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Do they speak English in Dubai?

The official language in the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. But English is very widespread in the country.
Knowing English, you will be able to travel normally, move around, visit shops, cafes, Dubai markets, walk and chat.

What is the currency in the UAE?

The local currency is the UAE Dirhams (UAE Dirhams, Dhs.). 1 UAE dirham = 100 filsam.
The word “fils” in Arabic also means “money” and comes from the follis, the name of an ancient Roman coin.
You will be able to exchange dollars for dirhams at the bank branches of Dubai.

Can I drink water safely in Dubai?

Tap water is safe to drink, but most people consume bottled water, which is widely available.

What time is it in Dubai?

How different is it from time to time in my city? Greenwich Mean Time Deviation in the UAE – UTC / GMT +4 hours.

What is the electricity voltage in the UAE?

The electricity voltage in the network is 220 volts.

Do I need vaccination when visiting the UAE?

Not. No special compulsory vaccination is required for visitors to the country. Dubai has a good standard of hygiene, modern healthcare and good hospitals. Western medicines are widely available in pharmacies.

How to dress in Dubai?

When visiting official government buildings in Dubai, as well as business centers, strict, business attire is required. You may not be allowed in official or business buildings if the dress code is considered inappropriate.

In all other public places, such as streets, shopping centers, and restaurants, shorts and skirts should be of appropriate length. In addition, clothing should not overly open parts of the body, should not be transparent, or display obscene or offensive pictures, inscriptions, and slogans.

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On the beach, men and women should wear conservative swimwear, which is acceptable for the Dubai culture. In swimsuits, you can not appear outside the beach. Nudity is prohibited in any part of the city and is punishable by imprisonment or deportation.

Can I smoke in Dubai?

Smoking is prohibited in government offices, offices, shopping centers, and shops. For smoking in unspecified places, a penalty will be charged.

Is alcohol allowed?

Buying and selling alcohol is subject to very strict laws. Alcohol is sold only in stores that have a special license. Buyers must respect the local culture and carry alcohol in opaque bags so that it is not visible.

How to behave in Dubai?

Dubai is characterized by interaction, the interweaving of a large number of cultures and nationalities since there are a lot of tourists and workers from different regions of the planet.

However, it is necessary to respect the culture, customs, and traditions of the United Arab Emirates and to avoid any inappropriate behavior in the emirate.

Travel to Dubai
Travel to Dubai
  • Symbols of the state
    It is necessary to show respect for the symbols of the state: rulers, statesmen, flag, and coat of arms.
    Insulting any of these symbols is a crime and is punishable by law.
  • Public manifestation of feelings
    The manifestation of feelings between couples in public places, regardless of whether they are married or not, does not correspond to local customs and culture. Holding hands for a married couple is tolerant. But kisses or affection in the street, shops, restaurants are considered an insult to public decency.

Showing love in public places, as well as sexual harassment or harassment of women, is punishable by imprisonment or deportation.

  • Dancing and music

Loud music and dancing are prohibited in public places such as parks, beaches or residential areas.

  • Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption is strictly regulated in Dubai. Alcohol consumption should be limited in designated areas (licensed restaurants and clubs). Detention by a police person while intoxicated can result in a fine or imprisonment. Driving while intoxicated can result in a fine or imprisonment.

  • Drugs

The possession, consumption, purchase or sale of any drug in any quantity, as well as the positive results of a test for any drug, is considered a crime in the UAE.

Prescriptions for certain drugs Some drugs containing psychotropic substances are prohibited in the UAE. Guests of the UAE must ensure that their medicines are permitted in the UAE before entering the country.

  • Insults

Abusive language, profanity, insults and all kinds of obscene gestures are strictly prohibited in Dubai and are prosecuted in the event of a complaint. All types of aggressive or offensive gestures are considered a public offense and are punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

  • Photography
    It is forbidden to photograph people in public places, especially women and children, without their permission.

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