Dubai - Experience the culture and history of Dubai
Dubai - Experience the culture and history of Dubai

Experience the culture and history of Dubai: Dubai city has developed for a long time and now has turned into a center point for global gatherings, tourism and so on. It is additionally home to a portion of the world’s most amazing and most lavish hotels that give their visitors a blissful experience. A beautiful city to visit on your Dubai Holidays with Skyland tourism.

You can even pick sea-facing hotels to awaken each day to the beautiful sea. Or you can remain inside with an amazing background of rough mountains and miraculously beautiful coastline. Dubai has a cosmopolitan way of life blended with the Ancient Arabic Culture. From traditional eateries serving customary dishes to an entertainment, Dubai offers something or the other to its guests.

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If on your Dubai Holidays you need to have the experience of world-class shopping, Dubai can be one of the best options. You can get the principal shopping centers inside the city. But it gets better, you can visit the gold scout when you need to purchase extremely breath-taking gold jewelry.

Why Dubai

Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that has undergone such drastic changes – from a modest pearl mining territory to one of the fastest-growing cities on Earth.

Dubai today is a tourist, trade and transport center of world significance. Dubai is often called the “gateway between East and West”.

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, which is developing at an insane pace.

The city has a lot to offer for its residents. These are security, political stability, a good system of education and healthcare, amenities, modern infrastructure and much more.

The sun shines here almost every day, shopping and entertainment facilities are impressive.

Life in Dubai is exciting. Something new and unusual happens here very often.

Dubai is constantly on the move, striving for great heights and great amenities and comfort for its residents and guests.

Dubai is, without a doubt, the 21st-century destination. So that you do not read about Dubai, you are almost guaranteed to meet the words ‘ambitious’, ‘record’ and ‘stunning’ and the like.

The rapid growth did not go unnoticed, and every year millions of foreigners come here to become a participant in the events.

If you are interested in Dubai, read regularly the articles of this portal and find out new useful information about this wonderful place on Earth.

Here are some of the places you can visit on your Dubai Holidays to experience Dubai’s culture.

The Crossroads of Civilization Museum

The museum is located on the Al Khaleej Road in Dubai. This Museum investigates the United Arab Emirates’ notable historic figures as an exchanging or trading center between Asia, Europe, and Africa well before oil turned into Dubai’s most famous industry.

Dubai - Experience the culture and history of Dubai
Dubai – Experience the culture and history of Dubai

The museum is situated inside the old house of Sheik Hashr bin Maktoum Al Maktoum. He was a part of Dubai’s decision-making family. The exhibits show that Dubai’s coastal line was a part of global trade routes. These claims are supported by antiques and original scripts. A very interesting thing for tourists like you, who are o their Dubai Holidays!

There’s more though, on location is the Rare Books and Manuscripts Museum and also the Armory Museum. To learn more about the interesting history you should visit this museum on your Dubai Holidays.

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The Heritage and Diving Village

The Heritage and Diving Village is located in Shindagha, in Bur Dubai. Dubai’s engineering, architectural sea and cultural legacy are exhibited at the Heritage and Diving Village. It has showcases of pearl diving and dhow building — two of old Dubai’s notable and historic financial pillars.

Dubai - Experience the culture and history of Dubai
Dubai – Experience the culture and history of Dubai

There are some reformations of conventional and old Bedouin and village life. In these showcases, there are Persian homes, a customary coffee café, and a little souk where the weavers and potters would rehearse and practice their work at the stalls. You can enjoy the entertainment and learn about history both at the same time on your Dubai Holidays.

Near to this, tourists like you can enjoy the traditional and local dance and music performed by the local artists. These performances are from October to April. The tourists on their Dubai Holidays can get guidance, advice and some help from specialists of traditional and old medications.

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