Blogging on wordpress platform as a pro blogger

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How SEO works in google, blogging science, Strategy 101 pdf template 2019

How SEO works in google? Have you ever thought about it? well its but obvious that the pro bloggers know, but the beginners need to understand from the beginning. In this article, I have covered all aspects of SEO and FAQs which will guide you and give you complete information about SEO. After going through […]

Concept of digital marketing, Definition, Types, strategy, advertising difference explained

The Concept of digital marketing Concept of digital marketing – The world is changing with rapid speed. So, the ways of marketing have also changed drastically. This is because of the internet and technology. Digital marketing and social media are having a significant impact on marketing. Therefore, understanding of basic digital marketing has become vital […]

Best Social Bookmarking sites and SEO plugins for WordPress | Must have

Best Social Bookmarking Sites Social Bookmarking sites  & Best social plugins for WordPress – Anyone who uses WordPress to run their blog will be interested in this article which looks at the 10 best social bookmarking plugins available. This is one of the best ways of promoting and exposing your blog to as many people […]

Video blog post, articles or both? History, Documentary & Personal Blogging

Video blog post, articles or both? Video blog post, articles or both? There are several types of personal blogging and the most common is the documentary style. Blogs can serve just about any function but most blogs are simply outlines of the personal experiences of the blogger. There are some blogs that do things like […]

What is blogging, how to make a blog, How is it Different from a Website?

What is blogging What is blogging – Blogging is an artful way to express yourself. People who blog tend to be very artistic. They spend a lot of time in personal reflection, speaking their previously unspoken wishes, dreams and desires. Blogs were first called weblogs and related to a “server’s logfile”. Weblogging was first introduced in […]
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