How to produce a Facebook Event on Your Fan Page
How to produce a Facebook Event on Your Fan Page

Creating an event on Facebook offers you the chance to publish an occasion on your Facebook page. Thus you’ll be able to publicize any facebook event—whether it’s to push a coming concert, book reading, or new product launch.  Then want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number.

Your Facebook fan page will last for one or 2 hours to many months, or it is a continual event. Your event item will embody photos, videos, pictures of yourself or your cluster, data concerning location, time, date, cost, and the other relevant particulars.

In order to form a Facebook event via your fan page, first, you want to produce a Facebook fan page. Once you’ve got done that, making an occasion via your fan page needs simply some straightforward steps—and the simplest half is, it’s free.

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Creating the Facebook Event

Here are the steps to making an occasion via your Facebook phone number fan page:

  • Click “Create AN Event” at the highest of your page’s timeline.
  • Add an occasion video and picture, then enter your event’s name, location, and frequency (such jointly time, weekly, monthly, or continual event).
  • Then click “Publish.” you’ll be able to conjointly click choose|and choose} “Save Draft” or “Schedule” to save lots of a draft of your event or select a date and time within the future that you simply need your event to publish.
  • It’s important to stay in mind that every one event hosted by pages are public.

Editing the Event and Adding Cohosts

If circumstances amendment or there are changes to a continual event, you’ll be able to simply edit the event by following these straightforward steps:

  • Click “Events” on the left facet of your page.
  • Click the name of then the event you wish to edit.
  • Click “Edit.”
  • Edit the event to satisfy your wants, then click “Save.”

You can also add cohosts to your event, however, you’ll have to require some further steps that are:

  • Click “Edit” at the highest right of the event.
  • Scroll right down to the “Options.”
  • Next to cohosts, click wherever it says “Add Friends” and enter their names.
  • Click “Save.”

Noting that friends will not be shown as co-hosts of the event on the facebook event page, however, will still edit the event.

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More data and Tips on facebook events

Your event ought not to be physical. It can even be a virtual event, as the launch of your new web site. Actually, the forms of events you’ll be able to promote as fairly diverse. Your event can be a replacement product launch, new store gap, a party, a fashion show, or a sale.

Also, you’ll be able to invite your friends to your event, then raise them to ask their friends, and even collect RSVPs. another bonus is that Facebook events are indexed by search engines.

Tips for making a great Facebook event page:

  • Using a compelling event image. Facebook offers you an outsized house for a picture (1920 x 1080 pixels). a good image can grab the eye of Facebook users, particularly considering that the majority of individuals scrolling through Facebook are interested in visual displays.  
  • Providing complete details on an event page. ensure that you simply embody dates, cost, location, directions, wherever to shop for tickets, dress code, what share goes to the non-profit you are raising funds for, etc. individuals are a lot of apt to attend if they need all of the knowledge.  
  • Keeping the knowledge up so far. Add details to your event because the weeks and months unfold. Photos provoke individuals, however, updated data helps maintain interest. A lot of engaged your prospective attendees feel, a lot of seemingly it’s they will show up.
  • Sharing the event. do not inundate the newsfeed of your fans, however, then share your event enough that individuals see it and are reminded of it.

Facebook event photo size

The facebook event photo size ratio should be in 16:9 ratio. If you are uploading photos at less than 1920 pixels, then these photos will be automatically enlarged to fit.  hence, do not forget to ensure that the Facebook event cover photo size is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

How to upload your Facebook Event Cover Photo

As per my recommendation, here are the sizes which you can use as a facebook event cover photo:

  • Seen in iPad group 1128 x 590
  • Seen in iPad event 1210 x 632
  • Seen on iPhone (both) 1242 x 650
  • Seen on desktop event 1250 x 656
  • Seen on desktop group 1190 x 624

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Why does Facebook ask for 1920×1080 images?

You pull an image together and then they crop significant chunks and offer no official guidance on how to compose each image. They then change the specification so regularly that searches become less effective as redundant advice with thousands of hits outranks current advice with hundreds.

Though, I have found that 584 x 300 will also do the trick.
The event pic will appear as you made it in your mobile timeline and desktop. Unfortunately, when you click on the event the pic will be somewhat different. More zoomed in, so strange. But I figure it’s more important to display the image properly in the timelines.

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