About Us

Welcome to WANS, a platform where readers and writers meet. WANS aims to provide the content in a simple and concise manner. It’s a worldwide general news publishing platform designed to make great stories.

WANS was founded in 2019 to create a global media news platform for providing high-quality content. We give chances to authors to share their views, experience and thoughts with a huge massive audience of readers over the globe.

We cover Fashion, Health, Technology, Business, Sports, Travel related niches.


About us history

About us - wans - the bloggers network
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What we are and what we believe in is a simple concept – to provide a complete and real opinion. We do not intend to harm anyone or to damage anyone’s sentiments.

The content posted on this website is purely our opinion. However, it is well researched and true to the best of our knowledge.


Who’s Behind WANS?


It is owned and managed by jobseekh, a career website portal. Helping employers and employees connect with each other for free.

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