Best Stream Apps to Watch TV Online for Free
Best Stream Apps to Watch TV Online for Free

I guess you are looking for the best apps to watch TV online for free on your mobile. Many apps work on Android and iOS to watch TV on our cell phone or tablet. Many of them end up being crap with so much annoying publicity or because the channels don’t look good and fall.

In this blog, we are going to tell you which apps you have to download to watch or stream movies for free online, TV online with your mobile or tablet totally free and watch programs, football, sports or your favourite series.

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Best apps to watch TV online for free

  1. EDoctor IPTV App
  2. Live net tv
  3. Mobdro
  4. USTV
  5. Play live tv
Best Stream Apps to Watch TV Online for Free
Best Stream Apps to Watch TV Online for Free

1.    EDoctor IPTV App

Edoctor IPTV is an Android app that allows you to watch TV online from your mobile or tablet. It is said that EDoctor is the best app that exists right now on the internet to download, but as you see here, there are several. With this app, you can choose many channels to watch on your cell phone live and live.

Also, with this app to watch TV you have the possibility of viewing the streaming channels, stream movies for free online in HD, that is, high quality. The best thing is that it is never stored in the buffer, so it will go faster.

The Edoctor IPTV app has many channels from different countries, ideal if you want to learn languages or watch the television program that you like so much, whether you are in Spain or Mexico. It is like a DTT app.

2.    Live net tv

Live Net TV is another great app that we can download totally free on our mobile with Android operating system. The interface is easy to use and its channels go with m3u lists, so they will always be updated. The best thing about it is that you can move around categories, such as entertainment, sports, children and several more.

It includes national and international channels. Also if you are one of those who like to watch television in the United States, this app has much interesting life.

3.    Modbro

The great known app to watch TV online with your mobile. Many YouTubers have talked about this program to watch television from the cell phone, and the truth is that the program promises. I think modbro is a good recommendation if you want to watch many channels, shows, series, and football. It is fairly easy to use the app with thousands of channels from many countries.

You can install Modbro with Android and I assure you that you will use it for quite some time. This app to watch television is improving every day, both in channels and in the image and sound quality. Also if you like to stream movies for free online or watch movies online, with Modbro you can also do it. Ideal to watch Antena 3 or Telecinco on your mobile. It also has chromecast, so we can send any content or SMART TV to the television.

4.    USTV

There are many apps on Google Play or APP Store that allow you to watch live TV from your android, but none like this. This app offers many free TV channels from the United States and America, its installation and configuration are quite easy and you will immediately start watching or stream TV online with your mobile.

5.    Play live tv

Play Live TV is another one of the best apps for watching TV right now to download like the hotstar app on your mobile or cell phone. It is surely one of the newest and most updated. With this app, you can watch many live TV channels 24 hours from any country in the world.

Gradually they are adding more channels so you can have great entertainment on your Android. In addition, it has a pretty good thing, and when you are watching a certain channel, it recommends another related one in case you want to change the TV channel.

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And these have been the best apps to watch Android TV  that are now on the internet to download.

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