What is a Backlink Checker
What is a Backlink Checker

What is a Backlink Checker?

When you decide to work in this area of Off-Page SEO you can’t do without a good backlink checker. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you want to do a good job of SEO check for your website or if you are going to start an agency or working as a freelancer for other website owners it is mandatory to have these tools, and the same goes for link building activities.

backlink checker

backlink checker 

What am I talking about?

What is a backlink checker?

A program or application that has a simple and immediate task (at least in appearance): help you evaluate incoming links, those that other websites have inserted in their pages towards your resources.

Why do you have to do this?

Because inbound links are a decisive ingredient in any self- respecting SEO strategy. There is a good on-page optimization activity to do, that’s true. And it all starts with careful keyword research.

But every SEO consultant knows that the off-page activity is as important as on-page and one can’t ignore it completely. So it is essential to have good software to do backlink analysis.

What are the solutions?

We’ll discuss it further in this article. As well as, we’ll share some free good and popular backlink checker online tools. Let’s go and highlight everything one by one, so stay connected.


How to find and check backlinks to your site?


If you are engaged in the promotion of a web resource, then the desire to find free links to your site before building up the link mass for money or already in the process of this work is a logical and right thing.

Hundreds of webmasters and optimizers are engaged in such searches.

How are links checked through backlink checker? With the help of special services and programs, we’ll share some free tools in the articles which are effective and reliable.


Why know how many links to a site there are?

A link profile is a collection of all web resources that have active (indexed) links leading to a promoted site. You invest in the purchase of links and you know where they refer to you from, you also take free methods (comments, registration in catalogues, link exchange) and control all donors received.

It would seem that finding links to the site is easy because everything is known.

But there are natural links left by readers of your publications, bloggers using your texts to write their articles, etc. And the fact of saving links purchased for money needs to be periodically confirmed because time and finances have been spent, which you or anyone do not want to be wasted.

When buying links on specialized sites – exchanges, as a rule, there is a check function. But there are also services where you can’t check the link placement. And there are many poorly formalized methods – comments on blogs (there are deletions after moderation), adding articles to free directories, etc.


So, you can find the link on the site that leads to the promoted resource for:

  • Webmaster Integrity Checks
  • Analysis of the increase in natural reference mass
  • Control placement of paid links
  • Tracking closed deleted links


Let’s take an example.

You receive an e-mail with a proposal to exchange links with a resource of a similar subject. You look at the indicators, they are identical or even better, put down a link in your place, check that it appeared on a third-party site.

After a month, you return to this website, and there is no link exchange section at all, or the backlink to your website has disappeared.

It’s logical that on a promoted resource it’s worth deleting the link in response. And many do not perform such checks, that is, in fact, give good thematic links.


The Base: Google backlink checker

Google backlink checker
Google backlink checker



Is there a Mountain View backlink checker?

Of course, you have to start doing SEO with Google.

It’s the basis to make a difference and give yourself a chance more than your competitors.

Often one looks ahead and does not take into consideration that the first link control can be done in the Search Console, in the menu item on the left that responds to the name “Links that refer to your site“.


There is a list that gives you the possibility to enumerate the links coming from a domain and to organize the information in three blocks: more used anchor text, more mentioned contents and links coming from different domains.

The tables can be downloaded and used on the desktop as CSV or you can open them in Google Docs. It is a tool with few features but it is a good basis to start with.


Majestic, the great SEO tool for links

Surely Google can give valid indications on the inbound links, but if you are looking for professional software for backlink checker you have to turn your attention to Majestic.

That is to say one of the reference realities for those whose goal is the evaluation of backlinks arriving on their own domain and on that of competitors or people who manage interesting projects.

What do you need all this for?

  • Balance your link profile
  • Avoid malicious links and negative SEO attacks
  • Do a good blogger outreach activity
  • Discover sources of useful links
  • Monitor competitor strategies


Such a name is necessary if you want to get the most out of all these facets.

Does Majestic have a cost?

Is it paid?

Of course, but if you want to get a product worthy of note in this sector you have to invest.

And you will find that this rule applies to all professional utilities.


How to Know Bad Links to the Site with Semrush backlink checker

This great SEO suite has several tools available. You can monitor the keywords and do in-depth analyzes for international targets, but among the interesting tools, there is the SEO backlink checker and analysis with a good function to identify links that could be toxic or harmful for your site.


Attention, this does not mean that you have to run for cover right away: always contextualize what it is, you don’t have to act immediately (often they are spam directories or sites that retrieve RSS feeds automatically).

But it is certainly worth noting that there are sites identified as malicious that link to you, and Semrush helps you do this with good accuracy.


What is Reciprocal Link

In some cases, the masters may agree to exchange links. These links are called reciprocal links, i.e. there is a situation where the pages of different sites point to each other.

When determining the rank of a site, reciprocal links are less valuable than one-way links.

Link exchange violates Google’s instructions for webmasters, refers to link schemes used to influence PageRank and site position on Google.

Attempts to use link interchange to bypass Google (placing links in an iframe) leads to filters. Ahrefs experts decided to conduct an experiment on how toxic reciprocal links are.


Link Exchange: Experiment 

For the purity of the experiment, it is necessary:

  • Create a pool of sites, filled with content
  • Build initial reference mass
  • Wait for indexing and ranking on google
  • Reciprocal links
  • Leave several sites without reciprocal links as a control group


However, this is too long. Ahrefs experts have put forward a hypothesis that there are a sufficient number of interlinking sites on the Internet.

For this experiment, experts took data on 140,000 sites from the database system.

We created a selection of sites that quoted each other.

We compiled a graph showing how often reciprocal links appear on sites.

The idea is simple: to find out during the experiment how often reciprocal links appear on sites that receive a steady stream of users from organic Google search.

Only sites with do-follow links, both incoming and outgoing, got into the experimental pool.


reciprocal links
reciprocal links



26.4% of sites in the sample do not have reciprocal links. The remaining 73.6% use reciprocal links.

Moreover, 27.4% of sites have up to 15% of reciprocal links in profiles.

Actually, the Ahrefs blog in its own link profile has 19.25% of reciprocal links.

The study proves that reciprocal links are used by sites, but does not indicate that this is a safe method of obtaining links. This is because sites that could be under filters for participating in link schemes did not initially get into the sample.

The only thing that can be stated is that a moderate amount of natural reciprocal links is considered absolutely normal and does not adversely affect the site in the search.

How Does Ahrefs Work

Another historical name of the scenario. Ahrefs is constantly backed up with the analysis of backlinks or used as Backlink Checker.

In reality, today it is a complete SEO suite with all the functions necessary to do keyword analysis, SEO audits, comparison between domains and other activities that cannot be missing in the portfolio of an expert search engine.

On the other hand, it is true that there is good attention on the part of Ahrefs to the universe of link management. The official website states that this tool “has the largest active backlink index in the industry”.

I didn’t check but it’s probably true, Ahrefs has always worked in this segment of SEO analysis. If you need an effective and powerful backlink checker you are on the right track.


Features of Ahrefs

  • Analysis of organic issuance of competitors. Link promotion, content, traffic, and line items are evaluated. The service has a huge database of 250 million keywords in the United States and about 100 million in other countries
  • Keyword analysis. It includes both the search for low-frequency queries, and search hints and clustering by semantic groups. An impressive base of 3 billion keywords and search hints allows you to find thousands of ideas. The keyword difficulty indicator is the main filter for choosing the best keys for promotion
  • Backlink analysis. The service scans from 4 to 6 billion links per day and updates its index every 15 minutes. A more powerful link search tool is unlikely to be found. The database of links is even more impressive and amounts to 13 trillion links, 200 million domains and 3 trillion separate URLs for 2018
  • Content Analysis. Just type in a keyword and find fresh and cited content for that keyword. The tool allows you to simplify the search and analysis of content
  • Position analysis. Given the above capabilities, the service does an excellent job of scanning positions


The service capacities are quite huge – for such volumes, a total storage of 30 petabytes and 38 thousand CPU cores is used.

The service was also recommended by such skilled SEO specialists as Neil Patel and Brian Dean.



You can easily add your main tracking site. Use the ADD PROJECT function and enter the site URL.


Track projects in AHREF
Track projects in AHREF



Then go to Rank Tracker and study the graphs on your site.

The project functionality opens the following possibilities:

  • Tracking visibility and positions online
  • Evaluation of average positions for monitored keys


You can also add and explore up to 5 competitors for convenience. The service immediately provides key positions and potential traffic on a single page.

In the metrics tab, you can analyze important indicators for the keywords under study:

  • Position held in the extradition
  • KD – key difficulty (Keyword Difficulty) – Ahrefs own parameter, which compares the number of documents on the network and the number of backlinks for this key to the total number of requests for it. A kind of comparison of supply and demand. It is measured in%, where, the lower the indicator, the easier the key for promotion in SEO
  • Cost-per-click Allows you to roughly evaluate the commercial value of keywords
  • Traffic Traffic is measured at Google
  • Click Forecast – The average number of clicks is tracked
  • CPS – forecast clicks from the search. How many pages from one query are opened by the search
  • RR – an indicator of the return of users to the site
  • Parent Topic is the recommended cluster for keywords. Convenient for grouping queries into pages
  • The SERP buttons indicate the current output by key


It greatly simplifies the full analytics of the client. If you need to quickly generate a report on the promotion, just send unloading from it. Also, you can easily highlight those keys where the site’s positions are sagging or not growing.


Track Backlinks Through Ahrefs 

Yes, we know why we are here. Backlink checker or Link tracking is what Ahrefs is strong at, as we mentioned at the beginning of the review. Backlink analysis is the first step in analyzing competitors.

Without it, you can’t do things such as:

  • Compiling a disavow file for your webmaster (Google and Bing)
  • Collecting a list of links for rejection in Yandex. The webmaster (through technical support so far)
  • Defining a link profile and drawing up a promotion strategy
  • Collection of links for content analysis


For analysis, simply paste the URL you are examining.

Missing backlinks
Missing backlinks


Ahrefs can track:

  • Exact URL – tracks a specific link.
  • Prefix URL – takes into account the link and all links from this subfolder (for example, if you have a site URL site.com/category – it will also take into account all pages like site.com/category/page1 and site.com/category/page2).
  • The entire domain and all indexed links in it.
  • The entire domain, including subsites (site.com, sub1.site.com and all internal pages) and all indexed links in them.


Then click Search and study the options.

Tabs that are useful to us:

  • New backlinks – You can filter only links that have appeared recently
  • Missing backlinks – those links that were


When analyzing backlinks, then a special trigger will be available, with which you can filter external links – the system will exclude from the general list those that you rejected. You can also disavow bad links by simply creating a disavow file, which will exclude all the bad or spammy links and your site will be left with all-natural links.


Analysis of Competitors’ Position with their KEYWORDS in AHREFs

At this stage, we find keywords on which to focus the promotion.

Initially, we start with the analysis of positions, because the higher the position and traffic on it, the more likely it is that your competitor has invested as much as possible in SEO – due to links and content.

SERP features
SERP features


Checking positions can be done here. A feature of Ahrefs parsing is the support of a huge number of countries. You can analyze the sites of the countries of South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe at the same time! Therefore, here Ahrefs is simply irreplaceable.


To check the positions on the site, select the Explorer site and paste the URL in the search bar.


As a result, you will see the keywords, their frequency in the selected region, the difficulty of promotion (KD), the estimated cost per click (in USD), the potential traffic per month, what position the site and URL take on Google.


Positions can be tracked for the whole site with ranking keywords, or for a single page. There is still the opportunity to track keywords that have become new (new content) or have raised their position.


Ahrefs is a really powerful tool in the arsenal of an SEO specialist. It is ideal for website promotion work. With it, you can perform such actions.

  • Analyze competitor link profiles to find interesting placements. In the English-speaking segment, this service is indispensable – and provides very detailed information about backlinks
  • Learn keywords. Collecting semantics using our clustering and Keyword Explorer is easy and straightforward. You can also parse the results for your competitors to find the most interesting keywords
  • Analyze content using Content Explorer – and be trending on your blog
  • Analyze external links to the site – if you receive a link attack of spammers, you can easily assemble the Disavow file
  • Track positions using Rank Tracker – at the moment, for English-language sites, he perfectly solves the problem of removing positions
  • Check external links from your SEO optimizers using Batch Analysis – You will easily check the quality of external links from your contractors


Other features of Ahrefs are also pleasing. You can get many benefits using this paid tool.


PRICE FOR Ahrefs Tool Subscription

Lite, Standard and Advanced plans are accessible for individual clients. Office bundles are accessible for up to 5 clients.


Monthly subscriptions beginning at $99/month (individual) and $999/month (office).


Annual subscriptions beginning at $82/month (individual) and $832/month (office).


Contact Ahrefs for custom forms, beginning at $10000.


You can get a 7-day trial only for $7.


Free SEO Tools available

There are many similar tools and backlink checkers on the Internet. But not every one of them works correctly and accurately.

We checked the operability of several dozen services and publish a list that includes exclusively working solutions:

  • Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, Search Console, etc
  • Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker
  • Beam Us Up (Available for Windows)
  • Yoast SEO
  • Keyworddit
  • SEO Web Page Analyzer
  • LinkMiner
  • SERProbot
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Similarweb
  • Smush Image Compression and Optimisation
  • GTMetrix
  • Whitespark’s Google Business Review Link Generator
  • Portents SERP Preview Tool
  • SEO Hero
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • HEADMasterSEO
  • Merge Words
  • Chrome DevTools


Paid SEO Tools available Online

If you have funds to invest for your website or if you are any kind of agency or freelancer. Then you’ll have to invest in some kind of best SEO Tools to provide good quality to your clients. Let’s look at which are the best Paid SEO Tools available.

  • Ahref (One of the best and popular one)
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site Audit
  • Alerts
  • Site Explorer


These are the best backlink checkers for your SEO expert activity. If you want to optimize your websites and those of your customers, you must have this software available.

Maybe not all, even if it is right to have a comparison between the data of the various tools: only through a detailed analysis, you can have some concrete indications on the actions to carry out.

Attention, always remembers to contextualize.


You read this In-Depth information and consider what you need to do.

Having these tools available is important but not sufficient: turning on the brain is the first step, the second is your ability to put the field experience into practice.

You can buy all the tools on this list, but not the skills and this can make the difference.

Do you agree?

Tell us in the comments section about what Backlink Checker do you Use and about your experience with it. 

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