You are your only unique content
You are your only unique content

If you regularly follow any blogging blogs (ProbloggerCopybloggerDaily Blog Tips, etc.) you’ve heard/read the “content is king” speech a skillion times.

The thing is, there are SO many people out there creating content that the information has become somewhat repetitive. It’s usually good information, but much of it is the same stuff…kind of like the ol’ content is king directive. It can get tiring.


Hop off the blogging bandwagon

It’s very tempting to hop on the blogging bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing because, let’s face it, it works. It’s not called popular culture for anything. If they’re talking about it on The Cut or Fashionista, it’s probably relevant to your readers, and it’s tempting–even smart–to imitate those who have achieved success. But it’s not very unique.

So, now we’re advised to focus on creating original, useful content. But what does that really mean? What’s the best way to go about it?

Tonight, on a Very Special Episode

The answer:  Be yourself. Yes, it’s an After School Special/Very Special Episode cliche, but it’s true. No one can do you like, well…you.

Your image, your thoughts, your opinions, your life are all as unique as they come. There is no one out there who can copy your life experiences, even if they can imitate your look. Instead of trying to be the next Rumi or Tavi or Garance (who are all great by the way, but they’re great because they have and express their own unique perspective), speak in your own voice, post your own pictures, and draw content from your own life.

This is why they’re hot

Many of the most popular bloggers are such because they talk about their personal activities and families and pets and lives, scan their own art, and so on. Instead of trying to imitate the tone of a standard magazine editor, they provide their personal perspective. You can only find most of the stuff they post if you go to their space. Truly unique content is only available from one source, and each and every one of us is a unique source.

Your personal spin

content creation

Fun, but ubiquitous

Instead of just posting the same images from the latest Paris Vogue spread or the most recent Lady Gaga video as everyone else, put a personal spin on it.

If the Paris Vogue April desert goddess spread featuring Natasha Poly sent you into fits of fashion bliss, try to approximate your favourite look, or break down the pieces used in one of the images.

If Gaga’s over-the-top finery reminds you of the Cirque du Soleil performers you secretly idolize, present a comparison of the two and talk about that.

Dig a little deeper and provide your own perspective. Don’t be afraid to be contrary. Share your experiences with your readers and create a personal connection.

The point here is to tell your story–in words, pictures, drawings, and the way you dress. The more personal it is, the more unique it is. And that’s good content.

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