Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account
Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account

Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account

Blogging to make money with google

After a lot of research and analysing my own blog I came up with eleven reasons why business blogging helped my online sales and why it could help you too. I do blogging to make money with Google Adsense.

It’s another venue to promote yourself with blogging.

This especially applies if you write quality content for your readers. You draw people in with interesting articles and subtlety introduce your product and business. I say subtlety because blatantly promoting your shop or services will generally turn people off. But having an ad for your shop on your blog’s sidebar or mentioning what you offer at the end of a blog post can absolutely draw in potential customers.

Blogging is a great way to show off your expertise.

Blogs are a great way to show off what you know. Maybe you came up with a great pattern for a crocheted hat. Write a step by step tutorial and share it with your readers. People are more likely to purchase from a seller that knows what they are doing. Knowledgeable sellers usually mean they have quality products.

Blogging is a place to give stuff away.

Yes, I said it, giving one of your products away will most likely make you money in the end. Why is this? Well for one, people LOVE free stuff so just promoting your giveaway will draw traffic to your blog.

Two things could result from Blogging to make money with google:-

  • People could see your amazing item and decide that they just can’t wait for the giveaway to be over with the possibility that they won’t win, so they buy the item immediately!
  • They could see your item and say to themselves, “Wow, I love this, I wonder what else they have made.” And you instantly get traffic to your shop that is already interested in your products.

Making Friends while blogging to make money online.

The blogging world is very friendly and once you start getting into it you’ll start making friends with authors of other blogs. Then you might decide to swap buttons. A blog button is an image that links back to your site so swapping buttons means free advertising for both of you. Personally, the way I usually find new blogs to read is by looking at the sidebars of blogs I already like and checking out who they’re currently swapping buttons with.

Improving your search engine ranking with blogging.

SEO is SO important for websites. It’s how you get found on the internet. Having a bunch of well-written posts with relevant keywords and tags will really help you climb up the pages of the search engines. The more content you have on your site that properly include search terms, the more likely your blog is to be found and in turn, the more people that could be directed to your online shop.

Trustworthiness while blogging to make money with google.

People get to know you and trust you.  This is especially true for those selling handmade items.  A huge reason that the handmade business is so popular is because of the people behind it.  When you buy a handcrafted item, you know that item was made with love and care and received personal attention.

Blogging Definition, “A blog allows people to get to know you, they get to know the real live person that will be handing their product before it’s shipped to them. People are much more likely to buy from those they know and trust”.

Email Opt-Ins in your blog.

Email subscriptions are an excellent tool that is often overlooked. Having an option for people to receive your posts by email is great for business. You instantly have a list of people who are already interested in what you have to share. Every time you write a new post they’ll receive it by email and be reminded to go check out your blog and potentially your shop as well.

One thing I like to recommend however, is that you definitely do not want to only talk about yourself.  If you’re only promoting your own items and trying to sell products eventually you’re going to lose your audience.  The majority of your posts should benefit your readers in some way.

Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account
Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account

While writing your blog posts ask yourself, these questions:-

  • Why would people read this blog article?
  • What can they learn or take away from your blog?

If your blog only benefits you, chances are that you’re going to be the only one reading it.

Engage your blog with potential customers.

Blogs are a great place for you to engage with potential customers and learn what they would be interested in buying.  You can blog about some new items you were thinking about and get their feedback.  This way you’re speaking directly to the consumers. You could ask if they would buy the product at all and if so what other styles or colours they would like to see. Besides getting your name out there, its excellent market research.

Branding your business.

The majority of major companies have blogs, and there’s a reason for this, it works!  Having a blog is great for branding your business. It makes you appear more professional and in turn attract more business. Having your blog design match your shop banner, business cards etc. will make your brand much more memorable.

Spread the word about your blogging business.

The internet is amazing for making content and images go viral extremely quickly.  If you write a great post and someone shares it on Facebook, all their friends will see it and possibly read it and share it themselves. And more people that view your blog means more people that know about you and your business.

Use Google Analytics in your blog.

Using analytics will bring you a wealth of information on your success for blogging to make money with google.  You can track where your blog views are coming from, demographics of the viewers, how long people visit your site and what posts are the most popular.

Once you know where your views are coming from you can tweak your advertising efforts in order to reach your target market.

Tips When Setting up Google Adsense Account

  • Make sure that you read and follow the Google AdSense policies before you sign up for a Google AdSense account. If you will violate any policy of the AdSense, your AdSense account will be banned for life.
  • It takes some time to get used to the Google AdSense program policies and then after you have learnt them take the necessary steps to increase your Google AdSense earning.
Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account
Blogging to make money with Google Adsense Account

Personal Blog to Earn Money From Google

Starting a replacement account with Google AdSense is one amongst the simplest ways that to start out monetizing your blogging. Whereas Google AdSense won’t make you a millionaire overnight. It takes your time and commitment to earn after you monetise your website

Blogging up your Google Adsense account

Once you have done your blog set up and getting steady traffic, you may consider monetizing it and do blogging to make money. The best and the most used platform is Adsence.

Here are some tips on how to open a Google AdSense account:-

Get used to the Google AdSense program to ensure that you are ready to start your new account. Make sure that you check all the information about the Adsense program and its policies before starting to blog and make money.

Now click on the Sign Up Now. Provide your account login details. You may also select your account details from the listed email ids.

  • Complete the online application

Once you have logged in by providing your information, enter the blog’s URL. Now, answer the question of whether you want a customized help and performance suggestions for the Google AdSense program. Also, enter details like your country and confirm Google’s Terms and Conditions.

Click on Create Account. It will prompt you to provide payment details where you will receive the revenue income you have earned on your blog from Google Adsense.

  • Access your new account and review the ads available to you

Google AdSense is the world’s best platform which provides a wide variety of advertising options. A blogger can use various types of ads options to monetise a blog. It ranges from text ads to image ads and more. Google Adsense also offers an auto ads option, where google automates the ads on your website and uses the best way to show ads.

You may do it manually as well, but you must take some time to research all the options available to find out what will be working best for your blog.

  • Select your ad design choices

So, once you’ve done all the research and decided which ad are best for your blog, you may use them on your website. The best part is that Google provides a snippet of code which is in HTML which you can use on your blog.

  • Insert the Google AdSense HTML code into your blog

Now you can copy and paste the code which is in HTML into your blog’s template to start monetising your website. The best way for a blogger to do this is by inserting the HTML custom code widget into the blog template and then copying and pasting the code in the widget.

  • Let Google do the rest.

Now just wait and relax, sometimes it may take a few hours for Google to start showing its ads on your blog website. What Google does is, it searches your website to find out the subjects on ads for each page. Now when readers will visit your blog website, the HTML code which you have pasted into your website blog from Google Adsense, it will show relevant ads. The ads can be according to the subject of the blog topic or it may be the user’s search intent ads.

  • Collect your earnings

It’s now time to collect what you have earned from your website. Google AdSense will pay you based on the CTR (click-thru rate). A CTR means click-through rate, which is the number of times people click on an ad displayed on your website.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions on blogging to make money with google will help you improve your online sales as they did mine.  As with anything, try new techniques and approaches for promoting yourself and your business. One thing doesn’t work for everyone so just find what works for you!

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