings.
– Fixed an issue where the mod could crash if another mod spawns vehicles with badly formatted color for tire or neon.
– Fixed an issue where you could ask MMI to bring you another character’s vehicle under some circumstances.

Mors mutual insurance GTA 5

The Online Player May Guarantee their vehicle at Los Santos Customs for a one-off premium.  Premium costs vary depending upon the automobile category and worth. If the player buys a car online, then insurance will be included in the buy price. Insurance is an extremely valuable feature, and it is strongly recommended that the participant utilises it, especially if they decide to avoid using Passive Mode or are playing on a busy server in which griefing may be common.

How do you get insurance on GTA 5?

claims a car is ruined by the Online Player themselves or by allowing the Police to ruin it after being impounded, they can call the insurance carrier and pay a tiny deductible (excess) to retrieve a replacement of the vehicle including all modifications that may have been installed. The price of the deductible fluctuates based on the worthiness of the vehicle but is nearly always 1.25percent the cost to obtain a replacement, alterations notwithstanding. If the vehicle is destroyed by another player, the deductible will usually be removed from that”at-fault” participant’s funds instead of being compensated by the vehicle owner, unless they don’t have enough funds.

How to Make a Claim on your Insurance GTA V online GTA 5

In PC, if the player’s vehicle is destroyed by another player, neither of them will need to pay said deductible, since Title Update 1.33 due to this”Insurance Fraud” scheme. Cheaters were using deductibles as a way of griefing gamers by spawning high-cost insured vehicles that could burst, which makes the player responsible for the burst, consequently getting the player’s bank account empty in a matter of moments [1].

The replacement vehicle is mechanically re-insured. Mors Mutual operates a depot in the Vapid Dealership on Adam’s Apple Boulevard and all replacement vehicles are sent there unless the participant has already begun using another personal vehicle, or multiple vehicles are being claimed back simultaneously, in which case the replacement(s) will be sent right to the participant’s garage. Patch notes before Patch 1.10, the participant did not have to pay anything for insurance if they ruined their private vehicle by waiting at least 4 in-game days.

As of patch 1.10, if the vehicles from the Collector’s Edition (particularly for gamers who don’t happen to have it) are destroyed, they will be not able to recover the vehicles in the Collector’s Edition post-patch. The same applies to the Space Docker since it will not be retrieved from the later patches. As of Patch 1.16, the player no longer has to pay for their insurance if they did not destroy their own vehicle, even if the participant that did it didn’t have sufficient money to pay for the insurance.

As of Title Update, 1.17 players with numerous destroyed vehicles can”claim all” in 1 phone telephone to Mors instead of having to create individual calls for every vehicle. Since Patch 1.17, when the player’s individual vehicle was destroyed and they did not take any vehicle from their garage and claimed the automobile, it is going to say’Your replacement vehicle can be found in your garage’ This is untrue as the car has to be maintained a second time as this glitch fails to claim the car the first time.

This happens when the player spams / after calling. Before Patch 1.42, if a participant’s Private Aircraft from their hangar was destroyed by another participant, the owner would still need to pay the $1,000 premium, rather than the player who’d ruined it (improved version just ).

From now on, aircraft will have”NO CHARGE” whenever they’re ruined by NPCs, environmental dangers, or players.  The player who destroyed their personal aircraft will not charge the superior insurance to the owner; the owner can only pay the premium if they ruined their own aircraft by any means.


What is griefing on GTA Online?

I recently combined Reddit and this subreddit. I am simply wondering, what is the definition of”griefing” in GTA online?I find people throwing the word around without actually describing what it is. Is just killing people”griefing”? Or is griefing differently spawn killing individuals with a jet/insurgent/tank? Where goes the limitation between just playing the game and”griefing”?

Spawn killing and pointlessly ruining other people’s vehicles (if they’re parked) is what I mean when I say.

People who go out of their way to destroy the experience for others. Now some might call killing others doing that, but let’s face it, that is GTA. I’d say the real griefers are people that will combine assignments or heists and make people waste time/ruin the task to piss people off


Can you lose the cars you buy in GTA 5?

On GTA Online, you ought to get a tracker and insurance on your car.  If another player destroys it, then they automatically cover the insurance and you’re able to get the vehicle back at no cost. All you need to do is telephone Mors Mutual. And if you misplaced it, you might receive your mechanic to deliver it to you or you can look for it around the map.

On GTA V Story mode, should you destroy it you can’t put it back and it gets trashed, if you lose it or get too much out of it, then your car goes to the impound the picture on the map is obviously a white car the impound is there additionally for both, in case you get caught by the police while running in the automobile, it will be impounded.

And a little trick, if you have the car delivered to you personally or keep it in the garage (then leave and reenter the garage), then it will be automatically repaired at no cost. In story mode, the car will also get impounded if you lose it(or get too far off from it). You perhaps have to wait just a little bit or go to sleep until the vehicle is in the impound garage.

Just two cars could be impounded. If a third car is parked in this garage, then the first one gets removed and can not be retrieved back again.

Conclusion Fastest Car in GTA 5

These Were 23 Top Highest Paying Missions in GTA 5 and Fastest Car in GTA 5 which we selected for you. I would like to note that this is not the whole list of profitable missions, so go ahead, study the game world, and perhaps you will come across tasks that can be called a gold mine.


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